[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Brennan the Bard hates his life. Being a Bard is something he was forced into, not chose for himself. His life takes a dramatic turn when he gets kidnapped and dumped in the territory of the most feared dragon in existence.
Marngh’k’a’Drkhsh is known to humans as Dark Terror for a reason. He is the scariest of all dragons, even those of his own kind steer clear of him. While on a routine flight he discovers a human in the middle of his territory. Instead of killing the annoying creature he decides to make him a part of his treasure.
Being a part of a dragon’s treasure wasn’t in Brennan’s plans and neither was being attracted to the creature that can take on a human form at will, yet that’s exactly what happens.
From one heated encounter to another these two very different men have a decision to make – should they let the relationship grow or sever the bond?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Dragon's Bard (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
4.5 stars
First time I have read anything by Sophie Martin. I read a lot of MM paranormal and other MM stuff. I buy a ton of Siren books but I have my favorite authors and I am always a little gun shy about purchasing from a new author without a compelling reason. I have had a few let downs with some very sub-par writing when I bought new to me authors. But I took a chance with this one and I was glad I did! I enjoyed it enough to purchase the next one in the series.
Overall it's pretty well written. I think if I could criticize anything it would be the author's use of modern day slang terms. That pulled me out of the story from time to time, but it also made it relatable, so I gave myself permission to not let that bug me. I liked the creativity and I liked the characters very much. It's a bit of a reach that a character in this setting would say some of the things she wrote but hey, it's fantasy so why not?




Brennan blinked and took a look at his surroundings. He seemed to be in some kind of meadow. As he looked around, he noticed the meadow was nestled in a valley at the foot of a huge mountain. Brennan frowned, not remembering any mountain near Lord Aegis’s castle. He looked to the other side and saw a narrow path leading into the woods. Brennan pushed himself to a seating position and examined the path closer. It had hoof-prints, so it meant that had to be where they brought him from. But where was he, exactly? There weren’t any mountains in the Northern Territory of the kingdom. The only ones he was aware of lay in the Dragons’ Lands…

“They wouldn’t!” Brennan gasped and swore under his breath. He knew the young nobles wanted to get rid of him, afraid he would ruin the prospective marriage and the joining of two powerful families, but surely they wouldn’t be so dumb as to dump him in the Dragons’ Territory. A whooshing sound brought his attention to the mountain looming above him.

“Fuck!” These assholes actually did it! The morons risked not only their own lives and Brennan’s life by dumping him there. They risked a war with dragons, a war humans could in no way win.

Humans weren’t the most powerful species in this world. On the contrary, they were probably the weakest of sentient beings. There were forces much more powerful than them, one of the strongest being dragons. Only by a sheer luck and tons of diplomacy did humans manage to carve a territory to call their own. The Kingdom of Daria. They only survived by abiding to rules given to them by supernatural species living in lands surrounding them.

Dragons were the most feared supernatural creatures. Humans whispered stories of huge beasts and what they could do. There was no consensus about their abilities, but all inhabitants of Daria agreed that the worst thing that could happen to the kingdom would be angering the dragons.

The territory closest to Daria’s northern border belonged to the most feared beast among them all. While humans knew next to nothing about dragons, there were several of them that were well known and aroused terror in faint human hearts. It came from times when humans lived in small groups and did not have their own kingdom. They would sometimes encroach on this or that dragon’s territory and the beast would hunt them down.

Being in the dragon’s territory uninvited and without previous announcement and the dragon’s consent was the worst crime a human could commit. Dragons were not known for their patience when it came to humans, and the beast that inhabited the huge mountain at the foot of which Brennan lay was even shorter-tempered than most. His name in dragon-tongue was impossible for humans to pronounce, so they called him the Dark Terror.

That dragon was one of the oldest and meanest creatures to inhabit the world. Humans told tales about him, and it was believed that even other dragons feared him. He was known to single-handedly wipe out whole villages and fight and defeat dozens of skilled warriors. He was the reason why no human would venture close to the Dragons’ Lands border, and Brennan sat at the threshold of his den!

“Those idiots, those complete morons, brought me into the middle of Dark Terror’s territory,” he whispered in disbelief and shook his head. He knew the lordlings weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but still, to risk everything just to get rid of one Bard…

Well, Brennan wasn’t just any old storyteller, his father, Bran the Bard, was well known and valued by the king and the wealthiest and most powerful noblemen. Hell, he’d even married a daughter of the scariest warrior in the land, the king’s right hand, Dirk the Brute. Brennan’s whole family was well-respected and well-connected. They would raise hell if anything happened to Brennan while in lord Aegis’s land.

Did the idiots plan to tell his family that Brennan wandered into Dragons’ Lands of his own accord? Was that their plan to get rid of him while appearing innocent to Brennan’s family? If so, they were stupider than he thought. No one who knew him would believe Brennan stupid enough to risk going into Dark Terror’s territory, the least of all his family, but that wasn’t the problem here. No, the biggest mistake of the fools was going into said territory at all.

Brennan heard that whooshing sound again, followed by a loud roar. He quickly bade farewell to his life while praying that his family lived through what happened next, because if there was one thing he remembered from all the stories his father forced him to learn, it was that the Dark Terror knew no forgiveness. Trespassing on his territory equalled declaration of war in the dragon’s book, and Brennan was becoming casus belli right that moment.




“What are you doing?” the dragon asked in a growly voice.

“Pleasuring myself,” he answered, still watching the dragon-man through his half-lidded eyes.


“Yes. Remember our conversation on how humans feel pleasure while breeding?”


“Well, we can give ourselves similar pleasure when there is no one to breed with.”

“Really?” The dragon’s eyes sparked with interest.

“Yes, really,” Brennan said, never stopping the slow stroking moves. Now that the dragon joined him, his cock was almost painfully hard. It was as if his body didn’t get the memo about Mar being a dangerous beast. It reacted whenever the dragon-man was close. Brennan felt an almost painful need for the man-beast.

“Show me!” It was order, plain and simple. Brennan gestured for the dragon to come closer and he did. As soon as Mar was seated right next to him, Brennan reached over and took the dragon’s fat prick in his other hand.

“You need to stroke it, just like that,” he said, at the same time showing what he meant. The dragon groaned. “Feels good?” asked the Bard, releasing Mar’s dick. “Go on, try it yourself.”

The dragon did and Brennan drank in the sight with greedy eyes. The dragon-man was gorgeous. With his eyes closed as he concentrated on the pleasure he felt, Mar looked absolutely stunning. Brennan was entranced with the sight as he kept stroking his hard cock, timing his pulls with Mar’s. Suddenly, the dragon’s eyes shot open. There was a feral light in them as he growled.

“Show me more. You said it is better with another person. Show me!” Brennan was thrilled at the need he heard in the dragon’s voice.

“I will, but let’s go the nest. It will be more comfortable there.”

Mar shot to his feet at that, giving Brennan the perfect view of his washboard abs. Tiny droplets of water ran down the dragon-man’s chest, making Brennan nearly swallow his tongue.

“Come!” Mar ordered, stretching out his hand to the Bard. Brennan obeyed, hurrying to take offered hand and let himself be dragged after the man-beast. It was as if every dream Brennan ever had of being with a man was finally coming true. Mar in his human form was an incarnation of Brennan’s every lustful thought. Before he realised it they were in the nest, Mar pushing him down on soft furs still with that glint in his eyes. “Show me!”

“Okay,” was the only thing Brennan managed to say as he pulled the dragon-man closer. He grabbed the back of Mar’s neck and pulled the big man into a kiss. The man-beast was reluctant at first, clearly unsure of what he should be doing. Brennan licked along the seam of Mar’s lips and the dragon opened to let him in. Brennan delved his tongue in and teased Mar’s own. After a brief moment of hesitation, the dragon’s tongue moved against Bard’s own, starting a sensuous dance. Fingers tangled in hair, pulling the two men closer. Breaths mingled, tongues danced and teeth clashed in the best kiss of Brennan’s entire life. When he came up for air, he panted, looking into the dragon’s entrancing eyes.

“More,” the dragon said, “I want more!”

Brennan grinned and licked his lips. “I’ll give you more,” he said and pulled the man-beast in for a second round. As they drowned in another heated kiss, Brennan’s hands snaked down Mar’s body until he could grab the tight, muscled ass. He pulled them closer, feeling their erections grind together. He pulled out from the kiss and instructed the dragon. “Take both our dicks in hand.” The dragon-man obeyed, encircling both their hard shafts with that huge hand of his. “It would help if we had some oil, but we’d have to do without.”

“Oil?” Mar interrupted with a question.

“Yeah, it feels so much better when your cock is slick with some oil.”

“No problem.” The dragon grinned wildly and suddenly Brennan was surprised with a cool slickness coating his dick.

“What? How?”

“I’m a dragon, remember?”

“I couldn’t possibly forget,” the Bard answered. “But let’s enjoy ourselves for now. You can start moving your hand like before,” he said and delved in for another kiss. The dragon obeyed and started jacking both their shafts. Strong pulls felt heavenly and before he realised, Brennan was close to coming.

“Shit, I’m close,” he warned the dragon.

“Close? Close to what?” Mar asked, but Brennan was too far gone to answer. He felt tingling along his spine, heat pooling in his balls as they drew closer to his body. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, his face contorting in an expression of pure bliss. He was unaware of the dragon watching him closely in amazement as Brennan’s dick shot a full load of cum, the hot stickiness pooling between them.

“Fuck!” he shouted as he came. When he finally managed to pry his eyes open, the dragon-man was watching him with an unreadable expression. Brennan gazed down and saw not only his, but Mar’s cock softening as well. “Umm, did you…uh…did you come?” He braved a question.

“Come?” The dragon’s voice was as unreadable as his expression.

“Yeah, you know, did you come when I did?” Seeing the blank look in dragon’s eyes the Bard forced his brain to work. “When my dick shot out seed, it is what we call ‘coming’ It is the pinnacle of our pleasure. So, did you?” Brennan was starting to feel uneasy. He suddenly remembered it was a dragon he was talking to. A dragon who had no idea of what it meant to be human.

“Yes. Yes I did,” Mar answered, then paused before adding, “Let’s go to sleep now.”

“Um, yeah. You know, it would be a good idea to clean up before that. It is really uncomfortable if it dries out on your skin. Itchy and all.” He gestured to their mixed essences.

“Right,” the dragon said, and when Brennan blinked they were both clean again. “Now, let’s sleep,” Mar stated and pulled Brennan closer, spooning behind him. The Bard frowned, but obeyed. He didn’t know what he expected from the dragon. He guessed there were worse things than an easy dismissal of what had happened between them. With a heavy sigh, Brennan closed his eyes and let himself be pulled into a dark abyss of sleep. He was unaware of the dragon’s glowing eyes watching him with a strange intensity and the deep frown marring the creature’s otherwise perfect features.

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