Sector Guard

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Shaken and Stirred
2 ratings
Tosha wanted a nice day off with her cousin, but a homicidal bug wave forces her to expose her talent to the others on her tour. Before her government can lock her up, she is swept off by a tornado and whisked MORE...
Multiple Organisms
3 ratings
Drahali has lived her life as a freak, a woman who was far more than one of the guys. Her strength was limitless, but it doomed her to a life alone until the day the Sector Guard recruiter arrived and offered h MORE...
Hard Hearted
1 ratings
Saving her fiancé showed Gralial’s people what a freak she was and they punished her accordingly by removing her soul. Left with only intelligence and her talent, Gray must start a new life in the Alliance as t MORE...
Past Tense
2 ratings
Mayden Morningside is a Reader who works with contracts and lives a quiet life until her old recruiter from Terra comes asking her to join the Sector Guard. She will have her body changed to match her partner’s MORE...
Guarding Pax
1 ratings
Tricia Williams has been handed over to the Sector Guard, her talent for tranquilizing those around her has become dangerous and uncontrolled. The Sector Guard techs rise to the challenge and in no time, Tricia MORE...
Resurrecting Flame
1 ratings
Jenya has spent days leading one hundred prisoners to freedom through a tunnel of her own making. She succeeds in her task and is ready to rest, but the arrival of the Sector Guard throws a wrench in her plans MORE...
Celestial Storm
3 ratings
Andra Nickles has been a Terran courier assigned to the Sector Guard for a few years. The storm that wraps her ship and makes its way inside finds her just outside of Udell. With her body overwhelmed, her mind MORE...
Armed and Armoured
2 ratings
Kahlia has fought a few battles for the survival of innocents on Allishan 9, but her primary concern is her life as a designer. On one of the school trips that her sister badgered her into chaperoning, she meet MORE...
Imperial Guard
1 ratings
Dealing with the family who refused to let her bury her father is difficult, but Isabi keeps her grounded as she fights for the survival of her estranged family.
Freak Factor
6 ratings
Living life on Kaddaka station was predictable and profitable. Mala's talent for undetectable repairs has made her quite wealthy and the station quite popular. When a Reflex ship comes in hot, out of contro MORE...
Sector Guard Bundle 4
0 ratings
Psyche’s Caress: Sector Guard, Book 10: Psyche is on a routine mission. Assassination attempts, a shuttle dissolved by acid and a man rejected by his own people who makes her heart pound. Yup, totally rou MORE...
Sector Guard Bundle 3
0 ratings
Bundle Contains: Wyt and Wild Book 7 Dragon Summons Book 8 Tears of the Star Book 9
Sector Guard Bundle 1
0 ratings
When circumstances make superpowers, the Sector Guard helps them become heroes. Women who find themselves in the position to help others are partnered with men who think the same way and eventually, those partn MORE...