Love Sexy (MM)

True Blood Mate 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,735
133 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves]

Logan Stone lives a lonely existence as the beta of his wolf clan. It's his job to protect his people and follow out the orders of his alpha. That doesn't leave much time to find a mate or fill the empty hole in his heart. When he spots a set of sexy eyes staring at him during the moon festival, Logan knows he has met his mate.

Finding Love Star is not as easy as keeping him. Love may be fascinated by all things wolf but when Logan goes feral during their mating, Love runs for his life. Logan has to call for help to find Love, only discover his mate is hiding right under his nose at the Stone Clan compound.

Instead of convincing Love of the merits of being mated to a wolf, Logan has to depend on Love to protect himself even as he tries to shield the man from the dangerous world he has just entered. If they survive the interference of well meaning friends and a coyote shifter bent on killing Love, they just might have a chance of finding out what fate has planned for them.


A Siren Erotic Romance

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Love Sexy (MM)
133 Ratings (4.6)

Love Sexy (MM)

True Blood Mate 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,735
133 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I really liked Logan and Love. This was another fun, sexy, sweet addition to the series! Looking forward to more.
Christy Duke
I have most of Ms Glenn's books and have enjoyed majority of the stories but this one was a disappointment to me. I didn't care for Love's personality, I found him annoying and like Logan said, very flighty. I didn't mind the lollipop, the ears, and the tail but personality wise, he was extremely annoying and I can see myself strangling him, sorry. Logan was a little dumb to me. I mean, he's a beta of the clan and he can't even express himself correctly? Come on now, Logan is supposed to be the Alpha's right hand man and he can't even communicate well? What was that all about? Also, he couldn't even save Love when they got kidnapped, Love ended up saving both of their asses, helloooooo, he's the beta and the dominant male here. *sighed* I'm so disappointed with this one. AND, I felt Logan wanted to be an Alpha in the pack as I had the impression that he didn't like Darren (Alpha mate) or was that just my imagination? Very confusing to me from their thought perspective. *shakes head*

Again, I've enjoyed most of Ms Glenn's books as I have most of them but this one was a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT to me.
Professional Reviews

RR_BR_button.jpg5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: "Stormy Glenn’s True Mate series just keeps getting better and better. The heroes in Love Sexy, Book 3 of the series, are compelling and the villains are sufficiently scary and disgusting to make me root out loud against them. The story takes us through the wolf clan’s political environment as it meets a terrifying adversary in the form of coyote shifters. The history of the animosity between wolves and coyotes is recounted as a stunning portrayal of violence, treachery and loathing. One of my favorite aspects of this series is the casting against type. The little human twink mates of the alpha and beta are well educated, cunning and quite strong emotionally as well as physically. Wolf clan traditions assign them to submissive roles which the human mates wink at and then proceed to do what they’ve got to do. Talk about cheering for the underdog! Ms. Glenn gives ample opportunity for everyone to recognize and applaud the little guy while the clan leaders get an education that just because something has always been done one way is no reason to dismiss a new way to look at things. Love (that’s really his name) and Logan enjoy instant attraction and sexual heat as predestined mates and their love making sizzles. Ms. Glenn can get very descriptive without being repetitious, which in simple terms means the sex is spicy and never boring. Whew! Hose me down and fan me. This is one hot story!" -- Margaret, BlackRaven's Reviews

WC%20Book%20of%20the%20Week%20copy.jpg5 CHERRIES: "It has been a while since I've had a story keep me up until the wee hours of the night, no matter what I had to do the next day. Yes, I had a meeting with my boss at 8:30am, but did that make me stop reading once I was past my bedtime? No. I just could not get away from these entertaining characters and captivating plot. If you like quirky theatrical characters, then meet Love Star. Yes, that is his real name. Love is one of those characters you wish was real because he could entertain you for hours. I knew he was going to be fun from the first paragraph, as he complained about his missing tail. He has an energy about him that drawls people to him, even when you know nothing good will come out of it. Logan knew that his little mate would be trouble he just didn't realize how much trouble he was in. No one could ever tame the firecracker named Love. Author Stormy Glenn always makes sure her previous characters are involved in any new story in a series, which was displayed perfectly in this story. Not only does she keep you up to date, she does not let this interfere with the flow of the main characters' stories. You also feel right at home if you did not read the first two stories in the True Blood Mate series, but I'm betting you'll want to go back and read the previous stories even if you have already read them. The conflict really brought this story to a higher level. There is nothing like a threat to your partner that will help a character grow individually as well as appreciate the mate they have been given. Logan, the big Beta, is supposed to protect those around him including his mate, if only Love would let him do his job. It just is not Love’s style to let someone fight his battles or let someone hurt those he cares about. This story is a must read. Love Sexy has made its way to my keeper shelf, and I plan on having my own marathon and reading all three stories so far in this series again (and again)." -- Peppermint, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "The style of this book is typical Stormy Glenn but this time, she’s created some truly unique characters I wasn’t expecting. These two had their problems but they are creatively worked out, putting them into a position of solidarity by the time adversity struck, making them stronger as a couple. The plotting is smooth, the passion hot and the action fast paced and dramatic, while still having its fun and lighthearted moments. What more could you want? As far as I’m concerned, Love Sexy makes for a nice addition to the series. Read and enjoy." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 CUPS: "The tests of the mating bond come fast and furious for Love and Logan and never let up. They may be polar opposites in personality and looks, but it only magnifies their attraction and their need for each other. Logan is a stable force in Love’s life, letting him be the man he needs and wants to be, while Logan is allowed the freedom to feel with his quirky little mate. They have so much fun teasing and loving each other you cannot help but enjoy their story."-- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance

"Slightly flaky, definitely one of a kind, Love Star is even more unique than the name his mother gave him at birth. An invitation to a festival during Spring Break is just the thing to indulge in with best friends Matt and Drea. Love absolutely adores dancing and having fun. As the beta for his shifter clan Logan Stone is expected to handle responsibilities when the Alpha is away. It’s time once again for the monthly moon festival which is an excuse to drink and dance though the real reason is the opportunity to find your mate. Logan is kind of looking for his mate. He’s a total dominant who will only be happy with a very submissive mate. Unfortunately Logan knows that his other half, his wolf wants a mate with a bit of sass. A high maintenance mate is not something Logan has time to deal with even if it does turn his wolf on. One look at Love however and Logan knows he’s in trouble. Big trouble. This is going to be an explosive mating anyway you look at it with the added difficulty of explaining shifters to Love. Yes sir, this will be one wild and crazy mating. Love Sexy is a deliciously passionate action packed adventure sure to please fans of this series and new readers alike. There’s no question that Love will blow you away with his original personality and quirks, whereas Logan starts out really stuffy and unyielding but luckily changes his tune because of Love. Twists and turns from start to finish, Love Sexy is a treat not to be missed." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Just as he reached the crowd, Logan caught a flash of blue out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look over the multitude of partygoers, feeling more intrigued than he had in ages. Logan’s eyes widened in amazement at the breathtaking sight before him.

A set of steel blue eyes rimmed with black eyeliner momentarily locked on Logan. He felt too stunned to move. The man staring at him through the crowd was the most gorgeous creature Logan had ever laid eyes on.

Short, spiky black hair, narrow chest, lean hips, slender legs…he was perfect. Logan was fascinated, intrigued, and instantly hard as a rock. He wanted to reach through the throng of people and grab the vision before him, bringing the man into Logan’s space.

He could feel the instant connection to the smaller man. Logan’s inner wolf sat up and roared, then panted. It wanted out. It wanted to claim its mate. Logan suddenly knew that the sexy man was his future.

Logan groaned. He could tell just by looking at the gorgeous little guy that he was trouble. He had high maintenance written all over him. His wolf growled and clawed to get out, to claim their mate. Logan just wanted to turn in the other direction and pretend that he had never seen the man.

Before Logan could come to a decision, the man was pulled from view by a hand on his shoulder. A sudden possessive streak shot through his body. Logan couldn’t control the deep growl that escaped his clenched teeth.

The muscles in his shoulders tensed, and his hands fisted. Logan could feel the tension pass throughout his body as his wolf prepared to fight for their mate. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. Logan had an overwhelming urge to tear into who ever belonged to the hand that was on the man that he suddenly considered his.

Moving swiftly through the crowd, Logan made his way to the middle of the clearing where several people were dancing. He could see the black haired man struggling against a much larger man in leather, his small fists beating against the man holding him.

Logan growled again. This time he didn’t try to suppress his roar. Instead, he let it have free reign, getting louder as he quickly covered the ground between him and the object of his desires. The crowd of people between them parted in panic, clearing the way for Logan.

He grabbed the larger man around the throat with one hand and held him suspended several inches above the ground. With his other hand, he grabbed the arm of the smaller man and pulled him close to his side and safety.

“Mine!” Logan growled at the man he held by the throat. Even as he fought to control the wolf inside fighting to get out and rip the man to shreds, the softest, most delicious scent he had ever smelled wafted through the air.

“We were just dancing,” the man choked out.

His words dragged Logan from his longing for more of the wonderful smell. He had never scented anything so fantastic, so arousing, in his life. His wolf roared again, clawing at Logan’s insides to get out.

“I never agreed to dance with you,” the small man at Logan’s side shouted.

Logan hid his smile when the little man’s hands curled into fists and he went for the man in Logan’s grip. Seems his little mate had a temper.

“He’s mine,” Logan said. He frowned in surprise, and just a bit of confusion, when the man laughed harshly.

“You’ll regret that decision.” The man’s sinister eyes turned to look down at the small man pinned against Logan’s side. “Love’s human.  He can’t be trusted. Pretty boys like him never can.”

Logan glared at the slimy man for a moment then tossed him several feet away. “Leave,” he said as he watched the man climb to his feet. He watched until the man ran from sight before looking down at Love.

Love’s deep blue eyes were wide, making them look enormous against his face. His entire body trembled. His hands gripped Logan’s arm with white fingers. Logan could smell the fear and anger rolling off of Love in great waves, but the man continued to glare after his assailant.

“You’re safe now, Love,” Logan said as softly as his rough whiskey voice would allow. Logan nearly fell over in shock when Love pushed away from him only to glare up, his eyes shooting flames.

“I didn’t need your help,” Love said as he repositioned the fake wolf ears on top of his head. “I could have gotten away from dick head just fine on my own.”

“Dick head?” Logan asked. One dark eyebrow shot up and a small smirk moved across his lips. He couldn’t help but chuckle when Love rolled his eyes. The man was simply intriguing.




He couldn’t wait to get rid of his jeans and feel those hands against his bare skin. Hell, he couldn’t wait to feel all of Logan against his bare skin. As big as Logan was, Love had no doubt that he could cover his smaller body from head to toe, and then some.

Love yelped in surprise as he was suddenly lowered to the ground. He barely had time to steady himself on his feet before hands were pulling at his clothes. Within moments, Love found himself standing before Logan naked as the day he was born.

The low rough rumble emanating from Logan told Love that the man liked what he saw. It vibrated through Love’s body, energizing him, arousing him. He looked up into Logan’s eyes, and his breath caught in his throat.

Logan’s amber eyes had gone deep golden brown. His lip curled back, showing off his perfect white teeth. But it was the savage snarl on Logan’s face as he gazed down at his naked body that really set Love off.

Love held his arms out to his sides. “If you plan on just staring at me, this relationship is going to take more work than I thought.”

The moment the words were out of Love’s mouth he wished he could take them back. Logan’s eyes flashed to his as a slow, wicked grin crossed his lips. Some intuitive gut feeling told Love that he had just become the prey to a hunter.

Going purely on instinct, Love turned and ran. He didn’t get two steps before two large arms encircled him from behind and pulled him back against Logan’s hard body. Love’s felt a shudder shoot through his body as long teeth scraped across the back of his neck.

“Logan,” Love groaned. “That is so fucking hot!”

His hands moved back behind his head to wrap around Logan’s neck. He tilted his head to one side, giving Logan unobstructed access to the side of his throat. It was a submissive gesture. Love knew that, but he was helpless to stop it. Something in him demanded that he submit. Love could no more deny that powerful demand than he could have stopped breathing.

Long fingers encircled Love’s hard cock, stroking him furiously just as sharp teeth bit into the soft flesh between his neck and shoulder. Shock rocked through him as he realized Logan bit him, but he still cried out as the combination of pleasure and pain overwhelmed him.

A thick thigh moved between Love’s legs and pressed tightly against him from behind. Small keening sounds escaped from his lips. Every touch of Logan’s hands and body against his was like a burning flame. Love wanted to be consumed. He wanted to burn for Logan.

His hands clenched in Logan’s sunlight blond hair, pulling at the long locks in desperation. He could feel Logan sucking on his neck, marking him, claiming him, but he needed more. He needed…he needed…

“Logan!” Love begged. “Fuck me!”

The teeth in his neck withdrew. Love was pushed down onto the ground, landing on his hands and knees. Before he could protest the rough treatment, Logan’s fingers pushed into his tight hole.

“Aaahhh, fuck yes!” Love cried out.

Logan began stretching him, adding another finger, then another. Some part of Love wondered where the man got lube, but he was too overcome with burning sensation to really care. He was just thankful because he felt pretty sure Logan was about to fuck him into the ground.

Love felt Logan pull his fingers away and press his massive cock into him. He could hear Logan’s heavy breathing as he thrust into Love’s tight grasp. The rough material of Logan’s jeans brushed against the back of his thighs. He could smell Logan’s arousal permeating the air around them.

Love groaned, his head dropping forward. He could feel the small bar piercing just under the head of Logan’s cock when the man thrust into him. It seemed to know right where Love’s sweet spot was located and pegged it every time.

Having sex wasn’t something new to Love, but despite what Mick had said, he didn’t fuck anything that walked. Still, there was something distinctively different about being fucked by Logan. He felt like he was being claimed and not just fucked, like somehow Logan was placing a stamp of ownership on him.

Everything felt different, more intense. As Logan pounded into him, Love felt every movement of Logan’s body, every single breath that came out of Logan’s mouth. Love could feel his orgasm building deep within his body and knew that it was going to be spectacular. Logan was going to consume him.

When Logan’s teeth bit into his shoulder again, Love knew it was over for him. His fingers curled into the cold dirt beneath him as streaks of pleasure exploded throughout his entire body.

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