Their Consummate Courtesan

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 25,820
0 Ratings (0.0)

How do you prefer your courtesan? Covered in custard? Festooned with fruit? Slathered in savory sauces?

A tasty dilemma for Andromedan brothers Kamal and Kaliq. Arriving on Venus in time for the auction of courtesan Eden Solange, the men realize they must pool their resources if they expect to win her.

At a very young age, Eden Solange decided to become the consummate courtesan. Not only will her skills exceed any other courtesan's, but her prix de virginite will be the highest in all of Venusian history. No one--especially not her rival Azura Devine--will best her.

When Eden meets Kaliq and Kamal her plans go awry. Their slightest touch short-circuits her common sense and ignites instant lust in them all. The auction ends with Kaliq and Kamal successful. They all retire to her rooms where they indulge in an orgy of the senses--all involving food and the wildest sex any of them has ever imagined.

Will Eden give up her dreams and find happiness with these magnificent lovers? Can Kamal and Kaliq convince her they are her soul mates?

Their Consummate Courtesan
0 Ratings (0.0)

Their Consummate Courtesan

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 25,820
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Angela Waters

They didn't look like native Sednans. But the fact they knew her name validated them as Tante's guests.

"Which, Miss Solange, is a roundabout way of begging for something to drink. Maybe some Martian ale?"

Eden sighed. Some days she wished she could forget her training and throw courtesy in the garbage scow. Today, unfortunately, was a day she couldn't be rude. In fact, today was the first of seven days she'd have to exhibit only her best manners.

"I'll have to charge you," she said with an apologetic shrug.

"Hell, honey, we don't expect anything else," the first man drawled. "Exorbitant docking fees for our spaceship. Fees--and a hefty tip--for a ride here in one of those flying rickshaws."

Eden couldn't help smiling. "Most visitors consider our rickshaws major entertainment." She set two mugs of ale on the bar, expecting the men would demand she flash-chill them. Surprising her, each took a healthy swig and then sighed appreciatively. Fascinated by their powerful necks, she watched their Adam's apples bob as they took another healthy swallow.

Recovering her senses, she asked, "Have you checked in yet? I need your suite numbers…to charge you for the ale," she hastily added when they shot her speculative, hopeful glances. "If you don't have a suite number, I'll need your names."

"Kaliqkamal," they said together.

Laughing, Eden said, "You'll have to spell that for me."

The first man pointed a thumb at his chest. "I'm Kaliq."

"And I'm Kamal."

They held out their hands. Courtesy demanded she shake those bronzed, long fingered appendages. Extending her hands, she took theirs, startled when sensual awareness shot up her arms, through her breasts and settled in her pussy. Every nerve end tingled.

Kaliq looked as surprised as she felt. Kamal smiled as if he'd known it would be like this among them. They stroked her palms, sending waves of longing through her veins. Then each examined her fingers and nail beds.

"I wager you give excellent massages, Miss Eden," Kamal said, his gaze on her face.

Kaliq stroked her fingers, then curled them inward. Imagining his cock in her hand, she gasped. The sensation of actually holding him felt so real she jerked away.

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