[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

When travel writer Marta Verner’s publisher folds, leaving her stranded in Savage Valley, Colorado, she takes a job as a waitress at Savage Hunger, the local diner. As soon as they meet her, diner co-owners and mountain lion-shifters Sam and Phil Pope know they’ve found their mate.

However, the curse that gives them their shifting powers prohibits Sam and Phil from mating her right away. They must convince their estranged younger brother Mel to mate her, too. Sam finds a loophole that allows them to mate Marta without Mel—a loophole that involves selling their diner to corporate giant NormCorp and jeopardizing the future of the Savage Valley pride.

When Sam and Phil discover that Marta has fallen for Mel, too, they must reverse their decision to sell the diner and mate her at once. Will her love be enough to reunite the broken Pope family before it’s too late?

Note: There are two different series in the Savage Valley, Colorado collection. The Pride of Savage Valley series by Helena Ray is mountain lion-shifters. Rugged Savage Valley by Edith Dubois is bear-shifters. Each book features a different romantic trio or quartet. Even though the two series take place in the same setting with crossover characters and share an external story arc, each of the series can stand alone.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Helena Ray is a Siren-exclusive author.

Taste of Pride (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
So enjoyed seeing the Pope family come back together. Marta's reaction to the Pride was great. not on to read the 3rd book.

I can't wait to see the Pride's victory over NonmComp. Is it wrong I want his daughter to end up with the moonshine making twins.

It's a series worth reading. I'm not normally a shapeshifter reader, but I may be come one.
I really liked this book. I hope to see more on this series . I would love to find out more about the shifters. I love these kinds of stories.
Professional Reviews
4.5 NYMPHS: "Taste of Pride is the second book in The Pride of Savage Valley, Colorado series about the lion-shifters series. The common theme of NormCorp trying to get a foothold in SavageValley sees more businesses being approached to sell and family dynamics almost sees a family torn apart, as well as a community. More about the shifter society and legend are revealed in this book, as well. The author did a good job showing how misunderstandings and jealousies within families can cause estrangements and how it can keep families apart. I did like the way she showed how siblings can overcome feelings and seek to work together for the betterment of the family. Some of the secondary characters in this story are fun loving. There are some very serious moments as well and the reader will enjoy some of the quirkiness of some of the personalities you meet. I am looking forward to reading about the rest of the shifter families in future books." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews


"Marta Verner is stranded in Colorado after her publisher folds and leaves the travel writer stranded. She decides to head back to Savage Valley, where her best friend (Chelsea) is now living. Chelsea finds Marta a job at the local diner (Savage Hunger). Diner owners Phil and Sam know the moment they meet Marta that she is their mate. The only problem is that these mountain lion shifters have to convince their estranged brother to mate with Marta also. Due to the curse that has made them shifters if the brothers don’t all mate together, they can never have children. Can the brothers convince Mel to mate with Marta? More importantly what will Marta think when she finds out the men are shifters as well as the fact that they want to mate with her together. Can she overcome the thought of having 3 men as her husbands all at the same time? As all of this is happening, the conglomerate NormCorp continues to try to convince Sam and Phil to sell the Savage Hunger as they continue trying to take over the valley. We first met Marta in Mountain Pride and I am glad to see her back in Savage Valley. I love how Ms. Ray is able to show the conflict between siblings and how it not only developed but how they resolve it, due to their being linked together for a successful mating. I found Taste of Pride to be a smoking hot and even a little bit of a “catty” story." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Adult Excerpt


“Show me wh—”

Marta didn’t have time to finish that thought before Sam’s hand traveled from her waist up to her breast and tweaked a nipple. He pulled and twisted, adding to a growing need deep inside Marta, then added a second hand to massage her other breast. As she let out a gentle moan, Phil’s lips landed on her neck, licking and biting at the sensitive flesh. Now goose bumps scattered over her skin, reflecting the excitement spreading throughout her body.

Mel took one of her feet in his hand, and when she peered down at him, their eyes locked. He began rubbing her foot then dragged his massage upward along her calf, her knee, her lower thigh, and finally to the upper part of her thigh. By then, the nervous excitement had transformed into a growing arousal consuming her attention entirely.

She gasped a sharp intake of breath when Mel’s hand pushed upward to the waistband of her panties. Never breaking eye contact, he flattened his hand over her lower stomach, riding her curves downward to the soft patch of curls over her mound. One of his fingers pushed aside her folds and pressed into her cunt, igniting furious need within her.

“You’re wet.” The words sounded so intimate, and he spoke them with a tender affection she hadn’t thought possible.

One of Sam’s hands left her breasts, drawing a whimper from Marta, but then shot to where Mel’s hand had been. This time, he hooked his thumb under the waistband of her panties and dragged them down at the same time he squeezed her breast and nipple. A bolt of arousal shot straight to her pussy, and before she knew it, she was lifting her legs to help Mel slide the white cotton panties from her legs.

“God, that’s a beautiful sight.” He tossed her panties to the side, not bothering to see where they landed and instead gazing at her naked pussy.

“Let me see.”

Sam’s hands moved to her waist, and he easily lifted her and turned her to face him and straddle his lap. He moved backward so that his back rested against the wall. His crooked finger drew her closer, and his hands moved reverently over her body.

“You’re even more beautiful than I thought.” He reached out to pull her closer against him, and the scrape of the cotton of his shirt on her nipples caused a shiver to run down her spine. This was more than Marta had ever thought she would have, a man as perfectly formed as Sam admiring her body. The need to show him how much she appreciated his affection overwhelmed her, and she boldly threw an arm around his neck, pulling his face to hers.

Sam stilled for a moment as she kissed him, apparently surprised, but he quickly joined her in the passion and tangled his hand in her hair. Emboldened by his response, Marta wiggled her hands between them and began undoing the buttons of his shirt.

“Allow me,” Sam said, breaking their kiss. Marta was about to protest, but then he pulled his shirt over her head, silencing any objection she could ever have made.

Holy fucking shit. Sam’s was the most flawlessly formed body Marta had ever glimpsed on either man or woman. His chest was smooth, his pectorals wide, flat planes of solid muscle punctuated by two small, dark nipples. Raking her gaze even lower, she saw his six-pack abdomen, the two symmetrical sides separated by a deep crest of muscle.

Another set of hands massaged her mid back, and she leaned in to the warm touch. Those hands began inching lower and lower and lower still until one hand rested on each ass cheek. “God, I want you,” Phil whispered, and she felt the evidence of his arousal pressing against her ass. Every muscle inside of her tightened. Was he talking about taking her from behind? A secret, dark place inside her mind had always fascinated about that, about the amazing sensation of fullness that having an ass stuffed full of cock must bring.

She looked behind her, and the sight of Phil’s naked torso took her breath away. Even though he appeared tall and lithe, without a shirt, he had the perfectly muscled body of a swimmer who spent every waking moment in the gym. Damn, she thought to herself. All that running around in mountain lion form did wonders for their physique.

She couldn’t dwell on the sight, though, because Sam’s hard cock bumped against her rapidly dampening pussy, distracting her in a most welcome way. He wrapped his arms around her, drawing her into his embrace once more. Once they were chest to chest, Sam rolled to the side, trapping Marta beneath the delicious warmth of his body.

“Baby,” Mel said, and she turned her head to the right. He had moved so that his cock was hovering just in front of her, and she accepted his unspoken invitation. Her fingers encircled his wide shaft, and she began pumping up and down on his shaft, remembering the delicious sensation of that cock buried inside her.

Sam placed a light, fluttering kiss on her throat, and she turned back to his breathtaking countenance. Without speaking, he lined his cock up with her pulsating cunt, and Marta’s hips bucked involuntarily, seeking out the solace of Sam’s dick. He rubbed his cock over her, and Marta couldn’t take it anymore, whimpering her need.


Story Excerpt


“Rough night at Letty’s?”

Sam’s voice broke into her thoughts, and Marta looked up to see the imposing, devilishly handsome blond standing over her.


“Ah, that’s right. You probably haven’t made it out to Catdaddy’s yet. Letty, the owner, she’s a real hoot.” Sam took a seat across from her, kicking his long legs over the side of the booth as he leaned his back against the wall. “I’ll have to take you sometime.”

He’ll have to take me sometime? That positively sounded like a plan for the future, an odd remark from someone who appeared to have studiedly avoided her for days. She looked around and saw that the diner was now empty save for the two of them.

“Yes, you’ll have to.” Even with her thoughts of Mel, she couldn’t deny her attraction to Sam. Oh well, she thought. Being perpetually single has its perks. “But why do you think I was there?”

Sam laughed and ran a hand through his thick blond hair. “I grew up in the service industry, beautiful. I know a hangover when I see one.”

Oh, shit. She had forgotten he was her boss for a moment. Her stomach twisted, and she said a small prayer in hopes that he hadn’t cornered her alone in the diner to fire her.

“I’m so sorry. I mean, I didn’t think that it affected my performance today, but…”

The smile that broke over his face silenced her. The expression illuminated his handsome features, and his eyes crinkled, showing little lines that hinted at many such grins through the years.

“I’m not here to fire you, Marta.” She blew out a breath of relief. “I’m here to see if you want a ride home. Chelsea said you were staying at Treaty and Kwitakusix?”

“You talked to Chelsea?”

“Well, yeah. That first day you came in here.” Sam looked at her as if the answer were obvious. Shocked at his recollection, Marta needed a moment to gather her thoughts. “It’s not far out of my way. I can take you by, no problem. I know that walk’s a monster if you’re not feeling so hot.” He swung his feet around so that he sat upright at the table and leaned closer to Marta. “And what sort of gentleman would I be if I let a lady walk home alone this late at night?”

While Marta certainly appreciated the gesture, the feminist inside her had to protest.

“I can take care of myself, I’ll have you know. Anyway, animal attacks won’t be a problem.”

“Not a one since 1846.”

“Right, so…” Marta shrugged, unable to verbally turn down his offer.

“So you’re coming with me,” Sam finished. “I don’t doubt that you could handle yourself just fine, beautiful, but what if I’d like your company on my drive home?”

Marta’s heart did a small flip at his words. He wanted her company! Her intuition hadn’t led her astray.

“Well, in that case, if you insist, I’ll accompany you.”

Sam shook his head at her exaggerated haughty intonation.

“Come on, jokester. I need to lock up, and then we’ll get on our way.”

Marta waited outside the diner as Sam locked up. The flickering neon sign clicked off, and a few moments later, Sam joined her. His hand rested on her back again as he guided her toward the parking lot and slid lower, exactly as it had earlier. This time, though, he didn’t withdraw his hand when it landed at the top of her ass. Instead, he kept it there as they walked to his white sedan and he unlocked the car.

He reached to open her door, but Marta was quicker and got to the handle first. Sam held his hands up and laughed, shaking his head. They rode in silence, the tension too thick to allow any conversation to pass through it. Marta studied the glowing dashboard as her heart raced.

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