Hashka Chronicles

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Caress of the Stars
1 ratings
Huana Marsh was ready and eager for an assignment off world as a seeker for the star Dekkar. Imbued with his power, she sets off to find the lost world of H’skar, origin world of the Hashka. Yaedo, the security MORE...
Captive of the Stars
3 ratings
Nasha Fano has lived her adult life as the host of Ithena, red star of the northern sky. Refusing to believe that her deceased father sold her to Lord Kalowell, she fights for her freedom and the survival of he MORE...
Wrath of the Stars
3 ratings
A simple trip to the market sends Venya on a nightmare of kidnapping and threat of sacrifice. She stores up her energy and breaks free, stumbling through the forest to hide and hopefully return to the spaceport MORE...
Emissary to the Stars
2 ratings
Siri has worked her way through the temple of Ilshara until the goddess tapped her as the Emissary. With her life now revolving around worshipers and organizing the temple she has no time for herself and with t MORE...
Sacrifice to the Stars
5 ratings
Tia’s life has been defined by avoiding the priesthood, so when she finds herself on a foreign world with seductively familiar males, she is conflicted. General Jenner Mathwin is striking and his voice sends he MORE...