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The Warder's Demon
2 ratings
Elhara Warder has spent her life surrounded by the warmth of friends and family. Meeting a demon by chance at her local bar surprises her, but when he takes her on the most romantic dates of her life she feels MORE...
The Warder's Leprechaun
1 ratings
When Asha’s cousin Elhara is struck with a memory-eating spell, Asha knows just who can help. She travels to the leprechaun city, deep in the woods, and faces the man she has been dreaming of for over a decade. MORE...
The Warder's Merman
3 ratings
Beatrix Warder has spent her adult life avoiding this precise moment. In a flurry of panic, she made a choice and it landed her neck deep in the ocean, facing her worst nightmare. Hector was very good looking, MORE...