Our Sexy Tiger (MMM)

Purrfect Mates 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,086
132 Ratings (4.6)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, bondage, sex toys]

After his loser boyfriend pushes him too far, Kody Donovan decides that he wants more than just someone to warm his bed at night. When he meets Conley Norton, vampire and leader of the west coast covens, not to mention walking sex dream, Kody couldn’t be happier. Especially when Kody finds his other mate, the equally hot and sexy vampire, Marc Rindge, hours later. Kody thinks that life couldn’t be more perfect than it is in that moment, despite the danger being the mate of such a powerful man entails. Unfortunately life is rarely perfect, as Kody soon discovers. Marc and Conley have a history together and it's not one that ended happily. When the two men are faced with having to share the mate or spend eternity alone, they try to be civil. But can Conley overcome his past relationship's mistakes, or will he repeat history with Kody?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Joyee Flynn is a Siren-exclusive author.


Our Sexy Tiger (MMM)
132 Ratings (4.6)

Our Sexy Tiger (MMM)

Purrfect Mates 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,086
132 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I like the interaction between the three the way the trio had issues,some clueless to the problems, but willing to work on them once pointed out.Love and connections sometimes take work,however it is worth it. Old is new again and new is great. I will continue to read the series.
I am enjoying this series very much.
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5 CUPS: "The writing of Joyee Flynn is always entertaining and never leaves a reader disappointed. Our Sexy Tiger is no exception and entices the reader to pick up all of her books. The characters in the Our Sexy Tiger are created with a realism that must be read to be believed. The vampires and shifters jump off the pages, and keep the reader captive with their very essence. I highly recommend Joyee Flynn and Our Sexy Tiger as a jump start to becoming a fan of the Purrfect Mates series." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance

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I sat in my boyfriend’s apartment watching him and his friends play some stupid interactive game on yet another Saturday night. Taking a pull on my beer, I just thought to myself. Why am I with this douche? Oh, that’s right, he’s better than being all alone.

Though I was starting to rethink that idea as I watched Steve pound fists with Sam because they just scored some triple point bonus. I’d been there over an hour and not gotten more than a grunt from Steve. It’s not like I expected dinner and a movie each time we went out, but fuck, we’d never done that. And while there wasn’t much to do in Sheridan, Wyoming, there were a few restaurants and bars to hang out at.

“Babe, get me another beer.” Steve basically ordered me, finally acknowledging my presence.

“I’m not your bitch, Steve,” I hissed, feeling my tiger want out at the lack of manners.

“No, you’re a cat, not a dog shifter,” Sam snickered, reminding me why I stayed away from werewolves as often as possible. He pushed me even farther with his baby talk. “Awww, the wittle kitty is sad because he’s being ignored. Would you wike some cream, wittle kitty?”

“I’m so done with this shit, and you, Steve,” I snarled as I got out of my chair and walked right in front of their game. “Don’t fucking call me again, douche bag. This isn’t worth the once in a while sex when you’re not too drunk to get it up.”

“Kody!” he exclaimed, jumping to his feet as I stormed out, not bothering to give him a second look. I’d wasted a year of my life with him, and I didn’t even love the dick. I was just so tired of going home to an empty apartment every night with no one to even hang out with.

I jogged down the stairs as I heard growling and lots of swearing. Well, shit, guess he was going to react badly to the news of getting dumped. What had me moving faster is I heard more than just him, and he did have three friends over. As much as I knew I could take on four humans without blinking an eye, I didn’t really want to fuck with four werewolves.

“Kody, I’m talking to you,” Steve yelled as he got closer. I just reached my car when the four of them were on me, and Steve yanking me by the arm. “You do not get to dump me, cat!”

“Fuck you, you loser,” I snarled, shaking with the urge to shift. “You should have treated me better. I’m not your goddamn doormat.”

“You leave when I say you do.” He growled in my face. That was it. My control snapped and, damn, was he in for a shock since I’d never shifted in front of him before. I let the change flow over me, tearing my clothes to shreds as I turned into an almost five hundred pound saber-tooth tiger.

“Fuck, he really is a huge ass tiger.” Sam gasped, and I roared loudly in his direction. They started to back away slowly and then seemed to think better about it.

“No one dumps me,” Steve growled as he shifted into his half wolf, half man form. Now I was a little screwed. I had the advantage over four wolves while in tiger form, but not over four half form werewolves. As if following some type of signal, they all shifted and jumped me.

I swatted one off of me before turning to claw most of Sam’s chest with one swipe. He screamed as Steve bit my shoulder hard, leaving me unable to shake him off as he wrapped his arms around me. Taking the chance, I shifted into my half and half form and was able to pry them loose.

“Mine!” I heard an unfamiliar voice snarl as Steve was lifted off of me. Holy mother of vampire! The man was gorgeous and moved faster than I could possibly ever follow. I mean, I was fast, being a shifter and all, but before I could even finish blinking, all four werewolves were off of me and sprawled all over the parking lot. And they seemed to be frozen.

“Who are you?” I whispered as I got into a defensive crouch. He hadn’t threatened me, but after the way tonight was going, I wasn’t willing to take any chances.

“Do you not smell me, tiger?” He asked in a smooth as silk voice that made me start to get hard. I took a long sniff and realized exactly who he was, one of my mates.

“How did you do that? I mean, I knew vampires were faster than we are,” I rambled as I shifted back to human form. He gasped as he eyed me over, taking a step back when I walked toward him. “Why are you backing away?”

“Because your blood is calling to me, my mate,” he answered as his eyes went wide. “I want you so badly it’s not even funny.”

“Will it hurt?”

“No, there’s a moment’s pain and then indescribable bliss. I promise you,” he said, looking me over cautiously.

“Then do it,” I said, tilting my neck to give him better access. “I have forty-eight hours to claim my mate after smelling them before I get sick. I understand the immediate need after meeting your mate.”

“Your name, tiger?”

“Kody Donovan,” I answered as he came closer and I got a better look at him. He was tall, really tall.

“Conley Norton,” Conley replied as he reached out and cupped my cheek. I couldn’t hold back my loud purr. “This is not where I want to mate with you, Kody, but I have to taste you and get some of the need handled.”

“I understand, Conley. I give myself to you freely,” I said, staring up into his big silver eyes.





“Get yourself ready.” I growled as a now naked Conley reached over to the night stand. He chuckled as the remains of his shirt sleeves slid down his arms and off his hands. “Sorry, I won’t always be this bad.”

“I love that you want me this badly, my tiger,” he replied, staring at me with lust as he squirted lube on his fingers. He sat back on his ass as he reached for his hole while passing the lube to a very naked Marc. Both of watched me as they got themselves stretched out for me. I couldn’t hold back the change as I moved to the head of the bed to get a better view of them.

“I can’t fucking believe you’re both my mates,” I purred as I stroked myself. They both eyed my larger cock that came with my bigger half and half form. It was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum as I watched the bounty before me. I mean, how many men were ever lucky enough to have two gorgeous, model-quality hot men stretching themselves staring at me with lust. I was like a kid in a candy story.

“I was thinking the same thing about you, baby,” Marc said as he pushed in a third finger. “And this honeymoon heat lasts for days, does it?”

“Yep, but I’ll let you get naps in.” I purred, taking the time to lick my lips so they got a good look at my large tiger tongue. “And I’ll make sure to eat out both your hot asses so you can feel the fun of being mated to a tiger.”

“Okay, I’m ready, my tiger,” Conley moaned as he pulled his fingers from his ass and got on all fours. I growled my approval as he leaned down and presented his ass to me. “Claim me, my mate.”

“Gladly,” I snarled, crawling toward him as I stalked my prey. I leaned over to lick his sac a few times, loving that he shivered and groaned under my attention. Then I knelt behind him and lined up my cock with his pretty pink hole. “Are you ready for me, Conley?”

“Yes, Kody. I give myself willingly to you, my mate.”

“As I do you,” I replied as I entered him slowly. He had been telling the truth when he’d said it had been a long time since he’d bottomed. I heard him gasp in pain as I pushed past the first ring of the muscles in his ass. “Let me know when I can move, Conley.”

“Oh, he likes the pain and burning, don’t you?” Marc said to our mate as he kept playing with his ass. “Unless that’s changed?”

“No, I love it. You don’t have to wait, Kody.”

I did as he asked, pulling back enough to thrust forward again. He moaned and pushed back against me as I worked my cock into his tight grip. When I was finally seated all the way in him, I took a moment to savor the feeling of being inside my mate for the first time.

“Oh, shit, I thought I’d be dying of jealousy, but it’s just too hot to watch you guys together.” Marc moaned as he started to stroke his dick with his other hand. “I so get to join in next time, right?”

“Yes,” I hissed as I started moving in and out of Conley. “Rise up on all fours, my big vampire.”

“Okay,” he panted, doing as I asked. “Please, my sexy tiger, give it to me. I need you so badly.”

“Fuck, you’re so tight, Conley,” I groaned as I started thrusting into him harder. His hips met mine hard as I picked up the pace, our balls smacking against each other so firmly it sent chills up my spine. “I’m not going to last long.”

“Take what you need,” Conley said as he tilted his neck to the side, baring himself to me. I leaned over and licked that spot where his shoulder met his neck before sinking my teeth into him. He cried out under me, shooting his load all over the bed as his ass clamped down on my cock. Three more hard thrusts into him and I was roaring out my release as well.

 “You’re mine now,” I cried out as another wave of my orgasm washed over me. Just as it started to ebb, the mating knot on my cock extended and latched onto his prostate. Conley yelled out my name as he came all over again. “That happens with true mates when I’m in this form.”

“It’s magical,” he hissed before collapsing under me. I held him up as I rotated my hips so he didn’t land in his own spunk.

“What happens?” Marc asked as he got into position, waiting for me to claim him.

“You’ll see.” I purred as the knot receded. Pulling out of my mate, I gently laid him on his side before moving over to Marc.

“You’re still hard, baby,” he whispered as he glanced at me over his shoulder.

“My body knows I have another mate waiting for me to claim.”

“I’m ready for you. Fuck me into passing out like you did Conley.”

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