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When she was a child Sophie’s parents complained that she was spending too much time reading. She couldn’t stop herself, however, and by the time she grew up her reading habit turned into a full-blown addiction. Combine it with unending curiosity making her always wonder “what if”, and that’s how she started writing her own books.

Now Sophie tries to mediate between all the characters fighting in her head as to whose story should be written first, and the only time when she finds some peace is when training in martial arts.

Sophie would love to hear from readers, and you can reach her on Facebook, Twitter or send her an email at [email protected]

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Q: Where do you take inspiration for your books from?

A: An idea can strike me anywhere and at any time. Usually it starts with a single thought, word or phrase and then a whole story builds itself around it. Sometimes it is something said in a random conversation, other times it comes from a movie or a song. Of course my muse usually appears at the most inappropriate time, at work or during a bike ride, or while I’m cleaning and it keeps pestering me until I can get to my laptop and write it down. And then, with a help of favourite question of all writers: “what if”, a book is born.

Q: How do you write your books, do you plan it ahead or simply go with the flow?

A: It is a combination of both, actually. When a new idea for a book comes to me, I then plan just the basic plot. Most of the details however come to me during writing. Also sometimes my characters can really surprise me with a sudden twist to the story. If I got a blockade for example and it seems that I can’t get past a particular scene then a totally unexpected solution appears in my head that could change entire course the story was going in…

Q: Why have you decided to become an author?

A: I haven’t, not really. Ever since I could remember I was creating stories. As a five or six year old child I was telling my own fairy tales to my brothers. Then when I got older I wrote a story about a teenager who discovers she’s a witch. The story was based on a dream I had back then. But my dream of becoming a published writer started truly while I was studying at university. Still it took me a couple more years to do something about it and a couple more to try and actually send a book to a publisher. And that’s how I got here.

Q: Who are your favourite authors, and/or books?

A: Wow, there are too many to mention all of them. As a kid I loved Astrid Lindgren and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books. Then I discovered Tolkien and his Lord of The Rings and Silmarillion. Other fantasy author I adore is Terry Pratchett. My love of romance begun with Jane Austen and was cultivated by reading Mary Balogh, Jayne Ann Krentz, Mary Jo Putney and Stephanie Laurens’s books. Then I found out about M/M romance and there are simply too many authors to choose my favourites. But to mention just two or three I keep returning to Lynn Hagen, Stephani Hecht, Stormy Glenn, and Amber Kell’s books.

Q: If not romance what other genre would you try writing in?

A: Definitely fantasy or maybe a rather more widely understood speculative fiction, which gives an author more leeway than more limited terms like fantasy or science fiction. I will definitely try my hand in speculative fiction. I even have a story started that needs a bit more polishing before it can be sent to a publisher. For now though, I’m quite happy with my current genre, and more books will be coming…

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