Jenna, is your classic bookworm. She owns a used bookstore, and always day dreamed about being swept off her feet by a handsome hero. That's where the Pleasure Club comes in. When the opportunity arises for her to make her dreams come true, she jumped at the chance and creates a world of mystery and suspense.

Clay West, is a homicide detective for Tampa PD by day, and a Pleasure Master by night. Not one for conventional relationships, he's come to use the club as his outlet. When he took on Jenna fantasy, he never expected the fun he'd have or the vivacious woman he'd come to know as, Cameo Darling.

The Spy
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Dear Ms. Jenna,

We’re pleased to welcome you to The Pleasure Club.

As you have already signed and returned the contract and filled out all the necessary forms to ensure you receive your every wish, we will be in touch with you shortly with the details of your first Pleasure Night. Your Wish List and Pleasure Forms have been turned over to our staff of highly trained Pleasure Guardians, and they are hard at work finding your perfect match.

We will endeavor to meet your personal fantasy.

When you are contacted again, you will be given a location where your Pleasure Night will begin, and you will also be given a safe word to use should you at any time become uncomfortable. There is no shame in changing your mind. We’re here for your pleasure, and should your safe word be used, your match for the evening will cease all activity, and the game will be put on hold until a mutual agreement between you and your Pleasure Master can be reached.

Once again, welcome to The Pleasure Club.

Please feel free to contact the office at any time should you have any questions.

Yours truly,

The Pleasure Club Management

* * * * *

Ms. Jenna,

Your Pleasure Day will begin Friday the 18th at 930 am. Contact will be made at the specified time.

Your safe word is Jewel.


The Pleasure Guardians

* * * * *

Jenna decided to walk to work. She needed to clear her head. It had almost been a week since the letter from The Pleasure Club arrived. At first she was sure nothing would come of it. Her ideal fantasy wasn’t an easy task to accomplish.

What’s more, Maribel said she’d never heard of the club doing anything that specific. It wasn’t as if it was too out there. All Jenna wanted was an adventure. A man of mystery. She needed a little excitement in her life, even if it was for one night. So, when the letter did come, she couldn’t believe it. Jenna was actually dumbfounded.

“Excellent,” Maribel squealed into the phone when Jenna finally called her. “You’re going to have a blast.”

And that was what she really wanted. Above everything, Jenna just wanted a night where she could let go. Become someone so unlike her bookwormish self.

Not paying attention to where she was going, Jenna dug through her bag for her shop keys. The store was small, but it was hers, and the books housed within were donated by her customers. Even though they were used, they still held the same magic as new books. Jenna smiled as she thought about the new arrivals she’d shelve that morning. There were a couple of Dickens and a few Thoreau, but the majority of them were bodice rippers.

They were written at a time when man root and blossoming flower were acceptable verbiage for a character’s genitals. However, once you put aside the cheese factor, they were still amazing tales. Jenna rounded the corner and ran smack dab into a wall of hard muscle and warmth. “Excuse me, I didn’t even see you standing there,” she said without looking up. A hand gripped her arm firmly as something was pushed into her side. Chancing a glance down, Jenna sucked in a breath. The black barrel of a Walther PPK contrasted her lavender and white striped shirt.

“So, we meet again,” said the man standing at her side. The unmovable wall in front of her smirked.

“Uh…” Jenna licked her lips. “I think you have the wrong person. Who are you again?”

“My name is Mason Silver, but you already know that.” His words oozed sex appeal and power. “Did you really believe you could steal the scroll of Amun Ra, and I wouldn’t know it?” His grip tightened on her arm.

“Uh, I think you’ve got the wrong person.” She looked up at the man in front of her. His lips formed a perfect pout. His jaw was square and chiseled to perfection. His sandy blond hair fell in waves over his ears and sat at his shoulders. For a moment she wondered if his eyes were crystal blue like her favorite actor.

Mr. Silver laughed. “Silly girl. You can’t lie to me. I’ve already had my people ransack your little hovel of a shop. Unfortunately, the scroll wasn’t there.”

She couldn’t believe her luck. First, she was accosted outside her store, and then the realization of it not being random hit her like a ton of bricks. “You went through my store? No, wait, that’s not correct. You ransacked my store looking for some scroll I don’t have?” Jenna snarled trying to twist out of his hold. Even though she could feel the cold steel pressed against her side, she wanted to see her store. “Let me go,” she said through clenched teeth. “If you damaged anything—”

Unaffected by her ire, Mason jerked her back to his side, then turned his attention to the man in front of her. “Clay, help Miss. Darling into the car. I will be there momentarily.” He thrust her into Clay’s arms.

“Yes, sir.” He nodded pulling Jenna behind him.

“Wait, my name isn’t Miss. Darling,” she said, now trying to pull away from Clay and being just as unsuccessful. “I don’t have the scroll. I don’t even know…” She stopped speaking when Clay pinned her with a menacing glare.

This is not good.

* * * * *

Clay stood to the side of the car, watching Cameo get in. She was cute in a bookish way. Her chestnut hair fell in waves around her heart-shaped face. Perched on her button nose sat square framed glasses that added to her allure. Cameo’s full lips begged to be nibbled on and sucked between his teeth as he gently explored her body. Clay shook his head. In time, man. Keep it together.

How could he though? When he grabbed her arm, a bolt of electricity shot straight through his body and into his dick. This was the third pleasure date he’d been on, and by far the most fun. When he read her dossier, he was captivated by her vivid imagination.

“Well, aren’t you a treat,” he whispered as he pulled her body next to his. “Be a peach and don’t make this hard on yourself.” He watched Mason close the door on their vehicle and walk to his. Clay blew out a breath and released Cameo. “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, Agent Darling. I see Ridgewall has put you deep undercover again.”

“I think there’s been a huge mistake. See? My name isn’t Ms. Darling. It’s—” Clay’s lips crushed hers. His tongue teased the seam of her lips then thrust past them and entered the warm depth of her mouth. Cameo moaned softly as his tongue swiped against hers, and then as quickly as the kiss began, he pulled back.

“I know who you are, Cameo.” One of the biggest rules of The Pleasure Club, was their anonymity. Real names were never used. Since there wasn’t anything long term going on, a fake name added to the mystery of the date.

Cameo nodded. “R-right…” She chuckled nervously. “I’m Cameo Darling.” She looked around the car as they pulled away from the curb. “Where are we going?”

Clay grinned. “We’re going to Mason’s hideout. Don’t worry though. I have a plan.” And boy did he ever. He’d spent several hours with his buddy going over every detail of this day. All he had to do was get Cameo to go along with him. “Relax, Cameo. We’ll get out of this little quandary.”

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