In the Dark

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,500
8 Ratings (4.0)

Here are seven erotic stories of gay passion to enjoy all stemming from the wild weather one Friday evening in LA.

As wind blew down the power lines and the lights went out all across the city, while the emergency crews were working, men were stuck in situations beyond their control. And when men are given the opportunity, lust blooms. And when lust blooms, passionate sex follows.

Seven stories connected by the events or the men themselves; seven connections that changed each man's lives forever. Let the tales of homoerotic fire keep the flames lit inside you.

In the Dark
8 Ratings (4.0)

In the Dark

Phaze Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,500
8 Ratings (4.0)
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Brad was exhausted. Finally the end of the week had arrived. His briefcase in hand, he stood at the elevator on the tenth floor and exhaled deeply, wishing he was already home and had a beer in his fist, relaxing. He loosened his necktie and opened the top button of his starched shirt collar.

A handsome man in a navy blue short-sleeved shirt and the same color blue trousers approached and stood near him waiting for the elevator. Over his left shirt pocket read the name ‘Kent’. He was carrying a small toolbox and appeared as tired as Brad felt.

The building was almost void of occupants as most took an early out to get a jump on the weekend. It was the same every Friday. Brad tended to be the last to leave his office and by the time he was going home, the structure had cleared out. It was as if Fridays were half-days in some businesses. He wasn’t as lucky. He worked a full day.

Though Brad was lost in thought, he found he had been staring at the man’s profile too long. Brad jumped slightly when Kent looked at him. A blush rushed to Brad’s cheeks at being caught admiring the guy. As quickly as he could, Brad evaded those lush blue eyes.

The elevator doors opened, sliding back soundlessly. Trying to be a gentleman, Brad waited for Kent to enter. It seemed Kent was being polite as well. They laughed at the awkwardness of their indecision and ended up entering side by side, brushing shoulders.

“Christ, I must be tired,” Brad chuckled, “I feel brain dead.”

“Ditto.” Kent pushed the button for the lobby.

The doors slid shut.

“Uh…” Brad wanted to speak to this man. He enjoyed his adorable smile. “Working on the computers?”


“Ah.” Brad nodded and tried to occupy his thoughts with something other than the appeal of this stunning man.

The elevator jolted sharply and the interior went dim.

“Uh oh.” Brad looked up at the numbers that were no longer illuminated over the door.

“Crap.” Kent rubbed his face tiredly.

“What do you think?” Brad asked. “Power outage?”

“I assume so. What else can it be?” Kent pushed a few buttons, including the emergency one. They waited. Nothing happened.

After a long pause where neither of them spoke and Kent continued to push at the buttons on the panel in vain, Brad cleared his throat nervously. “You, um, have to get home to the family?” Brad had no idea why he was asking him that.

“No. I don’t have a family. I’m single. Shit. I’m just fucking exhausted. It’s been a long week and I was looking forward to putting my feet up and having a damn beer.” Kent set down the toolbox he was holding and ran his fingers through his dark thick hair.

“I hear ya. I’m beat as well.” Brad licked his lips as he eyed Kent hungrily wondering what kissing him would be like.

“What do you do?”

Waking up from his fantasy, Brad answered, “Accounting. I’m Brad.” Brad reached out his hand.

“Kent.” Kent shook it warmly.

“I know.” Brad pointed to the nametag on Kent’s chest.

“Oh. Duh. And you think you’re brain dead?” Kent laughed.

Brad set his briefcase down and they stood in silence a moment. “You don’t think this will go on for a long time do you?”

“Christ, I hope not.” Kent took his cell phone out and flipped it open.


“No signal.”

“I’m not surprised. This is an older building and the walls are thick. Especially in this contraption.”

Kent stuffed his phone back into his pocket.

Another silent few minutes passed.

“At least there’s a dim emergency light,” Brad whispered. “Be frickin’ insane if it was pitch-dark.”

“Why? Are you claustrophobic?”

Seeing Kent’s slightly amused smile, Brad chuckled. “No. I don’t think so. But trapped in a pitch-black elevator with the cable guy?” The incredibly hot cable guy? Lucky me!

“Shut up.” Kent laughed at him.

Dimples appeared on Kent’s face, causing Brad’s attraction to rise. He wondered if the feeling could be mutual. Doubting the guy was gay, and knowing he fantasized encounters with straight men all the time, Brad tried to calm his lust and exhaled a deep breath.

He leaned against the back wall, crossing his arms over his chest. “You think it’s just this building?”

“No way to know.”

“I didn’t feel an earthquake. Did you?”

“No.” Kent grinned. “Man, don’t get panicky on me.”

“It’s just that California’s known for them. You know.”

“You need a teddy bear?”

Brad grinned at Kent’s wicked smile. Okay, I’ll play. “You got one in your box of tools?” Brad wondered if this was Kent’s version of flirting, and hoped to hell it was.

Immediately the expression on Kent’s face changed from a silly grin to dead serious. Chills rushed over Brad’s skin.

“You…ah…” Kent cleared his throat nervously. “You interested in ‘tools’?”

Holy fuck! No! It can’t be! Brad felt his knees go weak. “Did you just ask me what I think you asked me?”

Even in the dimness Brad could see Kent’s blush. “No. Never mind.”

“Christ, is it hot in here?” Brad loosened his necktie so it hung down his chest and popped another button open on his shirt. Suddenly he was a raging inferno.

Slowly, sensually, Kent met his eyes. “Very fucking hot,” he hissed, giving Brad’s body a glance from head to toe.

Gulping down a dry throat, Brad connected to Kent’s gaze and they stared at each other intensely. Am I hearing this guy right? Very fucking hot? And he was staring at my dick? No. I’m hallucinating.

Brad’s heart pounded in his chest at the look of lust he was receiving. “You…think it’ll be a while?”

“Could be. Could be hours.”

“Damn.” Brad’s dick went rock hard.

As if he were trying to be casual, Kent stepped closer. But in the tiny elevator box, they weren’t exactly miles apart to begin with.

Brad caught the scent of his cologne and sweat. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. “Fuck you smell good.” Did I just say that?

Like that was what he needed to hear, Kent pressed his body against Brad’s, nailing him to the elevator wall aggressively. “You think I smell good? Grrr… So do you.”

“Holy shit,” Brad whimpered as Kent reached between his legs and took snorts of his neck.

“Nice dick. Jesus.” Kent stroked Brad’s cock as it pressed against Brad’s thigh and down his pant leg. “Yum. Love your cologne. Mm!”

“Holy-fucking-shit…” Brad repeated, closing his eyes as Kent licked his chin tentatively. Brad perked up and blinked at him.

“Do you kiss?” Kent crooned sensually.

“Hell yeah.” He wondered when the lights would turn on. Would they get down and dirty, and caught?

“This is so hot.” Kent stroked Brad’s cock harder. “I was hoping you were into it, you know. With us being stuck like this.”

“I’m into it.” Brad panted. Staring at how incredibly good looking Kent was, Brad made a tiny nervous move towards his lips.

At the gesture, an explosion of passion erupted from Kent. Grunting in surprise, Brad was slammed back against the wall again and a hand shoved down his trousers as a tongue made its way inside his mouth. Wow! It was very clear Kent liked to dominate and Brad was becoming his eager slave.

Brad let out an agonizing moan in delight and dug his fingers into Kent’s hair, deepening their kiss.

With the assistance of Kent’s hand, Brad’s cock was set upright and stroked hotly. He was about to combust.

Kent parted from his mouth, breathing hard as he pushed Brad’s suit jacket down his shoulders excitedly. Brad was almost hyperventilating he was so primed.

His jacket, his tie, his starched light blue shirt, ended up in a pile on the floor by the toolbox and briefcase. As Kent lapped at Brad’s nipples like a wild man, he struggled to open Kent’s shirt buttons. Helping him, Kent licked and stripped his shirt off simultaneously. Once they were both topless, he drew Kent’s mouth back to his, dying for more deep tongue kisses.

Brad’s trousers were opened and shoved downwards as an aggressive tongue was fucking his mouth. He sucked hard on it, yearning to taste Kent’s cock. Breaking the kiss to gasp for air, Brad watched in the dimmest of light as Kent stripped him of his bottom half of clothing. Brad’s dick popped out of his briefs, standing stiff and hard. No hiding the attraction now, was there?

Kent moaned and was about to get to his knees when Brad began opening Kent’s pants. Time to see what’s behind these dark blue trousers, buddy.

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