Rainbow Delight (MMMM)

Hot Tropica Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 9,410
2 Ratings (4.0)

The underground frat house known as the Rainbow brotherhood holds secret sex parties.

The members are handpicked from the brightest and most promising gay students. They have to be willing to do anything and everything to get in the exclusive club and prove their worth and if they become members they are guaranteed success in life from their connections.

Blake is a journalist for the student newspaper and he is surprised when he gets an exclusive invitation the rainbow party which is for the hopeful candidates. He doesn’t want to be in the group. Frat houses are for the popular kids not nerds like him. Blake is only showing up because he is hoping to do an exposé on the secretive brotherhood and share all their dirty little secrets with the world.

What he doesn’t expect is to be exposed himself or to find his acts of submission at the Sex party so rewarding.

Rainbow Delight (MMMM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Rainbow Delight (MMMM)

Hot Tropica Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 9,410
2 Ratings (4.0)
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“Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of them?” Eric asked.

“No, I can’t say I have.” Blake shrugged his shoulders as if it didn’t matter but that intense look in Eric’s eyes made him wonder if it did.
Eric’s jaw muscle twitched. It looked like it mattered to Eric a lot.

“The Rainbow Brotherhood is very secretive. Not many people do know what they are or where they meet. Heck, most the gay community has heard some kind of rumor about it, but I don’t think anyone knows what happens at those ceremonies who is not a member. Everyone who was ever a member has had big success in their life. It’s like getting a guaranteed ticket to the fast track.”

“If it’s so secretive, how do you know about it?”

“Last year, I got to talk privately with that Senator who spoke at the Liberty House Charity Dinner. It wasn’t like he knew I was working for the paper, but when he had a little too much to drink he started talking about the Rainbow House and how they helped him to get where he is today.”

“Okay.” Blake thought for a moment. Something about what Eric was telling him didn’t add up. “So a Senator was on the ranks. Big deal. Who cares?”

“You don’t understand how big this is, Blake. You have to do something brilliant to get the attention of the Rainbow House and if you get in, you can go anywhere when you graduate and do anything you want to. They have connections everywhere.” Eric’s eyes flashed a brilliant emerald green.

Blake was hit with a sudden brainstorm. How could something this big last so long in the underground where no one in the general public understood what the secret brotherhood was all about? It puzzled him and yet He gave Eric a bright smile. “I could go t this meeting and write an article about them for our paper.”

“You just got an exclusive invitation to the Rainbow Brotherhood. Is that what you want to do with it? Expose all their secrets?”

“Sure.” But the last thing Blake was feeling was sure under Eric’s intense scrutiny. It didn’t feel wrong to expose their secrets, but what did he really know about the Rainbow Brotherhood at all?

“They don’t officially exist.” Eric said lamely.

“I know.” Blake didn’t feel so hopeful this was going to be successful and after Eric shot down his other ideas he wasn’t sure Eric really liked this one either. “What do you think they are hiding with all the secrecy? Wouldn’t you like to know? Don’t you think every student has the right to know what goes on at these ceremonies?”

“I don’t know, Blake.” Eric shook his head and Blake could hear a slow drag in his voice like he was wavering on the fence post.

“Come on. I’ve wanted to do an article that has some meaning to it and this could be it. Just let me try, please?” Blake asked.

“Well, if you’re going to do this you’d need to get names, places, all the stuff that they do in their ceremonies that they have kept secret all these years.” Blake let his eyes slip down to watch Eric’s chest slowly rise and fall. There was no emotion on Eric’s face to give away what he was thinking. “If you could get pictures it would be even better.”

“I can do that.” Blake said eagerly. He had a small digital camera he could keep hidden.

“It could be dangerous, Blake.” Eric was dead serious, his voice solemn.
Blake swallowed back that bad feeling rising from the pit of his stomach.

“If you are found out, I won’t be there to help you and I am not sure I could. The brotherhood has kept their existence a secret for years. I don’t expect any of them to step up and just give you an interview or be happy if you tell the world all about them.”

“I know.” Blake nodded thoughtfully. “I’ll have to look and act the part, being another hopeful frat boy. I can do this if you’ll let me write the article.”

“You really want to do this?”

“If they didn’t have anything to hide it wouldn’t be a great big secret would it?”
Eric seemed to be considering it before making a reply. His right hand rubbed his chin thoughtfully. ”Okay. If that’s what you want. You write it up and I’ll print it.”

Blake felt elated. He was bubbling up inside and before he knew it, he hugged Eric close to him. Eric went stiff and he knew the other man must have felt awkward. Just as quickly he released him and took a step back.

Eric cleared his throat and pretended to be disinterested in the hug that just took place but Blake knew he wanted the story as bad as he did.

“Thank you.”Blake said, feeling slightly embarrassed about the physical contact.

“Don’t thank me yet, and when you are questioning if this was what you wanted to do, just try and remember I didn’t throw you into the fire. You jumped in all by yourself.”

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