Cowboy Dreams (MMM)

Tasty Treats 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,758
142 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M]

A lace corset, a bar of rose scented soap…

Lovers Jeb McCain and Boone Fowler don’t know what to expect when they find an unconscious man in the countryside, but it’s certainly not a sexy little man dressed in a woman’s lace corset.

They soon discover that they want Avery to join their little family, but to keep him safe, Avery has to become their wife. Can they convince Avery and the rest of Applegate Valley that the pretty man they’ve fallen for is a woman?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Cowboy Dreams (MMM)
142 Ratings (4.2)

Cowboy Dreams (MMM)

Tasty Treats 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,758
142 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "The characters were well fleshed out. The description of all of the characters was so well done I could actually feel what they were doing, what they looked like. I felt as though I were there right in the middle of everything. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes a good western, romance with a bit of action thrown into the mix." -- blondie, Rainbow Reviews

4 CUPS: "Cowboy Dreams is yet another winner from Ms. Glenn. I truly enjoyed learning about Jeb, Boone, and Avery. I got a kick out of Jeb and Boone’s responses to Avery from the time they found him until the very end of the book. There was more than one occasion that I broke out in giggles. I thought Cheta was a very cool character, and I honestly would not mind seeing him get his own story. The sex is singe worthy and emotional, making this a drool worthy read. This is definitely a book you want to read, I highly recommend it!" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance & More

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Applegate Valley, 1866


“There’s an awful lot of birds circling over yonder, Jeb,” Boone Fowler said, nodding his head toward a small grass-covered rise off in the distance. “What do ya think they’re waiting on?”

Jeb McCain pushed his cowboy hat back and shielded his eyes with his hand. He stared out over the empty prairie ground between him and the small earthen rise where the birds circled. They were scavenger birds.

“I don’t rightly know, Boone, but whatever it is, it’s either dead or dying. Suppose it wouldn’t hurt to take a gander. Might be one of our lost heifers.”

Boone nodded. Jeb clicked his tongue and nudged his horse to head toward the rise. Riding up was pretty effortless, the rise made mostly of grass and weeds. Even the slope of the hill was easy to traverse, his palomino walking right up the side until they reached the top of the rise.

Jeb pulled his horse to a stop and looked out over the small ravine below. It looked a little rockier than the side he and Boone just rode up. Jeb guessed it might be a winter creek bed. They were far enough into the spring that they should be out of danger of a flash flood.

“Ya see anything, Jeb?” Boone brought his horse up next to Jeb’s.

“Them birds seem mighty interested in that little rocky area just south of that large boulder.” Jeb pointed to a boulder about the size of a saddle. He still couldn’t see anything that might interest the damn birds though.

He stood up in the leather stirrups to get a better look. Jeb thought he caught the sight of something, but then it was gone. He sat back down and clicked his tongue again at his horse. “Come on, Boone, we ain’t gonna see anything from way up here.”

Jeb and Boone carefully made their way down the other side of the small rise until they reached the bottom. Jeb paused long enough to ensure that his colt revolver was full, nodding when he spotted Boone doing the same. A person can never be too careful.

Jeb figured they couldn’t be more than fifty feet from whatever the birds circled. He climbed down from his horse and looped the reins over the saddle horn. He held his finger up to his lips, telling Boone to keep silent.

Jeb was lucky enough to have a well-trained horse. He didn’t need to tie him off to keep him from running. Ponyboy wouldn’t run, not even if he heard gunfire. He wouldn’t run until Jeb told him to, and then he’d run all out.

Even though he was being extremely quiet, Jeb could hear Boone coming up behind him. Jeb motioned to Boone to stay with the horses while he moved around to the side of where they headed.

If there was indeed something there, Jeb didn’t want to be caught in any possible crossfire. Besides, if he moved up the rise a bit, he could flank whatever the birds hunted. Once Boone nodded, Jeb moved.

Reaching a small pile of river rocks, Jeb squatted down behind them and pulled his gun out of the holster. He nodded over to Boone, signaling that Boone could move forward. Jeb would keep him covered from his vantage point.

Time ticked by slowly as Boone cautiously made his way through the small ravine. Jeb saw him glance up, then move around a small bend in the natural path of the creek bed. A lot of prairie grass and weeds grew between Jeb and Boone but not so much that Jeb couldn’t see Boone’s mouth drop open in shock.

“It’s a young man, Jeb,” Boone said quietly, but Jeb heard him anyway. He sounded puzzled. “He’s dressed in a lady’s corset.”





"Boone? Where are you?"

“In the pantry.”

A moment later, Jeb appeared around in the doorway. Boone wasted no time. He grabbed Jeb by his shirtfront and yanked him into the pantry, pulling the door closed behind him. Turning to Jeb, he pushed him up against the wall, plastering his own body against his lover’s.


“I want ya, Jeb,” Boone growled against Jeb’s neck. Even as he bit into the side of Jeb’s neck, he heard the hitched breath in his throat. Jeb’s hands clenched on his arms and his head fell back.

“Boone,” Jeb groaned.

Boone’s hands moved down to grab Jeb’s ass through his pants, pulling the other man up against him. There could be no mistaking the hard length in his pants as anything other than intense desire for the man in his arms.

“Fuck, Boone, I love the way you touch me.”

Boone pressed closer to Jeb when the man separated his legs. He moaned. He could feel Jeb’s hard cock pressed against his. Boone reached down and pressed his hands against Jeb’s cock. Jeb came unglued, pushing his hips against Boone’s body, his cock against Boone’s hand.

Boone grabbed the back of Jeb’s neck with his free hand, pulling Jeb’s head back so that he could look into his sparkling blue eyes. “I’m gonna fuck ya, Jeb.”

“Okay,” Jeb replied breathlessly. Boone grinned. He unbuckled Jeb’s pants and pushed them down his legs before turning him around to face the wall. He pulled his own pants down, his cock in his hand, a moment later.

No matter how randy he felt, he couldn’t fuck Jeb without some sort of lube. He quickly looked around the pantry. There had to be something. It was a pantry, for Pete’s sake. He chuckled when he spotted a jug of cooking oil sitting on one of the shelves.

“Don’t move,” Boone ordered. He stepped back and reached for the oil. Pulling the cork stopper with his teeth, he spit it on the floor, then poured some oil into his hand. Boone liberally coated his cock, then rubbed the rest into the crack of Jeb’s ass.

He pressed two fingers into Jeb without warning, hearing the soft intake of his breath at the intrusion. He worried that he moved too fast until Jeb started pushing back against his fingers.

Boone leaned forward to lick the edge of Jeb’s ear. “Ya want me, cowboy? Ya wanna feel my cock pound your tight little ass?” Boone knew Jeb loved to hear him talk dirty during sex. It drove Jeb to distraction.

“Fuck, yes, Boone,” Jeb groaned. “Now, Boone, fuck me now.”

Boone pulled his fingers free of Jeb’s ass and grabbed his cock, pressing it against the small opening he’d stretched with his fingers. “This, cowboy, this what ya want?” Boone rubbed the head of his cock back and forth over the small cleft of muscles.

“Please, Boone,” Jeb pleaded.

Boone pressed the head of his cock against Jeb’s tight entrance, then pushed in just enough to catch. Grabbing Jeb’s hips, he bit the edge of Jeb’s ear to distract him, then plunged in until his groin pushed against Jeb’s ass.

“Oh, fuck!” Jeb cried out. Boone saw his hands dig into the wooden wall. He thrust again, then again, slowly building up a steady rhythm until the only sound in the room came from flesh slapping against naked flesh.

When soft whimpers started to drown out the sound of Boone pounding into Jeb, Boone knew Jeb was getting close. Jeb was too manly to make sounds like that until he lost himself completely to what they did.

Boone reached around and grabbed Jeb’s leaking cock. He stroked him softly at first, his thumb grazing the tip and wiping up the pre-cum that pooled there. “Ya like that, cowboy?” Boone crooned into Jeb’s ear. “Ya like me strokin’ ya while I pound your ass?”

Jeb just groaned, no longer able to form words. Boone grinned. He knew exactly what Jeb felt. He was about to come all over Boone’s hand. Boone stroked Jeb’s cock faster as he increased the ferocity of his thrusts. Jeb’s whimpers became outright groans.

Boone could feel himself about to come as well. His breathing was so rapid, he thought he might pass out. He felt the pressure in his cock building, settling into his balls, getting ready to explode.

“Come for me, cowboy, come on my cock,” Boone growled, knowing it was more of an order than anything else.


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