Stories to Keep You Warm at Night

Newsite Web Services LLC

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 111,044
2 Ratings (4.5)

A delightful collection of M/F stories for romance lovers everywhere. If you enjoy no-nonsense men who won't hesitate to spank a woman, this book is for you! Over 300 pages for hours of reading pleasure!

BDSM category: spanking only

Stories to Keep You Warm at Night
2 Ratings (4.5)

Stories to Keep You Warm at Night

Newsite Web Services LLC

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 111,044
2 Ratings (4.5)
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I hear his key turn in the lock, followed by the squeak of the front door opening and my heartbeat immediately quickens. I pause in my dinner preparations and shed the bathrobe I'm wearing.

He's in the living room still, putting his coat away, hanging his keys by the door. He calls out a hello to me that I purposefully neglect to answer.

I hear him greeting our two cats, Magee and Doolie. "Hi, boys. Where's mommy? Huh?"

Then he's in the kitchen doorway and I turn from the stove to see his eyes widen, taking in my surprise image before him: the silky pink bra and matching g-string panties, white high heels and ruffly white half-apron tied around my waist.

Nothing else.

I flash him a grin.

"Hi! How was work?" I ask, as though standing there in my ugliest every day sweats.

His open-jaw expression slowly changes and his blue eyes twinkle; he always likes it when I'm in the mood to play. A smile is tugging at the corners of his mouth, but he's doing his best to look stern and angry.

"Jessica Lynn! What the hell are you doing?"

I bat my eyelashes and look as innocent as I can manage while standing there half naked.

"I'm making dinner," I answer sweetly, gesturing to the scattered cooking supplies on the counter. Actually I haven't gotten much farther than setting out the supplies I'll need.

The tiniest smile breaks over his handsome features before he can hide it. He clears his throat, maybe to cover up a chuckle. When he speaks, his voice is stern again. "You know what I mean, Miss Innocent." He gestures towards my scanty get-up, then towards the kitchen window over the sink. The window looks out over the pathway between our townhouse and the one next to us, and is only curtained with white lace. There is no blind.

"Anybody could glance in here and see you half naked."

"Oh, that," I give a flippant wave of my hand. "Let 'em look if they want. It's so hot out here, I'm just trying to cool off some."

"Oh, you'll be hot, all right," he promises, and I can't help myself--I giggle. We're still pretty new at all of this spanking and role playing stuff. "You think that's a joke?"

I shake my head quickly, for he's advancing on me and I suddenly wonder how far he might take the game. He wouldn't spank me right here in the kitchen, where (as he pointed out) anybody could glance in and see ... would he?

He stops in front of me and braces his hands on both sides of the counter behind me. I am efficiently trapped. His face is so near to mine that I can smell his sweet breath and feel it on my face like a caress, but he doesn't touch me.

"You listen to me, Jessica Lynn. You are mine, mine alone. No one else should see you but me. Your body--your breasts, your hips, your thighs, your face, your behind belong to me alone. Do you understand me?"

I am breathless and nearly dripping between my legs already--and he hasn't even touched me yet!

I sneak a glance at his stern face, being careful to maintain my chastised-girlfriend-eyes-lowered facade. I remind myself that I'll have to tell him later that I was in my bathrobe until I heard him come in the house.

"Now..." he continues, his gaze following my shoulders down to my breasts ... and below. "I think you'd better get your butt upstairs and get ready for a good spanking for this little stunt."

I nod gravely, looking at my hands. But when he removes his frame from my path, I stand there for a moment in hesitation. He does as I am hoping, by turning me forcefully towards the door and giving me a smart slap on my nearly naked rear to get me moving.

I go upstairs and enter our bedroom to wait for him. In the past I've always sat on the edge of the bed, but tonight I turn my nose into the corner. He has yet to put me in the corner after a spanking, as sometimes happens in the spanking stories I've read on the Internet. But there's some part of me that wants him to do just that, so that I stand there for his witness with my bottom bared and my nose in the corner. Who knows why I want this, or why I crave the spanking over his knee in the first place. It's something I admit I don't understand myself; I doubt honestly that I ever will.

I'm standing there a little while before I hear his tread on the stairs and then the sound of the door opening. He's silent for a moment, looking at me in the corner and I feel a moment of the old insecurity where these strange urges of mine are concerned. Certainly many people would think I was strange, even perverted for these things I crave. I am still occasionally worried that he might one day see me as such, too. I hold my breath, looking down at the carpet below my feet, awaiting his reaction.

My love, he does not disappoint me.

"Very appropriate for you to be in the corner, you naughty girl," he says.

I hear him moving around behind me and somehow resist the urge to turn and look to see what he's doing. After a moment, he says, "Come over here, please."

I turn away from the wall to see that he's sitting in a straight-backed chair in the middle of the room. This is a surprise, since all of my previous spankings have been given over his lap on the bed. This, apparently, will be a true 'over-the-knee' experience. I catch his eye and there is a smile there as he pats his knee. I move to his side then.

"I must tell you baby," he says. "I like what you're wearing. You're as beautiful in it as you are in everything else." He pauses to reach up and lift my chin so that I must meet his eyes. "However, it is most definitely not appropriate to cook dinner in, is it?"

I grin winningly and ask innocently, "Breakfast?"

"Very funny, missy," he scolds, but I see the sides of his mouth twitch as he fights back a smile. He looks down my body now and I feel such a rush of excitement I wonder if I can stand to wait to have him inside me.

"Take those heels off before you break your neck." I step obediently out of the shoes, kick them away and wait for more instructions. He makes a 'tsk 'tsk sound and gives the elastic waistband of my panties a snap. "I believe, Jessica Lynn, that I told you to come up here and get ready for a spanking. Isn't that what I said?"

"Y ... Yes..."

He nods. "And how do naughty girls get their spankings?"

"On their ... bare bottoms..."

"That's right." His eyes are dancing away as he looks at me. He's really enjoying this! What a wonderful spanking monster I've created! "Panties off. And that's ten extra."

I wiggle the tight g-string down my hips and step out of it. Like the skimpy piece of cloth would have been much coverage anyway!

"Now ... this is going to be your first true over-the-knee spanking. It probably won't be as comfortable as the ones I've given you over my lap on the bed. You won't have anywhere to rest your pretty little head. But I think your little stunt downstairs warrants this."

He takes my wrist firmly in his hand and tugs me over his lap. My naked bottom is upended and I'm acutely aware of my complete vulnerability to him. As he positions me 'just so,' I become aware of something else as well--the rock hard erection straining against his Levis.

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