High Heat (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,834
10 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, flogging, food play, wax play, sex toys, HEA]

Late one night, Chef Colin Andrews flips his car off the road into a stream. He is close to death when he’s saved by firefighter-medic Quinn “Cav” Cavanaugh, an ex-coworker that could’ve been more. As Colin is pulled from the wreckage, he knows fate is giving him one last chance to have Cav.

Cav is back, and he’s not letting go of Colin. Yes, he walked away two years ago to become a firefighter-medic, but he’s not about to leave again. Cav is a Dom and always wanted Colin as his sub. Now, all he has to do is seduce Colin to his playroom without scaring him with the needs he has.

Colin has always longed to be a sub. Forced to dominate his kitchen, Colin wants to let go in the bedroom. Colin knows he can trust Cav with his body, but can he trust him with his heart too?

A Siren Erotic Romance

High Heat (MM)
10 Ratings (4.1)

High Heat (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,834
10 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
I've been waiting for Colin and Quinn's story for a while, and it was more than what I hoped for. Colin, the chef, feels like he is stalked by an invisible foe, and as accidents begin to pile up, he feels lost. Quinn, the paramedic/fireman, wants Colin safe--and for Colin to be his exclusively. Quinn is dominant and forceful and, oh, so hot, and though the man once before broke his heart, Colin can't seem to stop himself from giving in to temptation.

This may be the first MM by Tatum Throne, but she has a future in this genre for sure. From the very opening scene she shows us what she's capable of. The story is fast-paced, laced with sexual tension and suspenseful action. Loved it. I highly recommend!
Susan Laine
Good reading and storyline.



Colin Andrews was about to die.

The blaring of his Audi’s alarm roused him from the daze that held him prisoner. What happened? One second he was driving down the road, the next he was waking up in an icy cold swamp of water. Yellow lights blinked on and off. The world was upside down. Water rushed through the cracked windshield and broken driver’s side window. It swirled out through the passenger side window and drained into a dark abyss.

His vision swam. He blinked rapidly, trying to clear it.

It hurt to breathe. It hurt to move. He tried to stay conscious, but it was getting more and more difficult. The backs of his hands lay limply on the roof of the car, getting cold in the water. The seat belt kept him tethered, hanging upside down. His arms jerked, and the backs of his hands scraped over broken glass.

He willed his body to move. It wouldn’t. He couldn’t make it. Water flowed over his hair. The blood rushing to his head was making his eardrums sing like a swarm of angry bees. Muddy water seeped, swirling into his dry-cleaning bag and ruining his chef’s whites. Forget about the car. Ruin his chef’s whites? Now that pissed him off.

A chill raced over Colin’s spine as his mind reflected on the past few months. It wasn’t the first time he felt stalked by an invisible predator. There were days he felt watched. Times when things in his house went missing or were moved out of place. Moved just enough for him to notice and just enough for him to sense that someone had been in there. That alone was one of the reasons he’d gotten the high-tech security system. No security system could save him from someone out to get him. He should’ve called the cops the first time things felt off in the house, but no police officer would have taken his concerns seriously.

The car that crossed the double yellow had come out of nowhere, making it unavoidable to miss unless he ditched his car. Colin had swerved to avoid hitting the other car. I’m such an ass. Who the fuck ditches a car?

Stay awake, you pussy. You’re about to turn thirty. You want to live.

Sirens sounded in the distance. Help. Hope.

Who called for help? Had it been the car’s emergency system alerting the authorities or someone who had seen the accident?

Tears rushed to his eyes and followed gravity up over his forehead to free dive into the water. They weren’t going to make it. His hair was starting to get wet. He’d drown first. Through the broken window, Colin could see smoke billowing from the car. He knew the car was on fire before he saw the flames. How long before it caught the interior and he burned alive? Thirty seconds? Sixty? Would he drown first or burn?

He lifted his hand and fumbled with the seat belt, but he couldn’t unbuckle it.

The sirens grew louder. His breathing more labored. It wouldn’t be long before it was all over. Had he done all that he was meant to do? He was sure he hadn’t. He thought about all those wasted days, about all the things he should’ve said, and about the times he should’ve leapt for the opportunity to love. It didn’t matter anymore. It. Was. Over.

His eyes grew heavy, but he fought to keep them open as the water rose over his face. He panicked, trying to suck in air, but he sucked down water.

A heavy weight pushed down on Colin’s chest like a great settling. He knew his heart was stopping, but he was still alive. He still had thought. He still had his senses. He wasn’t breathing. Shouts echoed from a long tunnel around his car. It didn’t matter. He was gone.

Colin stared through the water, seeing everything. Metal clanked against metal, and then a whirling sound hit. The car shifted hard and was pulled over the embankment. Someone with a knife cut through the seat belt, and he was dragged through the broken window. Dewy grass caressed his back.

His eyes stared upward at the starry night. Perfect. Beautiful. So fucking bright that you could reach out and touch them. Why didn’t I bother to ever look at them before now?

“He’s not breathing. Grab the BVM.”

Compressions hit Colin’s midsection, and water shot from his mouth. Colin felt his shirt being cut away and two flat squares being placed on his chest.

“He’s asystole.”

Compressions forced his heart to beat, but he no longer cared if it did. There was nothing left for him to live for, to care for, to love.

“Where the fuck is the BVM?”

“Check the side pocket of the bag.”

“Not here. I’m going to grab another bag.”

A face appeared above him, and a mouth came down over his face, pushing air into his lungs. Dark crystal-blue eyes stared into his, familiar eyes. Eyes he’d dreamt about waking up next to every morning two years ago.

“Hang on. Come on...live. You’re not dying on my watch, motherfucker.

Quinn Cavanaugh...I’m dying and fate’s giving me the ultimate fuck you.




They were really going to do this again, and there was nothing Colin could do to stop Quinn. Both knew that once Quinn set his mind to something, he always got what he wanted in the end. Colin squirmed, trying to push him away, but he knew it was useless to try to get away from the solid wall of man holding him down. The flex of his hips only made his hard cock jump up and down for more.

“Stop fucking with me.”

Quinn grinned. “Don’t worry. You’ll know when I’m fucking with you, babe. You’ll be calling my name when you do get fucked by me.”

“Stop teasing me.”

“I’m not teasing you. I’m promising you, babe.”

Colin groaned. Quinn was playing on all his weaknesses. The simple endearment made him want to strip in the rain and have sex up against the truck. Quinn’s lips brushed back and forth, sending shivers over Colin’s heated and sensitive lips. Quinn licked out, wetting his lips with the heat of his tongue, and brushed his lips back and forth again. He knew Quinn was testing his patience, trying to provoke him with his erotic dance. Colin growled and nipped out, catching Quinn’s lower lip between his teeth. He sucked Quinn’s lip into his mouth.

Quinn moaned and shoved his lips over Colin’s with a groan of desperation that sent a shockwave through Colin’s body. Their mouths fought for dominance, and as always, Colin was shocked by the sweet hardness of Quinn’s lips. Quinn shuddered as their tongues flicked and caressed. Colin felt a thrill shoot through his body as Quinn’s hand moved down his chest to thumb his nipple.

Quinn jerked away as his thumb rolled his sensitive nipple.

He pulled away, just enough to pull Colin’s T-shirt up over his chest. Light glinted off the twin loops pierced through his nipples.

“Oh, for the love...” Quinn groaned. “Those are different from the ones I saw after the accident.”

Colin looked down at his chest. His pecks were manly and defined. They tapered down into a series of muscle that was the definition of what it meant to have an eight-pack. There was only smooth skin all the way down to his navel. Then things changed. A thick happy trail of strawberry-blond hair went all the way down to his pubic area. Quinn’s thumbs worked over each nipple, making him arch into his touch. He’d forgotten how good it felt to have a man play with his nipples.

Quinn’s mouth dove to his chest to lick out over his hard nipple, sucking it and the loop into his mouth. Colin heard the clank of metal hit Quinn’s teeth as he sucked harder. Colin hissed in a harsh breath as Quinn’s hips worked over his, causing his cock to flex out hard. Their cocks brushed closer and closer. Quinn released his nipple only to dive for the other one. Colin groaned as Quinn nipped his nipple into his mouth, sucking eagerly. He releases his nipple and reached out and pinched both with his thumb and forefinger. Quinn rolled his nipples as his gaze held strong.

“I know you want me to take control,” Quinn said. “I’m going to take control of you. I’m going to take care of you.”

Colin’s cock shuddered with pent-up frustration. Pre-cum wept from his dick with each stroke of Quinn’s penis against his. The jerk of Quinn’s hips was too much. Sensations flowed over him in a rough tide, and he knew he was losing control. Colin grabbed Quinn’s wrists, trying to stop him from the impending explosion that was about to happen in his pants. If he stopped him now...

“Tie me up,” Colin begged. “I want to be your sub. Dominate me.”

“Pick a color as your safe word,” Quinn said.


Colin gasped as Quinn grabbed his wrists, forcing them up over his head. He pinned them to the window. The strap of the seat belt was wrapped around his hands and tightened. Colin gave it a yank as Quinn moved down over his chest.

“I don’t want you thinking about anything. You think too much about us. You’re my sub now. You’re going to do what I say,” Quinn said.

Clothing rustled within the darkness, and a blindfold was tied around Colin’s eyes. Colin’s heart was beating out of his chest as Quinn smoothed his hands down his chest, jerking his pants down past his ass. Colin’s cock sprang from his pants, hitting Quinn in the face.

Wet heat licked over Colin’s cock. Colin bit his lip, trying to keep his sauce from shooting from his prick as he groaned. The sound of a zipper heading south had Colin’s mouth watering. Strong thighs braced Colin’s chest as Quinn took more control. The tip of Quinn’s cock brushed over Colin’s lips. A hand fisted into Colin’s hair.

“Suck me.”

“Oh, God.”


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