The Florist

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,400
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five mixed and varied erotic short stories.

The Florist by Eva Hore

Melissa is determined to have her way with John the hunky Florist. With a plan in mind, she arrives late one evening to pursue her intention. As Melissa embarks on her seductive task, events take a very sudden and unexpected twist. Melissa soon finds herself at the centre of a wanton scenario that takes her on a wild, new experience of pleasure and pain. Behind closed doors at the florists will never be the same again.

A Lesson For Victoria by Angela Meadows

Dispatched by her Father, Victoria arrives at a school for young ladies nestled high the Tyrol. It soon becomes clear, that she has been sent to be educated as a lady.

Under the expert guidance of Madams Thackeray and Hulot Victoria is to be prepared for presentation as a desirable Wife for high society gentleman. As the first evening session in the curriculum unfolds, it's soon apparent to Victoria that her two-year attendance will be extremely hands on.

Story Telling by Jim Baker

Reality and imagination become entwined in a series of carnal encounters.

A lecturer stumbles upon some raunchy extra-curricular activity in the University lecture hall, whilst a Librarian offers a personal and energetic critique of an author's work.

Yet it's the mind behind these tales that feeds eagerly from its muse. As the plots are energetically worked out, the Authors fantasies are the only limitation.

Beautiful Sin by Penelope Friday

Two friends met again after a period of prolonged absence and cordially acknowledge each other. The reality is that both Catherine and Elizabeth share a passion that the world must never know. Against a backdrop of strict moral codes, their true feelings would see them incarcerated and separated forever; their lust for each other deemed a sin. Yet when the lights go out and others settle for the night, both women can meet secretly once more to share in their beautiful sin.

The Spying Game by Roz MacLeod

It’s the height of the Cold War and the nation is on its guard against the spectre of foreign espionage.

When Sandi, a top agent in the Secret Service is called before Control, she is presented with a mission to uncover a possible double agent. Determined to safeguard the Nation’s secrets and using the cover of an erotic dancer, Sandi embarks on her wild and raunchy assignment, using every vice at her disposal to catch her target.

These stories have also been published in Ultimate Sins ISBN 9781905170999

The Florist
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Florist

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,400
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

‘Then I think he should hurry before someone sees us,’ I whispered.
‘A bit late for that,’ a voice boomed from the doorway.
It was his wife.
‘Shit, Marcia, let me explain–’ he begged.
‘Explain, explain what?’ she said, coming in and pulling down the blind over the door.
I still had my naked back to her. I turned slowly, my breasts heaving from the excitement of being caught. She was gorgeous. I knew he was married because of his wedding ring, but I didn’t think his wife would be so good-looking.
She eyed me as she came closer. I tried to cover up my breasts but it seemed pretty ridiculous considering the rest of me was naked. John, I noticed, was still standing behind me. He’d made no effort to put his cock away.
‘So this is what you get up to while I’m home cooking dinner,’ she said.
‘Er, um…’ was all he said.
I had a feeling I was in for something other than what I’d planned.
‘Let me see her properly,’ she said to John.
John pulled away from me as she came behind the counter. I turned to face her. She ran her finger down my cheek, over my breasts, down my abdomen and into the hair of my pussy.
‘I see you’re not a natural blonde,’ she said.
Her fingers slipped inside my pussy. She removed them and smeared the juices on my thigh.
‘So you fancy my husband, do you?’ she asked.
I was speechless, unsure of what to say.
‘I said, do you fancy my husband?’ she said more firmly.
‘Yes, I do,’ I said smugly. How obvious was it, I mean I’d just let the guy fuck me.
‘John, go and get some of that twine over there. I think we should tie her up while I think about what I should do about this situation,’ she said, as her hand covered my mound.
She cupped my pussy while her other hand ran over my breasts, lingering on one nipple before giving it a quick squeeze.
‘Tie her hands together, pull them over her head and lay her out on the workbench out the back. I’ll be out there in a minute,’ she commanded.
John pulled me by the arm into their workroom. ‘Don’t worry, she won’t hurt you. She just wants to have a little fun. You’re up to that, aren’t you?’
‘She likes it both ways, does she?’ I asked.
‘You wait and see. You won’t be sorry she caught us,’ he said, tying up my hands and lying me on the table. He knotted the rope to a hook on the edge. I did wonder what it was there for and then he quickly pulled apart my legs, tying up each ankle and hooking the ends to the legs of the table.
He sprinkled rose petals over me and ran a thorny stem down my skin, scratching me lightly with it. Then he gently trailed the stem over my pussy lips and ever so lightly touched my clit. It sent electrifying shivers through me. I broke out in goose-bumps anticipating a night of raunchy sex.
‘You like this?’ he asked as his tongue licked my lips.
‘Oh, yes,’ I whispered.
‘And this?’ as his fingers explored my outer lips.
‘Yes, yes, I do.’
‘And when I tickle your clit like this,’ he said, rubbing it, ‘does it make you hot?’
‘Oh, God, yes,’ I could hardly breathe as he continued to rub.
‘And when my fingers go in and …’ he quickly pulled away as his wife’s footsteps rang out on the wooden floor.
I lay there spread-eagled, my pussy dripping, wanting more, wanting John’s gorgeous cock filling me up. My nipples were rigid, excited, as I lay there exposed in front of these two strangers.
She’d returned dressed in a leather outfit. Thigh high boots, short miniskirt and a tight-fitting bra. Attached to her wrist was a snappy little whip.
‘Hmm, very nice,’ she said, coming over to inspect me.
My body tingled all over. I’d never had sex with another woman before and was dying to see how it would feel.
She was running the handle of the whip over me, lifting my breasts as though judging their weight and then on to my pussy. She prodded at the opening, teasing me with the end of the whip. She opened up the lips with one hand and pushed the handle in with the other.
‘You like that, don’t you?’ she asked.
I didn’t answer, but my nipples betrayed me by becoming more rigid and I was breathing hard through my nose. She removed the handle and lowered her face down, only inches from me. My whole body throbbed in anticipation of her mouth, but she stood and turned her attention to her husband.
‘You’ve been a bad boy,’ she said. ‘Take off your clothes at once.’

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