[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
Jason Thorne lost his emotions four years ago. After getting kidnapped and then meeting and rescuing two men—vampire’s personal slave Toby and tiger-shifting Tyler—he suddenly discovers he’s starting to get his feelings back. When the three men move in together, the attraction between them grows. But Jason is afraid of losing his feelings again and he doesn’t want to act on it.
When Tyler Rhodes agreed to help search for his friend’s missing brother he didn’t expect to be caught, locked in a cage in his tiger form and starved. Only Toby smuggling him food kept him from dying. When both Tyler and Toby got rescued by Jason and his mysterious powers, Tyler is determined to do everything he can to convince his men that relationship between them can work.
In all the chaos that comes next it’s Toby and Tyler’s task to convince Jason that they can make it work and change his emotionless reality forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Changing His Reality (MMM)
18 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
The is a great book....
virginia lee
Good story, would like to read more about Jason, his pack and his Father.
Mountain Mist




Jason got woken up by raised voices that didn’t belong in his house. Hell, no voice but his belonged there. He got up and rubbed his groggy eyes, suddenly remembering the previous night. Right, so he brought some strangers, one of whom was a tiger-man, to his house. Okay. But why were they now shouting? Jason started towards the noise, feeling the effects of abusing his power still. He woke up at six and called his job to say that he couldn’t come because of some stomach flu. His employer agreed to cover for him, and Jason went back to bed. He looked at his watch, seeing it was barely half nine. He hoped to sleep till eleven at least. He always needed lots of sleep after using his power. He guessed it was to be expected. There had to be some price for things he could do. Jason neared one of the guest bedrooms and heard the raised voice again.

“No, bad kitty! You can’t sit on Master’s bed. You’ll shed all over it, and then he’ll kick us both out. And where will that leave us, huh? Get off it now.”

Jason rounded the corner and was met by a real bizarre view. There was a familiar-looking tiger sprawled on the guest bed, and behind him the young man whose name Jason still didn’t get was trying to push the huge animal off the furniture. The man was pushing on the tiger’s back, the animal not fazed whatsoever. The young man’s legs were slipping on the thick carpet floor as he did his best to move the tiger. His jaw had a stubborn set to it, a frown on his forehead and determination clear in his eyes. The tiger, on the other hand, looked pleased with himself. If Jason didn’t know better, he’d think the animal was smirking as if enjoying the attention and back massage.

The tiger noticed him first and shifted from his side to back, adopting the pose of a playful kitten waving his paws in the air. The young man’s legs gave up on him as he lost the support on the tiger’s back and he landed on his knees, face-first in the mattress.

“Why, you…” he grumbled, struggling to his feet and pointing his forefinger at the tiger. “Just you wait, mister,” he said. “I’ll get you for that.” The tiger only snorted, and Jason could swear it winked at him. Winked! Just then, the young man saw him in the doorway and mumbled, “Busted.” Aloud he said, “Um, hello, Master, I didn’t see you there.” At the disgruntled look on the boy’s face, Jason felt some long-forgotten emotion bubbling inside him. It was warm and bubbly like a fizzy drink, and it filled him to the brink. Before he could understand what it was, he burst into laughter. The long-forgotten sound of it surprised him, but he couldn’t think of it as he couldn’t stop laughing. The tiger chuffed right along him, and Jason felt good, really good for first time in what seemed like ages. He peeked through the tears of laughter filling his eyes at the young man who seemed startled at his reaction. Jason laughed and laughed until he couldn’t any longer. Then he finally got back from where he was rolling on the floor. He didn’t even notice when he fell down. He wiped his eyes dry and spoke to his guests.

“Oh, that was great. I feel better already. Could you please come downstairs when you’re ready? I’ll make us some breakfast.” He turned to leave, but a weak and scared voice stopped him.

“Aren’t you mad, Master?” The boy wasn’t looking at him even as he asked the question. Jason turned back towards him and asked.

“What’s your name?”


“Nice to officially meet you. I’m Jason Thorne. Why would I be mad at you, Toby?

“’Cause I woke you up, Master.” The boy wouldn’t look at him. “I didn’t mean to.” He hurried to add, “I just, we were talking, and then Tyler suddenly turned into tiger, and he was on a bed, and I didn’t want you to be mad at him if he shed all over the bedding, and so I tried to push him off, and I didn’t know I was being so loud.” The words left his mouth so fast that Jason struggled to understand. “I’m really sorry, Master. Don’t throw us out, please.” The last sentence was spoken in a soft broken tone that woke something within Jason, some other emotion he wasn’t sure he recognized.

“I’m not mad, Toby. It’s all right, and I won’t throw you out. And if Tyler sheds on furniture or scratches it, he will have to clean it all up, that’s all.”

“So you’re really not mad, Master?” Toby peeked at him, his head lowered.

“No, I’m not. And I told you, I’m not your master. Call me Jason, okay?

“Okay, Ma…Jason.” There was relief on Toby’s face as Jason exited the room. Going downstairs to the kitchen, he wondered what it was that made him feel all these emotions all of a sudden. It was four years since he had only the more basic feelings in him, and even those emerged extremely rarely. He had no idea what it was exactly that happened to him to make him this way. For some time, as he recovered from the all-consuming numbness after his twenty-fifth birthday, he researched some paranormal or supernatural stuff that could make him the way he was.

First he thought it to be some mental illness, maybe depression or something similar, but after he discovered what he could do, how he could change reality with a simple command…Well, enough to say he checked all over Internet on what could cause it. He wondered if he turned into some supernatural being, but there was nothing that indicated a being with these particular powers. He also checked alien abductions, but this didn’t fit either. So in the end, he resigned himself to never knowing.




He kissed Toby with all the heat he could feel rising within him. Their tongues battled, teeth clashed, hands clenched in hair. Jason felt like humping the air when he felt Ty spreading his legs and lifting his knees. Then a wet, cool finger circled his opening. Jason instinctively flexed his abdominal muscles and clenched the ones being massaged. Tyler didn’t stop though. Instead Jason felt sudden heat enveloping the head of his dick as Ty sucked it into his mouth. Jason couldn’t help himself. He mewled into Toby’s mouth.

Toby lifted his head, his hair in wild disarray, eyes sparkling with desire. He moved his gaze down Jason’s body and licked his lips at the view that greeted him.

“Do you like it, Jay?” he asked in a low, sexy voice. “Do you like Tyler’s mouth on your dick? Does it make you hot?” the little minx asked, watching Tyler’s bobbing head intently.

Jason’s answer came as a moan when Tyler’s finger breached his opening. Ty’s head lifted, and he spoke, watching Jason from under his lowered eyelids.

“You’re so tight, babe. So fucking tight. I can imagine your hole swallowing my cock. You’ll surround me like a glove. So tight and hot,” he said, eliciting another groan from Jason. Then he went back to sucking Jason’s dick and spearing his hole with now two fingers. Jason couldn’t stop himself. He started thrashing on a bed, his head going from side to side, his hips thrusting, hands clenching the sheets.

“Oh, fuck, that’s so hot!” said Toby, and when Jason managed to open his eyes and glance at him, he realised the younger man was stroking his cock and fucking himself on his own fingers. “Shit, I want to ride your dick, Jay. I want to sit and bounce on it until I come,” he said. Then he pulled his fingers from his ass and grabbed for the lube. He squirted some on his palm and took Jason’s hand, untangling it from the sheet. He smeared the wet, cool substance on Jason’s fingers and said, “Help me get prepared while Ty is stretching you.” Jason whimpered when his fingers got swallowed by Toby’s asshole, but he was far too gone to care for sounds he was making. Between the hot wet suction on Tyler’s mouth on his dick, the stretching, full sensation on the man’s fingers in his ass and incredible heat of Toby’s hole surrounding his fingers, Jason was ready to blow.

“I think he's ready, sweetling,” said Tyler, lifting his head and pulling his fingers from Jason’s ass. Jason only whimpered at the loss.

“So am I,” said Toby in a breathless voice, pulling Jason’s fingers away from his hole. Jason whimpered again, and Tyler chuckled.

“I think we fried his brain, sweetling. Now the two of us need to take care of everything else.”

“And how do you want to do that?” Toby purred, walking on his knees to Ty and giving him a scorching-hot kiss.

“Mmm, why don’t you lie down with your legs spread wide so that Jay can fuck you while I take him from behind?” he asked, giving Toby a little push.

“Good idea,” Toby answered, crab-walking to the head of the bed. Tyler, at the same time, grabbed Jason and lifted him to a sitting position.

“Come on, handsome, you need to put a condom on.” Jason only stared at him with wild eyes, panting, and Tyler chuckled again. “Or maybe we’ll let Toby do it for you,” he said instead, throwing a small silver packet to the younger man. Toby did just that while Ty took care of his own erection.

They then proceeded to assume the previously agreed position with Tyler manoeuvring Jason’s body, which seemed so lost in passion that he couldn’t do it himself. Tyler then grabbed Jay’s dick and lined it with Toby’s winking starburst while doing the same with his own cock and Jay’s hole. When he finally pushed forwards in one long, slow move, he groaned at the feeling of his dick sinking into Jason’s heat. Jason and Toby gave matching groans, apparently enjoying all the sensations.

Tyler froze for several seconds, waiting for both men to get used to the feeling of being full. It didn’t take long, and Toby wiggled, eliciting another groan from Jason and a short “fuck!” from Ty, whose dick was being squeezed by Jason’s inner muscles.

“Move, damn you.”

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