[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, werewolves, light bondage]

Tristan discovered at puberty that he was different. He's an Omega and is destined to increase the power of an Alpha and his Betas each time they use his body. Tristan may be resigned to his fate of being sold to the highest bidder, but that doesn’t mean he is going to be happy about being a possession passed from one user to the next.

Alpha Jared and his Betas, Cameron and Rhyce, bring Tristan to their pack. From their first encounter, they quickly learn that Tristan is an Omega in power but definitely not in personality. He is stubborn, strong willed, and determined that, while his body may be theirs with the contract, his heart and soul are not for sale.

Can they find a common ground for their budding power, or will it all come tumbling down around them when they need it the most?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tristan (MMMM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This was an ok book, however, Tristan got on my last nerve. At first, I could understand his feelings and sympathized with him, but then he started to contradict himself, he told Jared one thing but then turned around and did it with the other 2 guys w/o loving them, so he's a bit of a hypocrit in addition to being a hothead who jumps to conclusions(usually the wrong ones), add in the unexpected height growth, & it was a little hard to finish. I love Joyee Flynn, & don't want to give up on this series, so hopefully the next installment will be better.
An absolute joy to read.
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Tristan grew up not knowing why his family kept themselves separated from him until he hit puberty and learned that he was an omega. In the wolf packs, omegas are rare and upon reaching their maturity, they are sold to the highest bidder because they give an alpha and his betas power each time they have sex with the omega. Tristan finds himself an oddity at his new packs hunting grounds, where everyone in attendance will view his first sexual experience with their alpha and betas. Tristan is treated like an item, without any thought of his feelings, by everyone except for Rhyce, one of the Betas. The formality and lack of emotion in the ceremony leaves Tristan feeling used and cold. Rhyce's caring and tenderness gives Tristan hope for the future. Tristan finds a friend in Amanda, the housekeeper, who is willing to do whatever she can to make Tristan happy in spite of the their alpha, Jared's, directions. Things are not always as they seem, leaving Tristan surprised about Jared and his betas, Rhyce and Cameron, true feelings for him. This book began with a bang, quickly ensnaring the reader into Tristan's emotional distress over his life that he was given no control over. I was shocked at learning how omegas were treated no better than high priced cattle and were literally sold to the highest bidder. Tristan's distain over the way he was treated was understandable, especially when everyone in the pack watched him loose his virginity without regard for his feelings. At first glance, I wasn't impressed with how Jared and Cameron acted, but things are not always what they seem, and I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong in my initial assessment. The growing feelings of love and trust between Tristan, Jared, Rhyce, and Cameron were wonderful to experience as they unfolded." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

WC%20Book%20of%20the%20Week%20copy.jpg5 CHERRIES: "This werewolf love story is a standout above the rest. This story is a bit different from your regular shifter story, since the relationships begins as one that is forced but slowly blooms into a loving commitment between mates. Tristan went into the relationship expecting the worst of these men, and he did get their worst at some times, but he also got the best of them, which is something neither he nor I had anticipated. Tristan is a caring, understanding man once you get past the anger that any reader will appreciate. He has every reason to be upset. Anyone would be after being sold to the highest bidder to be a sex slave. His buyers quickly realize there is much more to him than a cute butt. He may be small but what he lacks in physique he more than makes up for in spunk. The way he put those big ole wolves in their place put a smile on my face and kept the pages turning. Jared, Cameron and Rhyce are dangerous apart and lethal together. I almost died from pleasure from reading about these men. They may be big bad wolves but they all have a soft spot. The combination makes you want to bat your eyes, wiggle your hips, and jump in their arms. Each character had enduring qualities so you will definitely find a man or two or four to your liking. The storyline with its mystery and turns was fascinating. It truly kept me on the edge of my seat guessing what the outcome would be. It was put together in a way that as soon as I figured out one problem another one had already presented itself. Between the strong characters and well written plot I was a goner from page one. Story one of Resistant Omega series was a huge hit for this reader, and I know it will be for anyone else who picks it up. Though I will warn you, if you need your sleep do not start reading this story, because you will not be able to put it down until the very end." -- Peppermint, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Tristan is the first release in Joyee Flynn’s new series Resistant Omegas. It’s approximately 36K in length, giving the author enough time to write an attention-grabbing story but still short enough to be a quick and enjoyable read. The twist of having the Omega be sold to the biggest bidder and his body used to increase the power of the pack inner circle is a new and unique concept for me. Ms. Flynn did a nice job creating this new world and developing the personalities of the four men. They couldn’t have been more different but they worked well with each other, fitting together like pieces of a interlocking puzzle. Keeping the story in Tristan’s point of view allowed the reader to understand how he is feeling in this emotionally painful situation and I think it’s the best choice in how to present his tale. Otherwise, the impact of his situation would have been diminished. I started off feeling sorry for Tristan but it didn’t take long to realize that this fiery Omega is more than capable of taking care of himself. In amongst some blistering hot sex, there’s also lots of misunderstanding, wrong impressions, hurt, anger and even a little danger as these four men learn what it means to be in a relationship…pack…and mates." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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It was the evening of the full moon, and I was leaned over a bed in a strange woman’s house while she fingered my hole. While that might sound like a good time to some men, it wasn’t for me and for several reasons. One, I’m gay, so she just wasn’t doing it for me. Two, she was less into it than I was. Three, she was stretching my virgin ass out for the Alpha to fuck me in front of the whole pack. Four, she was old enough to be my grandmother.

Odd much?  

I think humans called them arranged marriages, but in the werewolf community, it was what happened to an Omega. My parents basically hit the lottery when they had me, and I turned out to be an Omega werewolf. Normal werewolves could choose their mates, either human women since there were no female werewolves. Or if they were gay like I was, they could mate to another werewolf.

But not Omegas. Oh no, we were pimped out by High Council law. No matter what, we entered into a contract with an Alpha. Which Alpha depended on who was the highest bidder. I was being sold to Alpha Jared Craven of the Denver pack. And Rachel, an elder woman of the pack, was one of the four women getting me ready for the contract ceremony.

Now ask me how much I wanted to lose my virginity in front of an entire pack of strangers. Hell, this wasn’t even my birth pack. I grew up in the Green Bay pack in Wisconsin. My parents stuck me on a plane this morning with two suitcases filled with everything I owned. Rachel picked me up from the airport and had barely said two words to me. There were other women in the room with us who were helping me get ready like a bride on their wedding day and hadn’t even told me their names.

The best part of all of this? After the Alpha was done with me, his Betas would fuck me as well. Because the contract really was with the inner circle of the pack and none of them would be my mates. Oh sure, I’d belong to the Alpha as if I was his mate, but he could still find a mate for himself. And the Betas, well, the same went for them.

“It’s time, Tristan,” Rachel said as she pushed a large butt plug into my hole, snapping me out of my depressing thoughts. It had extra lube in it that would coat my passage thoroughly so no one had to worry about slicking me up before fucking me. Like it wasn’t bad enough that I was a twenty-one-year-old virgin and this was how I was going to lose my precious gift? No, they couldn’t even be bothered with foreplay or stretching me themselves.

“Let’s just get this over with,” I grumbled as I put on the robe one of the women handed me. I followed Rachel out of the house as the other women flanked us. We loaded up into a large Dodge Durango along with a few men of the pack. Again, I didn’t know any of their names, but why would anyone care to be polite to the Omega?

We were just a possession to be traded and sold according to werewolf law. We were a tool to help the inner circle grow in power and stabilize a pack. The more the Alpha and his Betas fucked me, the stronger they would become, and I would come into powers of my own that would help the pack.

As we drove to the Denver pack’s hunting grounds, I stared out the window and cursed my existence. While it was great for my parents to have had an Omega for a child, it sucked being the Omega. Hell, my parents could retire for the amount that was paid for me and never have to worry about money again. Did I see any of that? Fuck no.

And I didn’t even get a mate of my own. I basically would spend my life being the fuck buddy of three men who could have mates of their own. Blinking rapidly, I tried to keep the tears that had threatened to fall all day. I was already small, so I didn’t need to appear weak to my new pack. At five-five and a hundred and twenty-five pounds, I couldn’t stop what was about to happen even if I knew how.

Werewolf law was that Omegas were contracted out to an Alpha. Any that were over the age of twenty-one and weren’t owned by an Alpha would be considered rogue and put down. But we were rare enough where all packs and councils did everything in their power that some Alpha benefited from us.

The vehicle stopped, we all got out, and I was led to the middle of a large clearing. This had to be the ceremonial circle that every pack land had. It’s where certain activities, like the claiming of a new pack Omega, would happen away from outsider eyes. The sun had set a few hours ago, and the moon was almost all the way up in the sky.

“Alpha Jared, your Omega has been prepared,” Rachel announced loudly as we stopped in front of a large man. Guess this was my new master. He was gorgeous at least. That was one of my many fears about all of this, that I’d get stuck with some old guy who would touch me and make me want to vomit.

The Alpha was about six-three, two fifty with shoulder-length dark brown hair and very light brown eyes. He was built to say the least. I eyed him over as he stood before me in nothing but a pair of running shorts. His chest was nicely muscled, and I did like his ribbed stomach. There didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on the man.




Jared lifted his head and roared out his release as he shot his seed deep into my ass. He pumped into me a few more times before most of his weight collapsed on my back. We both panted as he moved his hands to either side of me as he bent over me to hold up himself.

“He meets my sexual approval,” Jared said loudly after a few more moments of catching his breath. Basically, I was a good enough lay to keep. That wasn’t really what the ceremonial phrase meant, but in reality that’s what he’d just announced to the pack.

I groaned as he moved and his cock slipped out of my ass. Jared knelt to the right of me as Cameron took his spot. The other Beta took Cameron’s place as I never moved. This last man was about the same height as Cameron, maybe a little wider in the shoulders with an even bigger cock. Was that just a requirement to be in the inner circle of the pack? You had to be hung?

“You may receive, Rhyce,” Jared said to the man in front of me. I glanced up, and this time it was me who was shocked. Rhyce was looking down at me with pity in his eyes as he held his cock out to me. I took it into my mouth, neither of us moving just yet.

“As my Alpha wishes,” Rhyce replied, and I swore the man sounded as upset by all of this as I felt.

“You may partake, Cameron,” the Alpha declared as I felt Cameron’s cock push against my hole.

“As my Alpha wishes,” Cameron said with a groan. He pushed into me gently, rocking his hips until he was all the way in me. They found a good rhythm together and after a few minutes Rhyce pulled out of my mouth before Cameron came.

He didn’t move from his position, and I could see that his balls had drawn up against his body, signaling that he was close to his climax. His eyes never left mine, and he gently stroked my cheek the entire time. I wasn’t sure what it all meant, but it gave me hope that maybe things weren’t as cold as they seemed to be.

Cameron licked the side of my neck, and I shivered in response. He scraped his canines along my neck to give me warning before sinking them into the left side of me. Just like last time, I cried out from the pain that then turned into pleasure. Cameron came with a loud grunt as he filled my hole with his cum.

I started to get incredibly tired as he pulled out and moved to my left as Rhyce went to take his place. Then again I’m not sure how many virgins ever have back to back to back sex with three men.

“You may partake, Rhyce,” Jared said once Rhyce was in place.

“As my Alpha wishes,” he replied as he gently grabbed my hip as he pushed into me slowly.

It wasn’t as if Jared or Cameron were rough with me, far from it. But the way Rhyce was handling me was as if I was fragile, or maybe even precious. I groaned as he bottomed out inside of me as he leaned over my back.

He didn’t move for a few moments, letting me adjust to the new invasion of my body. And none of them were small men, but Rhyce definitely had the biggest cock, so I was glad he went last. He wrapped an arm around my chest as he nuzzled his face in my neck.

“I’m sorry this is how our first time together must be, my mate,” Rhyce whispered in my ear. I gasped and instantly went hard at the word. “It won’t always be like this, I swear it to you.”

“Mate?” I asked, turning my head so that he could hear me while everyone else was oblivious that we were talking.

“I will take no other than you, Tristan,” he answered as he started taking me slowly. “You may be our Omega, but I pledge myself to you as your mate if you will have me.”

“Yes,” I hissed as his cock grazed my sweet spot. “I give myself to you as your mate.”

“Thank you, baby,” Rhyce said as his body shuddered around me. He pulled me up against his chest as he went to his knees. I moaned as his other hand slid down my stomach, to my cock and started stroking me. “Come for me, Tristan.”

“He’s not allowed to come,” Jared hissed so no one else could hear.

“It doesn’t say that,” Rhyce said quietly, but almost in a snarl. “It says we have to climax to make the ceremony official. Not that Tristan isn’t allowed to come, too.”

“Oh. Okay,” Jared replied, looking almost shocked that Rhyce had thought of letting me enjoy this and have an orgasm my first time having sex. I glared at him with hate again, and the Alpha looked away from my gaze.

“Close your eyes, Tristan,” Rhyce whispered in my ear, and I did as he said. “Ignore everyone else and everything. It’s just you and me, baby. Let me please you. Come for me, my mate.”

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