Welcome to The Pleasure Club, where fantasy becomes reality.

Sherilyn Jax has laid out her heartache to The Pleasure Club, and they’ve promised to find her the perfect Pleasure Master to fulfill all her needs—to finally say goodbye to the man who left her years before to go off to war, and never returned.

The Pleasure Master is perfect in his reenactment of that fateful night, down to his wide shoulders and milk chocolate skin. And when she does what needs to be done, just like her beloved fiancé, he makes everything all right.

The Marine
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Dear Ms. Jax,

We’re pleased to welcome you to The Pleasure Club.

As you have already signed and returned the contract and filled out all the necessary forms to ensure you receive your every wish, we will be in touch with you shortly with the details of your first Pleasure Night. Your Wish List and Pleasure Forms have been turned over to our staff of highly trained Pleasure Guardians, and they are hard at work finding your perfect match.

We will endeavor to meet your personal fantasy.

When you are contacted again, you will be given a location where your Pleasure Night will begin, and you will also be given a safe word to use should you at any time become uncomfortable. There is no shame in changing your mind. We’re here for your pleasure, and should your safe word be used, your match for the evening will cease all activity, and the game will be put on hold until a mutual agreement between you and your Pleasure Master can be reached.

Once again, welcome to The Pleasure Club.

Please feel free to contact the office at any time should you have any questions.

Yours truly,

The Pleasure Club Management

* * * * *

Ms. Jax,

Your Pleasure Night will begin Saturday the 14th, 7:00 PM at the Waldport Astoria Hotel in the restaurant.

Your safe word is Blackout.


The Pleasure Guardians

* * * * *

In the back corner of the Waldport Astoria restaurant, Sherilyn Jax sat at a small, round table. Her nerves were shot as she alternately stared at the door, waiting for her Pleasure Master, and gazed out the window at the dusky evening ocean beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Would tonight be all she expected? All she needed? Dear God, she hoped so. After five years, it was time to move on. To say goodbye. She just didn’t know if this was the way to achieve her objective.

She sipped her pale ale then examined the dark plum smudge of lipstick on the glass. The last five years hadn’t been good to her. Her gaze slid from the glass to her hand. The fine lines of age on the back of her knuckles, deep on her pale skin.

A tear slipped from one eye, but she quickly swiped it away. For the first time in half a decade, her left hand was naked. Her ring finger too light without the thick, diamond-encrusted band.


The deep voice snapped her out of her thoughts, and she jerked her head back to look up at the man from which her name had come. Her breath caught in her throat, and more tears threatened to spill.

Oh, God. “William,” she said on a soft sigh. This man looked so much like him that from just a glance, she could honestly mistake her Pleasure Master for her long-lost lover.

A smile tilted up the man’s lips before he leaned down and brushed a breezy kiss over her lips, and then he sat down across from her. “Sorry I’m late. I was in meetings all day.”

She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. Déjà vu. Surreal. He even smelled right. Drakkar Noir. His olive green T-shirt hugged every sensual bulge of his muscles, and his matching tactical pants looked just like...

“Have you ordered?”

Dumbly, she nodded.

He grinned, and his hazel eyes sparkled, just like William’s always had. His teeth were perfectly straight and white, his skin as dark as hot, melted milk chocolate.

Sherilyn’s mouth watered.

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