Saving Sawyer (MM)

Mech Warrior 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,722
18 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Alternative Science Fiction Romance, MM, HEA]

Allied Defense Force soldier Stefan Andres lost the love of his life two years ago in a terrifying mech attack. He harbored hatred in his heart until his friends convinced him Sawyer might still be alive. Dealing with the guilt of shooting his commander isn't nearly as overwhelming as discovering Sawyer is actually alive. What he learns when he finds the man might be more than even he can handle.

Lewis Sawyer loved Stefan more than his next breath, which was the only reason he forced himself to stay away from the man after escaping the mechs. What was done to him could put Stefan's life in danger. When a nighttime attack forces him to come out of hiding, he has to face his demons, and the love he left behind, but will Stefan see him as the man he was or the monster the mechs made him?


Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.

Saving Sawyer (MM)
18 Ratings (4.8)

Saving Sawyer (MM)

Mech Warrior 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,722
18 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett




Stefan stiffed and spun when he heard someone coming up fast behind him. It was Sam and Butler and they were hauling ass. When the two men waved their arms in the universal sign to get moving, Stefan turned and started running right along with everyone else. He had no idea what was coming, and he didn't really want to find out. If it was enough to send Sam and Butler running, it couldn't be good.

As he ran, he scanned the area for any place they could all hide as well as a high vantage point where he might be able to get off a few good shots. He spotted a parking garage about half a block down.


When Roark looked back at him, he pointed. Roark looked to where Stefan pointed then nodded even as he grabbed Frankie's arm and started pulling toward the garage.

They were lucky in the fact that the rebar in the building was built from steel and not iron or the place would be nothing but a pile of rubble. If they were lucky, the staircase would still be intact and they could take that up instead of running up the ramp.

"Stefan, find a place to roost," Roark called out. "Foster, track Dahl down and then get your ass back here. Sam, see if this place has a basement leading to the sewer. Butler, booby trap the entry. We'll meet on the top floor."

Stefan wanted to stay and make sure his friends stayed safe while they did as their commander ordered, but he knew he'd be of better use high up somewhere. He ran inside the parking garage and searched for the staircase. As soon as he spotted a sign for the stairs, he headed right for it.

As he ran up the stairs, Stefan noticed something that seemed odd to him. Just another line in odd things. Footprints in the dust. They looked too fresh to have been there since the city was destroyed years ago.

Stefan pushed his curiosity and confusion to the back of his mind and ran up the stairs until he reached the top floor. He wasn't thrilled with how open it was on the top deck of the parking garage, but he didn't have a whole lot of choices.

He hurried over to the edge facing the street they'd been running down. He set everything down except his rifle. He kept crouched down as he looked over the solid cement wall, trying to spot whatever had spooked Sam and Butler so damn bad.

The scorpion wasn't hard to spot and easily explained why Sam and Butler had been running for their lives. The only one of them who'd taken on a scorpion and lived to tell the tale was Roark, and he swore it had been blind luck.

The damn things had six legs and a tail that shot a phaser. They were faster, stronger, and deadlier than any of the other mechs. The consensus was that they were the mechs in charge of all the others. So, the question was, what was a scorpion doing in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado?

Stefan glanced in the other direction. He wasn't sure if Dhal and Foster had made it back yet and leaving the guy to run into a scorpion wasn't a choice he was ready to make.

"What do you see?" Roark whispered as he crouched down beside him. Frankie James, Roark's lover, crouched down beside him.

"It's a scorpion."

"Here?" Roark leaned up and peeked over the edge. "Damn."

He leaned back down. His eyes grew a little wild there for a moment before they landed on the building next to them. "Do you think we can get over to that building?"

"You don't want to wait it out?" Stefan asked.

Roark shook his head. "I think they're looking for us. It might have been that silver flier and those two scarabs you took out at the cryogenics facility or maybe they have a new way of tracking us, but we can't chance that that damn thing knows we're here."

"There's too much of a gap between the two buildings, Commander," Butler said. "I checked that when I was coming up."

"What about the basement?" Frankie asked. "Is this place hooked up to the sewer system?"

"I won't know until Sam gets up here."

It was a parking garage, but surely it had some sort of sewer access. At least a maintenance room in the basement for the electrical system. Something.

"Fuck! Silver flier!" Roark shouted as he jumped to his feet, grabbed Frankie and yanked him up, then started running back toward the stairs. "Hide."

Stefan grabbed his stuff and started to jump to his feet when an explosion rocked him back on his ass. The silver flier that was just about on his position when it changed directions and took off toward the explosion.

Stefan climbed to his feet, but as he went to take a step, he glanced back toward where the scorpion had been. He frowned as he turned and gave his full attention to the scene below. The scorpion was nothing but smoldering metal.

The silver flier flew into his line of vision as it circled the destroyed scorpion. Stefan brought his rifle up and took aim, but before he could pull the trigger the silver flier exploded into a million tiny metal shards.

"What the fuck?"

Stefan used the scope on his rifle to search the surrounding area. There had to be someone out there. As much as he wished otherwise, mechs didn't explode on their own. He couldn't see anything out of place.

Just as he was about to lower his rifle, a flash of movement caught his attention. Strangely enough it came from the same tower he'd been in not ten minutes before. The world fell out from beneath Stefan when he sighted in on the one face he'd never thought to see again.





"I'll be careful, Sawyer. I promise." Stefan's smile was warm and inviting despite the severity of their conversation. "I have something very special to live for now."

Sawyer frowned.

"You, ya big dummy. I have you to live for now, and I expect you to live for me."

Sawyer smiled at the tremor he heard in Stefan's stern tone. "I escaped the mechs, didn't I?"

"Yes." Stefan smiled before leaning in close to Sawyer. "You most certainly did. The only man to ever escape the mechs after being taken and he's all mine."

Sawyer's eyebrows lifted when he felt something long and hard press against his hip. "That turns you on?"

"Oh yes."

Sawyer melted right there and then. His cock filled, his body ached, and all the blood feeding his brain drained into his groin. The sexy grin on Stefan's face fueled his desire, lighting a flame Sawyer didn't have a single wish to put out.

"Stef," Sawyer hissed.

Stefan didn't say a word. He just molded his body to Sawyer's, chest pressed against chest, thigh against thigh, and cock against cock. Sawyer groaned. Just like that he felt ready to tear Stefan's clothes off and fuck him into the mattress.

Sawyer pulled at Stefan's clothing even as he leaned down to devour his luscious lips. Kissing the man practically doubled as a religious experience. Stefan didn't just kiss. He stroked with his tongue, nibbled with his lips, made Sawyer's knees tremble every time.

The moment his hands encountered naked flesh, Sawyer started exploring. There seemed to always be a new spot to discover, a new moan to be heard, a new way to love on the sexy man.

He scooted off the bed and stood, then stepped back to strip his own clothes off. Stefan's eyes devoured each movement he made. Dropping the last of his clothing on the floor, Sawyer moved to the end of the bed and began crawling up the mattress toward Stefan.

Reaching Stefan's body, Sawyer started kissing and licking, nibbling, whatever naked flesh he could reach. Stefan squirmed beneath him as he slowly kissed his way up the man's inner thigh, his nose nudging Stefan's ball sac. He lightly traced a path over the silky skin. Sawyer delighted in Stefan's soft cries.

Knowing he brought pleasure to his lover gave him more satisfaction than an actual orgasm, and that surprised Sawyer. Not since his first time did he expect to find anything that felt as good as sex.

Knowing he could experience both great sex and giving as much pleasure as possible to Stefan at the same time spurred Sawyer on.

He leaned up and took the head of Stefan's cock into his mouth, nearly gagging when Stefan suddenly bucked, sending his cock deep into Sawyer's mouth. Sawyer grabbed Stefan's hips, anchoring him to the bed before diving back down on his cock. He paid special attention to the underside of the mushroomed head and the small slit on top, knowing that it would drive Stefan wild.

 "Fuck!" Stefan groaned. "You're so damn good at that."

Sawyer grinned and sucked the entire shaft into his mouth, pressing his tongue along the small slit. Knowing he didn't have much longer, Sawyer lifted his head. A small smile crossed his lips at Stefan's groan of protest.

Placing his hands on Stefan's inner thighs he slowly ran his thumbs down around the edge of his cock then slowly over Stefan's silky sac. He watched with fascination as the small sac tightened, drawing up close to Stefan's body.

Rubbing one thumb gently over Stefan's balls, the other thumb moved down to lightly caress the small puckered hole below. As he watched Stefan quiver in response, he quickly brought his finger to his mouth, getting it wet before pressing it against him.

He looked up quickly when Stefan began pushing back with his hips, pressing more of Sawyer's finger in as he cried out. He was mesmerized as he watched creamy white liquid shoot out of the top of Stefan's cock, spraying his stomach.

Damn, that was hot!

Sawyer quickly scooped up some of the liquid, coating his fingers with it before pressing two fingers in, moving them around to stretch Stefan out. It just made Stefan cry out more, his head thrashing back and forth on the table.

"More," Stefan begged.

Sawyer was happy to oblige, pressing in a third finger. As he moved his fingers around, he knew he had brushed against his prostate when Stefan's cries started to rise, nearing shouting level.

Pulling his fingers free, he grabbed his hard cock and pushed it against Stefan's quivering flesh. Sawyer could hear Stefan's quick inhale as he pushed in to the hilt. Stefan's body seemed to just suck him right in until he was balls deep inside the man. It felt amazing. His cock was surrounded on every side by wet, hot, silk that felt like it massaged him when he wasn't even moving.

He watched as he slowly pushed his hard cock into Stefan's body then pulled out just as slowly. It was an erotic, intoxicating sight. No matter how he moved, whether slow or fast, the result was the same, fucking intense!

Sawyer grabbed Stefan's ankles and held them in the air, spreading the man's legs as far as they would go. He spread his knees a little and angled his thrusts up more. He began pounding fiercely into him, over and over again. He knew he hit Stefan's sweet spot when the man cried out.

He could feel his balls drawing up close to his body. He knew he was just a few thrusts away from release and he wanted Stefan to join him. He wanted Stefan to experience the same joyous pleasure he did.

With one hand, he grabbed Stefan's cock, quickly stroking him even as his thrusts became more ferocious. Sawyer heard the man cry out, filling the space between them and covering Sawyer's hand with his seed. He moved his hips a few more times, satisfaction filling him when Stefan cried out more.

He tossed his head back and roared out his pleasure as he came, ropes of pearly wetness hitting his stomach and chest. His chest heaving, lights sparkling in his eyes, Sawyer dropped his head down to lean against Stefan's.

Sawyer finally collapsed down on Stefan, holding the mass of his weight off of him by his arms as he lifted his head to look down at him. He chuckled at the dazed look in Stefan's eyes as he looked back. He reached up and stroked the side of Stefan's flushed and sweaty face until the man opened his eyes. He smiled down at him.

"You are, without a doubt, the sexiest damn thing I have ever seen in my life."

Stefan's grin was sleepy and sexy as hell. "You're not so bad yourself."

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