Brats in Training 4: Training Michael (MM)

Tasty Teasers 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,105
62 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

Michael Grafton was a temptation sent to drive PJ crazy. He just knew it. The man was a Dom through and through. Michael just didn't seem to know it. When Michael finally asks PJ out, PJ is thrilled down to his toes. He wants to be dominated by Michael. He needs it. He wants a Dom that can rein him in and give him boundaries. He thinks Michael is the answer to all of his prayers. There's only one problem.

Michael has never dominated anyone before.

When PJ goes totally bratty and pushes all of Michael's buttons, Michael does the only thing he can do. He calls in his friends for some help in punishing his new sub. What started out as a night doomed to failure turns into a dream neither Michael nor PJ can believe is true. When someone tries to come between them, will PJ believe in his Dom or revert to his bratty ways? And will Michael be able to stop him?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Brats in Training 4: Training Michael (MM)
62 Ratings (4.4)

Brats in Training 4: Training Michael (MM)

Tasty Teasers 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,105
62 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Great short story! I loved the characters and the story was excellent!
Another great one!!! I think this was the best of all four.

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PJ tossed the towel over his shoulder, cutting his eyes to the man on the treadmill. Now that was one hell of view in his opinion. The man was glistening with sweat, wearing nothing but workout shorts, and his buns were so damn tight that PJ knew for damn certain that a quarter could bounce off of those delicious golden mounds.

“I’ve warned you about ogling the clientele,” Miss Jenny Fisher said from behind PJ with a growl. “Go clean the benches, and stop staring at Mr. Grafton’s ass.”

PJ mocked Jenny when her back was turned. She was too damn built to mock her to her face. He wasn’t stupid. But she had nerve to talk. His boss studied and drooled over Michael Grafton’s ass just as hard as PJ did.

If not harder.

They seemed to be in competition with each other when it came to the men who frequented Total Body gym. The only thing that he and Jenny had to figure out was which man was gay and which was straight.

And even when PJ found out a man was gay, Jenny still went after the guy. She would get pissed and take it out on PJ when the guy turned her down.

Duh, they were gay. It didn’t take a genius, or a moron, to figure out why they told Jenny no. She was missing one very hard, and erect, vital part.

Okay, so PJ had tried with the straight men as well.

Big deal.

A guy could hope.

PJ reached down to grab the cleaning spray, glanced over his shoulder to make sure Jenny had gone into her office, and then unhurriedly walked toward the treadmill area. They needed to be wiped down, honestly. All of those big and brawny men had left their sweat all over the machines.

God, he was getting hard.

He sprayed the towel and then began to wipe down the machine next to Michael Grafton’s. PJ wasn’t sure what Michael did for a living, but the man had walked through the gym doors this evening in a very expensive-looking suit and highly polished shoes, carrying a Nike gym bag over his shoulder.

It had taken everything in PJ not to run behind the man into the locker room and get an eyeful when Michael changed into his shorts. Usually the man came dressed and ready, but not tonight.

But as much as PJ wanted to see Michael’s tight ass and hopefully big cock, he wasn’t that perverted. Okay, he was, but PJ really liked Michael and didn’t want to blow any chance that he may have—and his shot at getting a chance with Michael Grafton was about a zillion to none—with the man.

PJ could see the raw potential in Michael’s jade-green eyes and knew the man would be the perfect Dom. He just didn’t know if Michael played or lived the D/s lifestyle. It would be a good waste of a very masculine man if the guy didn’t.

As PJ wiped the treadmill down, Michael began to slow his pace. His body was glistening with so much sweat that PJ was half tempted to grab a clean towel and wipe the man down right where he stood.

Michael began a slow walk, snatching the towel from the handrail on his machine, and patted his face. PJ just stood there, watching every move Michael made. The man was a walking wet dream. His cinnamon-brown hair was deliciously curled at his neck, damp with perspiration. His muscles flexed and bent as he wiped the towel across his forehead. His pouty lips were slightly parted as he breathed in a few gulps of fresh air.


PJ growled as he cut a glare at Jenny as she stood outside of her office, hands balled into fists at her sides, glaring at him with eyes that had been lifted with surgery not too long ago. “Benches, now!”

If her arms weren’t just as thick and well defined as Michael’s, PJ would have had it out with her eons ago. But, even though he worked at a gym, his body lacked the definition most men wore in this place.

“Yes, Jenny,” he answered with a tight smile and then muttered under his breath, “Wicked Bitch of the East.”

Tossing the towel over his shoulder, PJ reluctantly walked away from the god known as Michael Grafton. One of these days he was going to get Michael’s attention, and then game on.


“Excuse me.”

PJ stilled when he heard Michael’s voice. It always rattled him to the core whenever he heard the man speak. He had one of those sensual, thick, deeply orgasmic voices that made PJ want to whip his dick out on the spot and jack off as he listened to the man talk.

Turning his head, PJ’s face fell when he saw Michael talking to Jenny. He would have bet a year’s pay that Michael was gay. Not that the man had acted in any particular way to say that he was. But most men only talked with Jenny if they were interested. She may be an overbearing bitch, but for a female, she was a looker.

His heart sank and his cock softened as he watched Jenny openly flirt with Michael. She batted her eyelashes and tossed her hair back over her shoulder, laying it on so thick that PJ was choking on her dramatics from across the room.

He couldn’t stand there and watch his dreams go up in smoke. He had been lusting after Michael for months now and dreaming about the man fucking him into the dumbbells. Now he stood there feeling like the dumbbell.




Michael tossed the condom and lube on the bed, right in front of PJ’s face. He wanted the man to know exactly what he had in mind. He had waited months to fuck PJ’s tight little ass. He wasn’t going to wait a moment longer.

“If you become my permanent sub, PJ, I will expect you to get tested.” Michael enjoyed the shudder that slid through PJ’s body when he stroked his fingers between the man’s ass cheeks and over his puckered hole. “I don’t want anything between us.”

“Pa–papers in my p–pocket, master.”

“We’ll wait until we can both be tested together, PJ. I want the doctor to do a full physical on you and make sure you’re healthy enough for our playtimes. I have a lot of plans for you.”

“Yes, master.”

“Do you like the idea of being my full-time sub, PJ?”


Michael grabbed a handful of PJ’s hair and pulled his head back. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, master.”

Michael smirked and let go of PJ’s hair, smoothing down the short tresses. “I want you to grow your hair out, PJ. It will give me something better to hold on to.”

“What if I don’t want long hair?”

Michael’s answer to that question was to lean back and swat PJ on the ass hard enough to leave a red handprint on the pale white globe. “Want to try again, PJ?”

“No, master.”

Michael swatted PJ again. “What was that?”

“Yes, master?”

“You don’t sound so sure, PJ.”

“I forgot the question, master.”

“There was no question, PJ. I ordered you to grow your hair long and you argued with me.”

“Sorry, master.”

Michael rewarded PJ by sliding his finger into the man’s ass. “Obedience brings pleasure, PJ.” Michael wiggled his finger around until PJ whimpered and pushed his butt back. He quickly pulled his hand out and smacked PJ’s ass again. “Disobedience brings punishment.”

Michael slid his finger back into PJ’s ass, adding a second one this time. “If you want to receive pleasure, then you need to follow the rules, PJ. Stay within your boundaries, the boundaries that I set down for you. Is that understood?”

PJ just moaned.


“Yesss!” PJ groaned. “Yes, master.”

Michael grinned. He was pretty sure he was starting to get the gist of this whole Dom thing. Reward his sub for good behavior and punish him for bad behavior. It was pretty much exactly what PJ had been asking for. Limits.

Michael continued to torture PJ with his fingers until the man was loose enough to accept Michael’s cock without pain. This was one area he refused to budge on. He might spank PJ or use the flogger on him when he was bad. He might even deny the man an orgasm until PJ thought he would lose his mind. But he would never hurt PJ while fucking him.

Michael slid the condom onto his cock and then rolled it down until it fit snugly. He then he applied more lube to PJ’s ass. Michael grabbed PJ’s hips and pulled him up onto his knees and positioned his cock at PJ’s tight entrance.

“Did you know I was renowned for my stamina, PJ?” Michael asked as he slowly began to slide into PJ’s ass. Fuck, it felt so good, and it looked just as good, too. PJ’s ass pulsed around Michael’s cock, sucking him in inch by inch. “I’m a legend even among my friends for how long I can fuck a man without coming.”

While it was true, after feeling PJ’s muscles flutter around his cock, Michael wondered if he had just met his match. Already he could feel his balls filling, threatening to explode.

“I can fuck you for hours, PJ, and never let you come.”

PJ groaned, his hands balling into fists.

“Or I can fuck you for hours and let you come over and over again.”

“Yes, please, master.”

“There are different types of punishment, PJ. They don’t all involve a whip. If you disobey me again, next time, I won’t flog you. I will bind your pretty little cock up and fuck you until you can’t move, but I won’t let you come. I may even tie you up and fuck you for an entire weekend, over and over again.”

PJ whimpered, and the sweet sound was music to Michael’s ears. He thrust forward, fully seating himself inside of PJ’s ass, and then leaned over until he could lick a line up the side of PJ’s neck.

“Is that what you want, my pretty little baby?” Michael whispered. “Do you want me to fuck you over and over again, denying you an orgasm?”

“I…” PJ licked his lips. “Master, I…”

Michael straightened up and grabbed PJ’s hips. He started moving, the feeling of PJ’s body tightening and loosening around his cock, bringing him more pleasure than he had ever imagined.

And watching PJ move beneath him, knowing that the man was restrained and couldn’t get away from him, brought on a whole new level of pleasure. PJ was his to do what he wanted. His to discipline. His to fuck. And his to pleasure at his leisure.


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