eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,000
2 Ratings (4.5)

Wicked Dance... Blond-haired, bespectacled, and affable, Trey, a Ballroom Dance instructor, was innocently shopping at an Adult store for a male g-string. As one of the few men in town that could actually dance, he’d been hired to strip for a bachelorette party.

Coincidentally, dark haired and aggressive Kenshin Asano, Martial Arts instructor, just happened to be shopping at the same Adult store – though for a very different reason.

As far as Trey’s concerned, what could it hurt to flirt, just a little? Alas, someone is about to discover what happens when they play with fire.

2 Ratings (4.5)


eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,000
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Eiris Key
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Rating: 5

Ever wonder what happens when a man who assumes he is straight finds out he's attractive, and attracted, to another man? The story of Trey and
Kenshin is a tale of self-discovery told in a humorous way. While Trey keeps insisting he's not gay, Kenshin shows him that being gay is just a label.
Through his relationship with Kenshin, Trey learns that he should embrace love in whatever form he finds it. If you are not familiar with yaoi,
this is a good place to start. The characters are well-developed for this genre, especially the character of Trey. And whatever lack of character
development is more than compensated for by the witty repartee and fast pace of the story. This is one of the first stories I read that was
written by Morgan Hawke. It was so well-written and funny, it made me seek out other stories by Ms. Hawke and I have enjoyed them all.

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"My sister asked me to find a good looking guy that can actually dance to be a male stripper for her bachelorette party. Want to do it?" Leonora, tall, elegant, raven-curled and blessed with curves for days, smiled from behind her broad desk.

Trey set the last aluminum chair against the whitewashed wall and looked up the long studio floor at the ballroom dance school's proprietress sitting at the far end, close by the double-door entrance. "Your sister wants a what?" He sauntered across the heavily waxed dance floor to perch on the edge of her desk.

Leonora tapped the leather-bound appointment book before her with her decorative green and yellow ballpoint. Her red nails gleamed under the studio's bright lights. "She wants a male stripper."

"Huh." Trey pulled at the elastic holding his fine, straight hair in its customary tail. He freed it long enough to comb it through his fingers, then bound it neatly back again. "So, why not hire one from the phone book?" He stood up and turned sideways to tuck his discreetly pleated tuxedo shirt back into his snug black dance pants.

That afternoon's salsa class had been pretty rowdy. A bunch of excitable housewives had brought their less than enthused husbands. The husbands had warmed up as soon as they saw how hot all the hip-shaking got their wives.

"Forget the phone book." Leonora scowled. Not pretty with all that red lipstick. "My sister wants a man that knows how to dance. Most male strippers suck at it."

"Oh." Trey frowned and folded his arms. "So you think I'd be better?

"Look, you're amazingly cute, long blond hair, blue eyes, you're built, and you dance like raw sex when you're in the mood. You're perfect." Leonora held out his gold, wire-framed glasses. "It's worth five hundred bucks."

Trey froze, hand outstretched. "Five hundred bucks?"

Leonora smiled broadly. "For twenty minutes of your time."

"Wow." Trey took his glasses and put them on. The world abruptly dropped into focus. He could see long distance just fine without his glasses; it was the middle distance and up close that gave him problems. "That's quite a bit of money."

"All you need to do is show up here." Leonora scribbled an address on the back of one of the ballroom dance school's business cards. "Bring a g-string and those tall, sexy boots you wore to the last competition, for the pirate thing. I'll bring the music." She held up the card and pouted at him. "Shall I tell her to write out the check?"

Trey took the card and examined the address. It was a public hall not too far out on the edge of town. He'd done a dance contest there once before. "The money is nice, but I don't know if this is such a good idea."

"Too late, sucker, you took the card!" Leonora pulled her hands back and grinned broadly. "Can't back out now!"

Trey sighed. He might as well give in, because he knew for a fact that he'd lose any debate with her anyway. He was a pushover, and she knew it. "Okay, so where do I get a g-string for a guy?"

Leonora happily scribbled on another business card. "Presario's Lingerie, the best little adult toy store in the city!" She held it up, grinning. "Leather, handsome. The ladies like leather."

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