Dangerous Transaction (MM)

Mated Happily Ever After 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,135
11 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]

To escape his fate as an unwilling Omega breeder for a cruel werewolf Alpha, Allan Foster signs up with the Mated Happily Ever After agency. When Allan’s matched with a scary werebear, Allan intends to hide in Mason’s home a little longer before moving on. Allan never expected to fall hard and fast for the sexy, crude but tender werebear Alpha.

Mason Bell thinks Allan’s a poor match for a rough Alpha and his crew of misfits. Allan deserves better but his bear know Allan is his mate and Mason has no intention of letting Allan go. Mason soon learns his Omega is hiding secrets from him, but Mason intends to find out what and help Allan nip the problem in the bud. When Allan’s enemies come for him, Mason and his bears are ready. He’ll rip apart anyone who dares to get between him and his fated match.

Dangerous Transaction (MM)
11 Ratings (4.6)

Dangerous Transaction (MM)

Mated Happily Ever After 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,135
11 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So far I’m not really impressed, sad to say. I was hoping for way more!
Christy Duke




Nothing prepared Allan for the roar of a truck engine and the laughter accompanying it, along with crass voices. The truck entered the clearing, two enormous men jumping off the back, both massive, covered in muscle, sweat, scars and—Allan swallowed. Dried blood. The two shifters looked like they just came out of a brawl and won.

Both stopped to stare at him. One had short gold hair underneath a dirty white cowboy hat, the other had black hair and a scar rippling down one cheek. Both of their irises were bright amber, telling him their bear half was close to their surface, not their human halves. 

His Omega wolf cowered inside of him, wanting to disappear. Allan nearly staggered on his feet. Oh God. The aggressive energies coming off from these two werebears were nothing he’d ever experienced before. There was a certain wildness to them he couldn’t describe.

Two more guys came out from the truck. The first had brown hair and inquisitive blue eyes. The largest male of the bunch locked eyes on him. He had short, flaming red hair, wore the same clothes as the other werebears—jeans and boots. His massive chest was covered in old rake marks, fresh ones, and hints of black ink. Allan froze completely in place, because his wolf could sense it, the undeniable commanding presence this male, this Alpha possessed.

So this was Mason. 

Instead of whining inside him, his Omega wolf reacted in a completely confusing and dangerous matter. Allan sniffed, separating the scent of blood and dirt, his focus narrowing on the large male. The Alpha. His wolf found the werebear Alpha’s scent alluring. Underneath the smell of copper, of beer and smoke, was pleasant pine. Vanilla. Bear musk. This Alpha smelled of the woods, of the forest. 

Oh God. Allan was actually attracted to this Alpha. His dick twitched his jeans, which never happened at all with Cash or the other Alphas his father paraded him to. Allan couldn’t even remember if he reacted like this to any man. 

“Look at the little lost Omega wolf who stumbled into our lair,” the blond with the cowboy hair drawled with an easy smile, telling Allan this guy probably had no problem getting men into bed with him.

“You got lost, cutie?” asked the black-haired shifter.

“I—I’m Allan Foster,” he began. Crap. He stumbled a little there, but he had to show these crazy werebears he wasn’t fazed one bit by their bloody appearances. “And I’m—”

“Mine,” Mason said with a growl so loud that Allan swore the trees rattled. 

Stunned, he stared at the Alpha. How could Mason say that, with such utter confidence?

“That remains to be seen,” he said, glad he managed to come up with a witty comeback. 

The sudden image of him mounting that huge Alpha arose in his head. With his size and muscles Mason would certainly have no problems carrying him, stroking his dick and—Allan cut the image off. No way. He read all about how a shifter would instantly know the man or woman he met was his mate. It couldn’t be true, just fiction. Yet here he was, lusting after this dangerous werebear Alpha he just met.

“Boys, it looks like we have a willful little Omega on our hands,” the blond said.

“Walker, enough. He looks scared enough,” said the brown-haired and blue-eyed werebear. 

“I’m not scared at all,” he blurted.

Mason walked up to him, and he told himself to stand his ground. He didn’t stop the Alpha from gripping his chin with his big hand. For some reason, his wolf didn’t feel any hint of danger. It was crazy, but some part of him knew that Mason would never hurt him. 

“No, you’re not. Why should you be, when you belong to me?” Mason asked.

Cocky Alpha, making him all tongue-tied like this. Allan didn’t like it, how Mason just breezed past his defenses like that. He began to bat Mason’s hand away, except Mason ran his fingers up his forearm. Mason’s touch was surprisingly feather-light, sensual almost. He breathed hard, didn’t protest this time around when Mason cupped his cheek.

The other werebears said something to each other, but he could hardly hear them. The world narrowed down its scope, until the only thing that mattered was Mason and him. His heart beat a rapid rhythm as Mason tugged them close. Mason’s bare skin touched his clothes. He didn’t even care about the dried blood anymore, even leaned closer as Mason took his mouth. 

Allan shut his eyes. The dirt clearing faded away from his line of sight. He dropped the bag he was holding, to grip one muscled shoulder. Mason kissed him rough, without apology, and he liked that. The confidence of this werebear Alpha blew him away completely, but he let himself be swept away by the current. He didn’t want it to end, so he parted his mouth, let Mason’s tongue in. He sucked down on it, aware of his chest, his groin rubbing against Mason’s solid body. God, he wanted to run his hands down the hard length of the Alpha’s body. 

His dick hardened in his jeans. The Alpha could probably smell his arousal, scent the special pheromones only Omegas were capable of emitting, but he didn’t care. Mason’s erection told him that the Alpha was just as horny as he was. 

“Fuck,” Mason said, pulling away, pupils the color of dark, rich gold. “You’re way better than I imagined.”

“What did you imagine?” he asked, finding his tongue. Allan shook his head, told himself to snap of this—spell, whatever it was Mason cast on him. He took a step back. Okay. He could breathe easy again. Good. 

“That you’d be harder to win over.” Mason sounded too damn amused for his liking.

“Alpha,” he said with as much sass as he possessed, not liking how easily Mason got under his skin. “Work harder, because I haven’t agreed to be yours yet.”





Allan didn’t stop him from wrapping his arms around him, and the Omega seemed to calm down when Mason started stroking his back. Allan stopped shaking.

“Why are you so nice?” Allan blurted.

“I’m not nice. Folks around these parts, they call me and my boys monsters. We’re brutal in a fight,” Mason said. Might as well Allan heard the truth from his own lips now. He didn’t intend to keep any secrets from the man who was his mate. “This is the kind of bear clan you’ll be living with, Allan. We’re outcasts, considered too wild, too dangerous by other bear clans.”

“That doesn’t matter to me. I can tell you’re good guys.”

He let out a breath. His adorable but naive Omega. “You’re just saying that now.”

“I have secrets, too,” Allan murmured. “That’s why I barged into the bathroom, because you need to know how dangerous it will be, taking me in.”

“I don’t care,” Mason said bluntly.

Allan widened his eyes. “I haven’t even told you why I signed up with the agency.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’re here now. Tell me later.” Mason leaned forward, nipped at Allan’s lower lip. The Omega moaned.

“You’re infuriating and crazy.”

He chuckled. “Been a long time since anyone had the guts to call me those things. I’ll give you a pass, since you’re my mate.”

“I didn’t believe in mates, until you. It’s scary.”

“I’m new at this, too. Forging an actual relationship. We’ll tackle it together.” Mason lowered his hand, finally curling his fingers over Allan’s shaft. “For now, enough talking.”

“Oh yeah. I can dig that.” Allan groaned as he began working his prick, sliding his hand up and down Allan’s long dick.

Allan rose on tiptoe again, surprising him with a kiss.

“Greedy Omega,” he said with fondness when they parted. “Now behave. I want to see you come for me.”

Mason continued giving Allan a hand job, his free hand he used to give Allan’s tight ass a squeeze. Allan parted his legs as he began playing with the Omega’s puckered entrance. Mason rubbed at it, while playing with Allan’s cock and balls. Allan moaned, his cries like music to Mason’s ears. Oh yeah, Mason couldn’t wait to have Allan on his knees and plow him until Allan screamed out his name. 

Finally, the Omega cried out. Mason devoured it all, Allan straightening his spine, hands on his shoulders as he let out a hoarse cry of pleasure. Allan exploded, spilling his cum all over Mason’s fingers. Mason lifted his wet hand to his mouth, licked at him. Allan’s haze-filled expression registered surprise. 

“Taste how sweet you are,” he said, placing his digits to Allan’s mouth.

Allan darted his tongue out, swiped them clean, the gesture reminding him more of a cat than a wolf. Mason pressed a kiss to Allan’s lips, a rough and wet one. That seemed to startle Allan awake. 

“Don’t fall asleep yet, Omega. I haven’t taken you yet. That was just a preview.”

“That’s right,” Allan said in a husky voice which only made his tormented prick thicken. “I can’t wait.”

He growled at that. Hell, he could take Allan right there and then, but this was special. Allan’s first couldn’t be pressed up against the tiled wall.

“Not here. I want our first time to be in my bed.” Mason turned the shower on. 

Once they were clean, he toweled Allan then himself. He extended a hand to Allan, who grabbed it. The Omega looked equal parts excited and apprehensive. Mason didn’t blame him. This would be Allan’s first time ever, and he’d be the only man allowed access to that tempting little hole. Mason was one territorial bastard. He’d rip apart any fool who so much as snuck an interested glance at his mate. The thought he’d be Allan’s first and only pleased his bear immensely. 

“Come,” was all he said, before leading Allan to his room. 


* * * *


Allan couldn’t believe this was really happening and his first night here no less. Both wolf and man held no shred of doubt. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. His entire life, he wondered if he was flawed in some way. He’d never reacted like this to any other man, didn’t possess this instinctive certainty. 

Mason was his mate. This rough, no doubt deadly, but also unexpectedly tender werebear Alpha was the missing piece of his soul.

They entered Mason’s bedroom. Like the rest of the cabin, it had simple furniture, but it was warm and smelled like home. 

“Get on the bed.”

He shuddered in anticipation at Mason’s commanding voice. Allan crawled into the soft sheets, positioning himself at the edge of the bed. He glanced over at Mason who fumbled for the chest of drawers next to the bed. The Alpha took out what looked like lube. 

“Wait here.” Mason exited the room and returned with towels, which he set under Allan.

Allan wiggled his ass at Mason, tempting the Alpha. The Alpha let out a sexy little rumble that made his dick erect. That was the amazing thing about both of them being shifters. They recovered fast. Mason got behind him, and he spread his legs open, aware Mason could see his dick, balls, and asshole like this. Exposed but he didn’t mind. All he wanted was to feel Mason’s prick, claiming him in the most intimate way possible.

He moaned, feeling Mason’s wet fingers inside his hole soon enough. Allan pressed his cheek against the sheets, panting as Mason added a second finger and began making twisting motions. He could feel his prick, already at half-mast, leaking pre-cum. Every muscle in his body tensed. He was ready. His wolf howled inside of him, eager to start. All his life, he felt lost, uncertain of his place. Allan never felt he belonged anywhere, but maybe, fate finally lead him to his true home.

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