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Frost and Fyr
1 ratings
Fire elemental Fehniel of Hickom knows that her friends have found true love. The wolf in her knows that this frost giant is her mate, but the fire elemental in her wants to fight him all the way. Tynir knows t MORE...
Earth and Ayr
2 ratings
Sol has been trying to force information from the giants on the Raven's Rest station above Jotunheim. No one can tell her where her friend Jin is until Morgarn the mountain giant walks into the bar. He knows wh MORE...
Liquid Heat
1 ratings
Jin Bosun enjoys her life on the Raven's Rest station above Jotunheim. Her Terran mother, Myka, encouraged her to go out and meet new people. She has the perfect partners, Terran descended elementals like herse MORE...