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Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,400
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A collection of six seriously sexy lesbian stories with mixed and varied themes.

Voluptuous by Kate Dominic

A shy, sexually-frustrated college student with an extremely ample bosom wonders if other voluptuous women also have very sensitive breasts. When a fun-loving, similarly endowed roommate arrives for the Christmas holidays, shared confidences lead to a private fashion show featuring a lacy silver shelf bra, crotchless emerald silk panties and cashmere rubbing against tender bare nipples. Add hot wet kisses, busy fingers and a vibrating rabbit sex toy, and the pillow-talk gets steamy enough to make the angels sing!

Pretty Red Stones by A M Hartnett

It had been a long time since Ruby had been Eve’s kept woman. She’d made the mistake of falling in love with her wealthy lover and had got burnt. She swore never again, but when Ruby is forced to call on Eve to get her out of a bind she’s quickly reminded of how easily the other woman could turn her on. After a hard day Ruby wouldn’t mind a little spoiling , and Eve is so eager to remind Ruby just how good she is at making her feel pampered ...

Small Change by Michael Bracken

Kathy works the midnight-to-six shift at Danny’s Diner, where the lonely waitress thinks she’s seen it all until Ashley, a waterlogged waif kicked out of her girlfriend’s car two miles from the diner, walks in out of the early-morning storm without enough money to pay for the cup of coffee she desires. Kathy takes the girl to heart, providing coffee, toast and a warm place to sleep, but sleep isn’t all they do in Kathy’s bed. After parting ways, Kathy discovers that something’s missing. Something valuable. But what Ashley takes from Kathy isn’t nearly as important as what she gives in return.

In the Chair by Tamsin Flowers

When Sarah is struck by an agonising toothache, she is much too scared to visit the dentist. But as things get worse, her best friend Dixie knows just where to send the nervous patient. Dr Ashworth’s practice seems different from the moment Sarah enters the door. Dr Ashworth and his nurse Ella have perfected pain-free dentistry and, while the dentist fills her tooth, Ella’s tender ministrations are enough to distract Sarah to the point where she doesn’t even hear the drill. When Dr Ashworth finishes, Nurse Ella decides that Sarah’s in need of some extra special treatment of a totally different kind – and Sarah experiences something she never expected in the dentist’s chair!

The Party Platter by Elizabeth Coldwell

It’s the most bizarre job Roseanne has ever taken – lying naked on a table while women eat fruit from her naked body. But being the centrepiece of Lorna’s 40th birthday proves more enjoyable than she ever could have expected, particularly when Lorna decides the platter is just as tasty as the fruit on it.

That Nagging Feeling by Kitti Bernetti

You know that nagging feeling when you’re sure you’ve seen someone before but you can’t remember where? Naomi adores the sleazy side of life, hanging around in bars, keeping bad company. So when she gets off with a fabulous blonde who’s oddly familiar and brings with her the weirdest companion, Naomi knows she’s taking chances. But when you’ve got an itch for some down-and-dirty fun it’s useless to deny it, even if it can get you into big, big trouble ...

0 Ratings (0.0)


Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,400
0 Ratings (0.0)
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I looked down, my eyes barely focused as Jessie unclasped my bra. The cups parted, and my breasts flowed into her hands. She cupped them, lifting them, rolling my naked nipples between her index fingers and her thumbs. I cried out as my pussy creamed again.
‘You’re going to come so hard,’ she purred, the sound vibrating my skin as my nipples tightened almost painfully into her hands. ‘Touch yourself, sweetie, so I can watch.’
Breathing hard, I pulled my skirt slowly up my thighs. As I approached the apex, Jessie drew my breasts apart, still rolling my nipples as we watched my glistening curls appear. I spread my labia with one hand. I stroked the other down and back up my drenched slit, shuddering as I teased my fingers over my hypersensitive clit. Jessie laughed softly, her tongue swirling over the side of my neck.
‘You have such a pretty clit. Look at how it’s peeking out of its hood, all pink and stiff and shiny.’ She sucked softly then licked again, her fingers never missing a beat. They tugged and rolled, insistent, compelling. ‘I’m going to take care of your breasts, sweetie. I won’t stop, no matter what. You take care of your pussy. See how wet you are.’ Her tongue swiped down and up the cord of my neck. ‘Put your finger inside. Get it all wet with your honey juice, then slick your clit so you can really work it.’
I shuddered as I fingered myself, my eyes alternating between Jessie’s busy fingers and the glistening pink nub between my curls. Jessie twisted and I bucked up, gasping at the exquisitely sharp sensation echoing deep into my pussy.
‘I’m going to come,’ I panted, shaking as I pressed two, then three fingers deep into my warm, wet folds. My fingers glistened, sliding in and out of my hungry, hungry pussy.
‘Put your thumb on your clit, sweetie. Slow, firm circles.’ Jessie’s voice was low and soothing. I obeyed without thinking. ‘I’m going to milk your titties, baby.’ Her fingers started a slow, rhythmic tugging. ‘I’m going to suck you off with my fingers while you fuck your pretty, sexy pussy off with your strong, beautiful fingers. I won’t stop until you come. I promise.’
She was saying such dirty, forbidden, delicious things. I leant back into her, watching my hands and hers as the pleasure grew to a screaming crescendo inside me. I bucked up, wailing, as my body erupted. Warm liquid squirted over my wrist, my pussy walls squeezing my fingers as my thumb ground over my clit. Jessie’s fingers milked me through the waves of ecstasy quaking through me. She didn’t slow down. She didn’t miss a beat as I writhed and twisted and sobbed until I was exhausted.
I lay shuddering against her, my sticky hands resting weakly on my thighs as she pulled the last sensations through my now exquisitely tender nipples. My breasts felt heavy, like they were reaching, without reservation, for more of Jessie’s touch.
‘That felt good.’ I smiled shyly, turning my head to look up into her face. Her hand slid up to cup my face, her thumb tracing tenderly over my cheek.
‘Next time, I’ll suck your nipples, sweetheart. I’ll suck you through a long hard come that will feel even better. I’ll make you ache so good.’
Despite how hard I’d just climaxed, my pussy quivered instinctively at her words. Beneath my shoulders, her nipples were hard. I wriggled against her, relishing the feel of them stiffening even more against my skin. I felt so good. I wanted to make her feel good too. I turned and slid down beside her, opening my mouth over her nipple, breathing hot and wet as the fabric dampened against my tongue. She groaned and leant into me, her nipple poking out stiffly into the silk. Into my mouth.
‘You’ll put your mouth on me – like this?’ My face was hot. I could tell I was blushing again. But the feel of her nipple under my tongue drew me like candy.
‘Oh, honey,’ she whispered, pressing herself against my lips. ‘I want you to suck me off so bad.’ She stroked my cheek, her fingers trembling as I worked the front of her blouse open. Her bra was the same emerald green as her blouse, lacy and satiny as the bra I’d been wearing. I teased over the swell of her breast, brushing my fingers over her nipple until she was trembling. I knew how her bra opened – just like mine did. With no warning, I flicked the clasp open. As her breasts fell forward, I drew a huge, satiny peak into my mouth.
Jessie cried out, fisting her hands in my hair. I sucked deeply and rhythmically, matching my motions to the way her fingers had milked my nipple. She moaned and rocked against me, holding me tightly to her chest. I sucked her until her nipple was swollen and elongated on my tongue and my pussy was throbbing at the knowledge of the response I was causing in her.
I drew back, panting, reaching for her other breast. Jessie pushed me frantically back and slid out from under me.
‘Lie flat on the bed.’ She tugged her blouse the rest of the way off, dropping her bra onto the comforter. As I settled my head on the pillow, she stood up and pulled off her skirt. She was wearing lace bikini panties that matched her bra. Crotchless panties, the slit separating just enough to show her smooth-shaved, glistening pussy lips.

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