Fantasy Assignment

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,300
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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

Fantasy Assignment by Lucy Felthouse

She loves a man in uniform, so being sent to write a feature about life in an army camp leaves Charlene feeling all her Christmases have come at once. Her guide round the barracks is the very sexy Corporal Matt Stokes, and as soon as she sets eyes on him, Charlene can’t wait to see his privates on parade.

Paper Rose by J.S. Black

Police officers Ray Morecambe and Jenny White are on the hunt for a violent attacker whose calling card is a paper rose. Moira McCann, the latest victim, gratefully accepts Jenny’s offer to make sure she gets home safely from the police station. But McCann has ulterior motives for getting Jenny alone, and as he attempts to unravel the crime, Ray finds himself caught up in a dark, depraved sex game.

The Painter’s Palate by Joe Manx

Posing as a naked life model for an art class allows Julia to indulge her exhibitionistic side. Struggling artist George needs a model who will work for free, and Julia is only too happy to oblige. His unorthodox ideas on colour and technique introduce her to the sensuous world of body painting and prove there’s more than one use for a sable paintbrush.

The Examiner by Roger Frank Selby

The Examiner has travelled to planet Eden to bring back a new handmaiden for the Lord High Sevolian. He must see her naked and measure her body to make sure she fits Sevolian’s exacting requirements. Beautiful, intelligent Andromeda seems like the ideal candidate, but as the ritual progresses, the Examiner realises she’s too special to be handed over. Dare he break the rules and keep her for himself?

The Lady And The Highwayman by Charlotte Wickham

Defying her father, who longs for her to behave in a ladylike manner, Lady Amelia Farley goes riding alone in the countryside. She’s accosted by a dashing highwayman, who seems just as interested in her body as he is in her family fortune. Having experienced the best sex of her life, she never expects to see him again, but life has a way of throwing up surprises.

These stories have also been published in Seriously Sexy Three ISBN 9781906125905

Fantasy Assignment
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fantasy Assignment

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,300
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting
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Winner of Jade Erotic Awards 2010
"Xcite has delighted its readers with a wealth of superb titles and first class storytelling. Their titles have far outstripped the others for both quality of the product and sensual erotic content."

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I was also aware that my daydreams had left me feeling more than a little horny, and as a consequence, my underwear was damp. I smiled to myself. I hadn’t even set eyes on a squaddie yet and my mind was in the gutter. Heaven knows what I’d be like when I was surrounded by hard male bodies, and the smell of sweat and spunk.
Perhaps I would become immune to the charm of the uniform after seeing it constantly for a couple of days? Only time would tell. Five minutes to be precise; which was the time it took for the train to pull in at the platform and for me to get off and look around for my lift. As I’d expected, he wasn’t difficult to spot. As soon as I laid eyes on the six foot plus frame of Corporal Stokes, I knew I would never get bored of that uniform as long as I lived. Especially on him.
Towering over most of the people milling around, he stood against the wall, out of the way of the crowds. From where I stood I could see he had dark hair and eyes, and that was about it. I scraped a hand briefly through my hair and headed over to him.
He caught my eye as I approached.
“Corporal Stokes?”
“Yes ma’am.”
Ma’am? What the fuck? Did he think I was royalty or something? Hell, who cared, it was damn kinky and this man could call me anything he wanted, whenever he felt like it. He was the most divine creature I’d ever laid eyes on. Your classic tall, dark and handsome sex god.
“I’m Charlene Collins. Good to meet you.”
I stuck out my hand and he shook it, and then offered to take my bags. I let him. After all, he had the muscle for it, and I thought it was a damn good excuse to check out his arse as he bent to pick them up. It was definitely worth it. His combat trousers went taut and I had a good look at what I suspected was a nice firm backside. I quickly averted my eyes as he stood, then followed his lead as we left the station.
Parked outside was a dark green 4x4. What was I expecting, a limo? Trouble is, I had no idea how I was going to get in the damn thing, given I was wearing a tight pencil skirt with slits up the side and stiletto heels. Bollocks.
Corporal Stokes strode over to the vehicle, unlocked it and put my bags in the back. He was just about to open his door and hop in when he noticed me dithering on the passenger side. A slight frown on his face, he walked around to me. Then he appeared to really notice me for the first time. His eyes travelled from my beautiful but completely impractical shoes, to my tight knee-length skirt, and finally to my trendy white blouse, buttoned to reveal just a hint of cleavage. I saw the comprehension dawn on his face, followed by that slight frown again. In an instant, it was gone.
“Ma’am,” he said, his eyes glinting with amusement, “let me help you. I’m going to have to lift you onto the seat. Watch your head.”
He proceeded to steer me so I was facing him, my back to the truck. Then his hands were on my hips and lifting me as though I was weightless until my backside was resting on the seat. I could then easily swivel myself around to sit properly without displaying my underwear to the world. But I didn’t. I remained frozen in place for a couple of seconds, Corporal Stokes’ hands still on my waist until I steadied myself. Well, I was certainly in no rush for him to let go. Our eyes met. I felt a trickle of moisture between my thighs, and looked down, sure it was obvious to the world. But it broke the spell. Once our eye contact was severed, Corporal Stokes cleared his throat loudly as he removed his hands from my waist then stepped back and prepared to close the door of the truck when I was ready.
I hastily shuffled round so I was facing the right way and grasped the seatbelt with slightly trembling fingers, which didn’t want to do their job. I managed to wrench it across my body and fumble around trying to clip it into place as Matt got into the driver’s side of the 4x4. He hopped in effortlessly, fired the engine and put on his own safety belt. He glanced across at me to make sure I was secure, then wrenched the vehicle into gear before pulling out of the car parking space and heading for the exit.
As the countryside sailed past, I took advantage of the fact Matt was concentrating on driving and studied him as subtly as possible. I glanced at his profile. He really was what many women would consider a good catch. As I said, he was tall with dark hair and eyes. He also had a very sensual mouth with full lips which I could imagine doing all kinds of unspeakable things to me …

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