The Young Lord's Return (MM)

Before the Great War 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,064
8 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Giving himself up to the dragons to be punished, Thomas expected to be killed, not taken to live with them. After being released by the dragon, the young Lord comes back home, but his return is not a happy one. Thom is unhappy in his father’s castle because he is forced to hide the truth and plagued by guilt and strange feelings for the dragon who took him.
Dragon Urghnin’k’a’Rdshkshk had never expected to meet a human he would want to claim for a part of his treasure, yet that’s exactly what happened with Thom. After trying to make the human happy living in a cave with him, Ur has decided to release the young lord, for the man’s own good.
When a visiting lord targets Thom and tries to rape him, Ur swoops in and saves his man, taking him back to the cave. Will the young Lord’s return to his dragon be the chance for a happily-ever-after?
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Young Lord's Return (MM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

The Young Lord's Return (MM)

Before the Great War 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,064
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




As he landed, Ur changed into his human form and clothed himself in what he had seen servants wear. He could scent two other humans with his treasure, and he didn’t want to reveal himself to them. He knew his looks were unusual for a human. None of the humans had green or turquoise hair.

He walked into the clearing and stopped, frozen to the spot, at the scene that greeted him. There was a human hurting his treasure, and another human lying on the forest floor. Ur sniffed and could smell the putrid scent of fear wafting off his treasure. Ur’s nostrils flared. Nobody was allowed to hurt his treasure! He clenched his fists, trying to stop himself from burning the offending human to a crisp. He didn’t want to scare his Thom.

Instead, he stepped forward from the cover of trees and cleared his throat. The human he wanted to kill stopped suddenly, and Ur’s treasure looked up, a tiny bit of hope showing on his face.

“Release him,” Ur stated. He didn’t lift his voice. He didn’t have to. His natural authority could be heard in his tone.

“What?” The human clearly wasn’t too bright, Ur surmised.

“I said release him. You’re not going anywhere with him.”

“Says who, servant?” the human sneered.

“Wow, you’re stupider than I thought.” Ur was surprised. He thought the human pretty stupid, but not that stupid. “I said so. Didn’t you see my lips moving?” He was truly dumbfounded by the human’s idiocy. “I said”—he spoke, pronouncing each word carefully and moving his lips in a really visible way. Maybe the human was short-sighted or something—“release him. You’re not going anywhere with him. He belongs to me! I might not have claimed him the way we usually do, but he’s still mine and I won’t let you treat him this way!” Ur took a threatening step closer to the man, who held his human in a tight grip.

“And just who do you think you are, threatening me this way?” the man spat out, never releasing his bruising hold on Thom’s forearm. The young human’s face was twisted with pain.

“I am the man who will kill you if you don’t release him immediately.” Ur growled, feeling his control over his human form slipping a little. He knew from the injured human’s gasp that his eyes must have changed to dragon-like slits.

“You’ve got a nerve!” the noble exclaimed, finally releasing Thom’s arm. “I’ll have you flogged for this, servant! I am the king’s advisor and will see you executed for insulting me!”

Ur completely ignored the stupid creature and went to Thom. He had to make sure his treasure was unharmed.

“Are you all right, treasure? Did he hurt you?” he asked the young lordling, taking his chin in his hand and tilting it up so that the human was looking at him.

“Ur? What…?” The confusion in the young lord’s eyes was obvious even to Ur, who couldn’t read human emotions all that well. He interrupted whatever Thomas was about to say.

“That’s enough of this nonsense. I released you because I thought you would be happier with your own kind. I wanted your inner light to shine bright, with or without me there, but this is ridiculous. You are not happy here and your light is nearly dead. I won’t stand for a part of my treasure to suffer! I’m taking you with me and you’re not coming back here ever again.” As he spoke, he saw Thom’s face brightening with joy.

“Do you mean it? Are you really taking me with you for good?” There was so much hope in his voice. Before Ur could answer, the annoying human from before started shrieking again.

“How dare you ignore me, servant! I’m Lord Builmore, the king’s advisor. No lowly servant will oppose me!” Before Ur could turn and snarl at the annoying man, Builmore came closer and jerked at Ur’s cloak. “Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

It was a scene as if from a bad dream. A few things happened at once. Ur’s cloak slipped off from his head, revealing his unmistakable green hair. At the same time, Ur lost control of his temper again and his eyes turned reptilian once again. He turned his head slowly to look at the annoying human over his shoulder. His now-clawed hands tightened slightly on Thom’s shoulders where he’d moved them when they were talking.

A few seconds later, Tray finally got himself off the ground where he fell trying to protect his brother, and he dusted his clothes off from the dirt, saying, “Now you have gone and done it, moron. What am I telling everyone about not angering the dragons? I have no idea how such an idiot managed to get the position of king’s advisor. What, did Daddy’s money and influence buy it for you?”

The man finally shook himself out of the shock and puffed his chest up once again. “What trickery is this? I demand you answer my question!”

“And again he goes, poking the beast.” Tray sighed and shook his head at the man’s stupidity. “He’s a dragon, moron. Stop insulting him even more!”

Unfortunately, the man did not listen to the sound advice. He poked, literally poked Ur in the chest with his forefinger. “I’ll tell the king all about it! You are going to be punished!”

Ur had had enough. Without saying a word, he hissed at the offending man, releasing a wave of magic at him. The man suddenly froze, then straightened, his whole body tightening like a bowstring. Ur poked him in the chest, like the human had done to him, and the man fell on the floor, still in this same, straight-like-a-floorboard position. Only his eyes remained mobile.




He pulled the bigger man onto the furs and pushed on his chest until Ur lay on his back. He then shimmied down the man’s body and lowered himself over his groin. “Now, I’ve never done it before, but I heard that, done right and with enough experience, it can be the most wonderful sensation,” he warned as he took Ur’s dick in his hands.

Watching the dragon from under his lashes, he lowered his head even more and licked a path up the beautiful prick. From the hiss the dragon released, Thom thought he did enjoy it.

Getting bolder, Thom gave a few more licks before taking the bulbous head into his mouth and sucking on it. He had told the truth when he told Ur that he had no experience giving blow jobs. Hell, he had barely any sexual experience at all. He wasn’t a very social person, and if some women had tried to seduce him due to his position as younger son of a lord, he hadn’t been interested. All he had in the way of experience was a few shared hand jobs and sloppy kisses, but now he had Ur, and with the dragon willing, he could do all the exploring he had ever wanted. Not the time to dwell on the past! Yep, Thom agreed with his inner voice. It was time for taking what he wanted, and he did.

Sucking harder, Thom started to bob his head, taking more and more of Ur’s cock in his mouth with each downward move. The dragon definitely liked it, if his moans were any indication.

Thom ceased all the thinking, concentrating only on the up-and-down movement of his head, the feeling of Ur’s hard dick sliding over his tongue and the salty taste of cum in his mouth. Slowly, the dragon must have gotten more into the act because his hips started thrusting involuntarily in short, jerky moves. Thom pinned Ur’s hips to the ground, but he was no match for the dragon’s strength. Finally, he had to pull off of the man’s dick if he didn’t want to get choked.

“Now, how did you like that?” Thom asked, crawling back up the dragon-man’s body. “Was it as good as I promised?”

“Yes!” Ur growled, grabbing Thom’s neck and pulling him for a kiss. It was hot, passionate, and full of possessiveness, and Thom loved it. That was how he always imagined a perfect kiss.

Thom’s hard dick strained to feel some friction, and as Thom lowered himself to lie on top of Ur, he found it. Their pricks aligned and Thom moaned. He thrust jerkily, uncoordinated, and felt Ur’s cock jerk in response. The dragon never stopped kissing him, but he seemed to get the idea and thrust against him, matching Thom’s moves. They started a rhythm that suited them both. Moving slowly, their dicks coated with their combined pre-cum, they found the slickness they needed.

Ur released Thom’s mouth, grabbing the human’s hips instead, steadying them and giving the dragon the leverage he needed to thrust.

“Oh, shit, yeah, just like that.” Thom moaned, loving the feeling of Ur’s slick cock sliding against his own. “Yeah, that feels good. I love your hard dick on mine.”

He reached down with one hand, holding himself above Ur on the other. His right hand gripped both their dicks, giving them a tight space to move in. The feeling was even better. Thom could feel his orgasm approaching, and from Ur’s grunts, the dragon was close as well.

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