Rear Guard

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of six sexually explicit erotic stories with gay themes including menage, workplace and crime.

Rear Guard:

Everyone had a good laugh when they handed him the ‘shit’ job – guarding the washrooms of the largest city park against unauthorized penal and anal activity. But ‘shit’ patrol was just what this security guard was trained for; and he didn’t disappoint.

Dick Work:

Hershbeck is tasked the dirty job of investigating a sex toy theft. And things only get dirtier, when first the detective demands a demonstration of some of the leftovers, then takes the case, and another man’s case, into a nearby alley for an intimate interrogation.

Hazard Pay-off:

“Hazard” was an accident waiting to happen, a one-man workplace safety and health risk. Sometimes, though, the worst goof-up can yield the best pay-off.

Cab Fare:

You can’t always judge a man by where you pick him up.

The Pantyhose Bandit:

There was a bandit loose in the neighbourhood, breaking into people’s homes and sniffing, fondling, and dressing up in women’s lingerie and high heels. Not everyone was frightened, though. In fact, one man resolved to do something to catch the culprit. To protect the neighborhood, yes; to get himself a piece of the perverted perp, damn straight!


They were two hockey tough guys, one young and up and coming, the other older, a down and outer trying to make it back up. They shared hate, a passion for their profession, and so much more.

These stories have also been published in Hot Tales of Gay Lust by Paperback ISBN 9781907761454 eBook ISBN 9781907761461

Rear Guard
0 Ratings (0.0)

Rear Guard

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 15,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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It looked to me like either a drug deal or city paving contract was going down, or some of that aforementioned homo-sex was about to take place on my watch. I desired a closer look-see.
I slid out of the car without closing the door and ran through the rain, hugged the side of the building. I didn’t hear a thing, just the pitter-patter of God’s sweet nectar. So I moved around the side, eased the door open enough to slip my six-foot-three, 220-pound frame through, tip-toed down the concrete and peered around the corner.
The three men were all in there, all right. There was no backdoor to the place, the only other exits being straight down the pipes and into the river. But these guys weren’t sucking up a storm or fucking up a deluge. They were merely standing around by the sinks talking to one another, about the zoo expansion that was underway. My ears got bored and legs tired just listening to them.
It was time to put it on the line, go from covert to overt.
I walked in on the trio, swaying my hips just a little in my Dockers, shuddering my butt cheeks just a little more in my Jockeys. I got their attention. They nodded at me; but nothing more. They went back to their yammering.
I pulled up at a urinal and straddled it, undeterred by their apparent indifference. Some perps you can lead to water, some you’ve got to shove their heads right into the toilet. I unzipped my fly slow and loud, drew my cock out of the folds of my clinging underwear and pants, unfolded it in front of the urinal.
I’d come armed, my rod semi-erect, thick and turgid in my hand. I pumped it up harder, longer, pointing at the porcelain and groaning slightly, glancing over at the men.
‘You all right?’ the short guy with the big hair finally asked.
I sort of grunted, pumping faster, my dick hidden from view by my arm and the urinal. The guy looked at his friends and then walked over closer to me, repeated his question. Flies to the flypaper, I thought, grinning.
When the man was right next to me, I suddenly half-turned around, showing him my now fully-erect dong. Showing all of them my eight inches of vein-ribboned meat. Showing them I meant business.
Then telling them. ‘Yeah, my cock seems to have swelled up all on its own. Know any way to get it back down again?’
The man closest stared at my dick. Then he shrugged his shoulders, said, ‘Sorry, man.’
Sweet street justice, but these guys were cautious to the point of ignoring a cocktease! I gritted my teeth in frustration.
Then I escalated the situation, telling them my name was Cap, getting them to introduce themselves as Len, Tyrese, and Tony. And when we were all on a first-name basis, I blatantly introduced Len to my cock, pushing gently down on his shoulders until he was on his knees, in front of my boner.
He looked up at me, whites of his eyes showing whiter. If it took a force-feeding, I’d give it to him, I was that fired-up.
I sifted my fingers into his afro and pulled his head close, his thick, warm lips bumping against the yawning chasm of my slit. I jerked, and grunted, and merciful man-eaters, but lo and behold Len finally took the bait, blossoming his lips open and blooming them over my hood.

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