When down-on-his-luck minder Chase takes on a job for a fading gangster, the job and his charge both turn out to be very different to what he expected. Someone is trying to sabotage the mobster’s business and doesn’t care who they hurt in the process. Soon Chase finds himself on the run with his charge, trying to carry out a friend’s last wishes before their pursuers catch up with them.

The Minder
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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

Chase woke in the night with a jolt. What the hell was that noise? There it was again—it sounded like a weapon being fired with a silencer. Despite the name, silencers did not silence weapons—nowhere near. They just muffled the sound somewhat. He jumped out of bed. Woah! Why was he so unsteady? He stopped and put on his jeans and t-shirt carefully, trying to focus by blinking hard. His job was to protect Jody—maybe the threat to him was more severe than Tony had let on. And the USB drive—it was still round his neck on Tony’s chain.

He slunk into Jody’s room next to his—all was quiet and deserted. Fuck. Had someone broken in and kidnapped the annoying little shit? Why did I drink that wine last night? It must have been stronger than I thought. He frowned. Could Jody be hiding somewhere? Chase crept along the corridor, all senses on high alert.

As he passed the cleaning cupboard, he heard someone crying quietly. Britney? He eased open the cupboard door and stepped in.

“It’s okay, it’s me, Chase,” he whispered and felt about in until he touched a warm body. “Who’s that?”


“What’s happened?”

“They’re d—d—dead. In their b—beds.”

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