Trinity Secrets (MF)

Trinity Magic 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 142,485
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Time Travel]


In this sequel to Trinity Magic, Ryder Kendall returns to the present to find an exact duplicate of his past wife. He claims Ashleigh Dwyer for his own, but magic has a way of interfering with Ryder's life. While he wakes up to discover her missing, Ashleigh wakes up in the 18th century in the arms of yet another Kendall. Robin is not what he seems. The country farmer holds a secret and Ashleigh must make a choice between life in the past or returning to her own world.


As Ashleigh adjusts to her new life and falls in love with Robin, she finds herself surrounded by witches and faeries, Ganconors and bantees, as well as a pirate queen named Nick Swan who holds a special place in the family. But the biggest obstacle to her happiness is Robin himself and the secrets he holds. When his past lover, Elizabeth Trahern, threatens to tell the world of Robin's secret life and destroy everything he loves, Robin and Ashleigh must fight to keep the family safe, with the help of their friends, both human and magical, and a little Trinity magic.


A Siren Erotic Romance

Trinity Secrets (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Trinity Secrets (MF)

Trinity Magic 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 142,485
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


“This is indeed a pleasant surprise, lass,” he growled. “I smelled a field of violets. I thought I was dreaming, but you seem very real.”

His lips locked on her throat as he maneuvered his knee between her legs. Her thighs opened, and he positioned his body snugly on top of her. She wasn’t surprised to feel his hard cock. Ryder seemed the kind of man who became aroused by a mere scent, a slight touch, a tantalizing sight. With a gentle nudge, he slid inside her pussy and locked his hands around her face. His mouth covered hers in a deep, wet kiss and as he began to move, Ashleigh forgot about clothes, food, alarm clocks and reality in general. The wonderful autumn scents of the straw combined with the scent of berries. What had he been eating? She wanted some. He tasted wonderful.

His hands ran down the length of her body, and Ashleigh shivered as calluses swept over her skin. She hadn’t remembered his hands being so rough, but so much of the previous evening seemed blurred. She plunged her hands into his hair, feeling the thick texture and running her fingers through it. She hadn’t realized his hair was so long. It fell past his shoulder blades in thick sleep-tangled strands. Her mind forced thoughts of calluses and hair away as all her senses awakened under the heavy, demanding body covering hers.

He rose above her, locking his arms to peer into her face. She could not see him in the darkness, but she felt his gaze on her as the pleasure began to spiral through her. He drove deep, then slowly pulled away in an almost torturous rhythm, apparently trying to drive her insane. Her hands gripped his hips to hold him but he broke away and continued his torture.

She tried to wrap her legs around him, but he put his own over hers, forcing them further apart and pinning her to the bed. The muscles of his thighs flexed, holding her tight, constricting her movement. She had no choice but to accept the pleasure the way he wanted to give it. His body continued to move, long endless strokes that gave, then took, that pushed her to the edge, then pulled her back. He laughed in the darkness.

It was endless moments of exquisite torture. Ashleigh’s body shuddered with want and need as the pleasure moved through her body then vanished, over and over until she writhed beneath him, pleading with him.

“Not yet, lass. We’re doing this my way.”

She ran her hands down his chest, touching the hard groove of the muscles beneath his skin, feeling the coarse hair that covered them. She smoothed her hands through the hair and following the path, dipped lower and touched the tight flesh of his belly. When her hand reached his groin, a jolt shuddered through him. He lunged against her.

She struggled to move her legs. She wanted so desperately to wrap her legs around him, pull him tighter, closer, to have some control. The pleasure built almost unbearably, and she needed some kind of release. Sounds she could not control pushed from her lips. She heard herself moan, whisper, plead, gasp, sigh. She wanted to explode, burst into flame.

“Please.” Her voice caught in a gasp as he drove into her again. Oh, it had to be soon, had to be. She was so close. It felt as though he deliberately held her to the earth. “I can’t take any more. Please just let me… I have to…”

“Let you what?” The sound was throaty, harsh as though he too choked on his own need.

He pressed harder, and his hips continued to move, long endless strokes that spread shivers through her. She clutched at his shoulders, trying to bring him closer, but he resisted. Arching her back, she tried to push herself closer. She heard herself mewing like a kitten craving milk and finally lost patience with herself and him.

“Finish it,” she pleaded. “You’re torturing me. Please, Ryder.”

He froze, but a moment later he dropped down, his body full against hers. It felt like a gift. His voice, gravelly, hoarse, fought its way through the sound of her whimpers.  

“What is it you want of me? Be specific.”

He bantered with her like a clerk in a supermarket.

“You know what I want.” She was whining now, begging, pleading, imploring and anything else that applied. He drove her stark raving mad. His body slammed into hers again, and she cried out. “Let me come. Please. I’m—

“If you insist, beauty.” He drew away from her, seemingly one millimeter at a time, with an agonizing slowness that pushed her to the brink. “You are insisting, aren’t you?”

She smacked her hands against his shoulders. “Yes, damn it, I’m insisting. Now!”

He drove hard into her and touched her g-spot. A thunderbolt slammed through her, and the most amazing orgasm she’d ever had in her entire life, including the last ten hours, roared through her. It pulsed through her, raced through her, and she kissed him, whimpering, until she lay limp and exhausted. Still her body quivered as though a live current was trapped and searching for another outlet.

His body crushed hers, and the friction between their bodies rubbed her clit at the same time he touched the area inside her pussy that continued to burn. Another orgasm ripped through her, and her entire body convulsed and arched beneath his.

“Oh, dear God,” she gasped.

She pressed her mouth over his lips. His tongue swept inside her mouth and tore the breath from her. He continued to move, demanding she accept him and the rush of pleasure that spiraled through her. It became almost unbearable as he slammed into her, hard, rigid, unmerciful, continually touching the spot that drove her to delirium. Her body shook, and her limbs felt loose, disconnected. She could barely raise her hand to touch him. All her strength had been sapped, and her energy depleted, and still the waves of pleasure poured through her.

Finally his body stiffened above her, and he buried his face in her throat. His breath rasped hard, and he groaned, the sound of a man in pain. He pulsed within her, a violent throb as he poured himself into her. Once more the idea of a condom flickered through her thoughts, but she pushed it away as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him.

His lips caught at hers for a moment, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. Then he raised himself up, locking his elbows, to peer into her face. She missed the heat of his body. She still couldn’t see more than his shadow in the gloom. He started to say something then stopped, waiting for his breathing to return to normal.

“Come back to me.” She tugged at his neck but he resisted.

“I must thank you for the enjoyable fuck, lass, but now would you tell me who you are and what you’re doing in my bed?”

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