A Taste of Sugar (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,606
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Interracial Rubenesque Cowboy Romance, HEA]
Sugar Pye Sumner is not fat! She just has a little more stuffing in the quilt. But Jason "Jace" Holden has called her fat, and now she wants to see his head on a spit. For eight summers she's been sitting on his fence hoping he would show her some kind of attention. But Cordon "Cord" Walker is back in town now, and he’s told Sugar that he’s sweet on her.
And now Cord is back in town looking better than he has a right to. Since he’s been back, Sugar’s heart feels like it’s being pulled in two directions. She has wanted Jace for eight summers. Cord ignites a fire inside of her that she has never known was possible. Now, both cowboys want a taste of Sugar. What’s a country girl to do when lust and passion come calling in a small Southern town?
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Taste of Sugar (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

A Taste of Sugar (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,606
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




She walked over to the side of the gazebo and sat down on the railing. Cord followed her over. “You gave up your perch on his fence, then?”

“As of last week, yes.”

“Last week? Damn, baby girl. You’re goin’ cold turkey, huh?”

She playfully slapped at him. “In the course of a week Jace Holden has called me fat and a whore.”

“A what?” She took her time to explain what had happened the week before and earlier that day.

“Somethin’ told me that boy had been dropped on his head or somethin’. Baby doll, number one.” He traced a finger down the line of her jaw. “You are nowhere near fat. What you’ve got…” He trailed his eyes down the front of her body. “Is a voluptuous box of toys to play with.”

She smiled at him, loving that feeling that only Cord could give her. “Listen at you. I guess you would know, huh?”

“I can’t deny what I’m seein’.”


 “Darlin’, come on now. You’re defyin’ gravity with that dress.”

“Defyin’ gravity? What’s that supposed to mean?” She smiled at him.

“It means how in the world are your girls not fallin’ out the front of that thing. You’ve…blossomed over the years.”


“Hell, I can’t help noticin’. I ain’t complainin’ none either.”

“Well, I guess I should say thank you.” She frowned up at him. “I guess.”

Cord sat down on the edge of the railing and took out his pack of smokes. Lighting one up, he blew a plume of smoke into the night air. Damn, Sugar thought, he even smoked sexy.

“I always wondered why me and you never got together, ‘cept that one time. You know?” He squinted over at her through the haze of smoke.

“Yeah, I know. I remember a stupid eighteen-year-old that was tired of bein’ a virgin comin’ to scratch at your back door like some pitiful alley cat. Whatever possessed me?” She sat next to him.

“Whatever it was, I was damned sure glad of it. Shit, Sugar.” He took a last drag off of his butt and tossed it to the floor of the gazebo grinding it out with the heel of his boot. “Who would have thought coming home on leave would have had its perks? I would have taken anything you gave to me back then. And now,” he said, leveling a stare at her.

She smiled sweetly at him. “Stop it. We agreed that we didn’t want to ruin our friendship with anything complicated.”

“Yep. I know. That and the fact that your daddy and mama would have had a cow if you and me was to have gotten together.”

She grimaced then. It had been no secret that while the Pastor preached to his congregation about unity and loving their  fellow man in the pulpit on Sundays, he harbored racism in his heart from years of discrimination and hate cultivated by his parents and their parents before him. Her parents would never outwardly say anything against Cord, or any of the other black families that lived in Tate. No, they greeted them with a smile when they were seen in town or waved to them on the street if anyone was close by. But if their sweet baby girl was to go and fall for a black man, or even a biracial man like Cord Walker, they would just as soon die there  where they stood. It was one of the reasons both Honey and Sweetie had moved as far away from Tate as they could.

“Yeah, they would have. But I really don’t care what they think, and you know that,” she said, gazing at him intently.

“Yeah, I know. Plus, you were so tied up into havin’ your future with Mister Jace Holden, no one in the county could have ever come close to you.”

She glanced down at her watch. It was getting close to midnight. Even though she was a grown woman of twenty-two, her parents stood by that old adage of “my house, my rules”, and if she were not home before one, she would have to endure one of her father’s sermons about piety and purity on Sunday morning.

“Shit, I gotta go. Mama’s gonna go on about me bein’ out so late and then with who? And then what did I do? And on and on. Damn, I can’t wait to get the hell out of that house.”

She started to turn and leave when he gently caught her by the arm. “So, what if I said I wanted to see you now, Sugar?” Cord’s piercing gray-green eyes bore into her.

“Stop it,” she whispered slowly to him.

His hands ran up and down her arms as he continued to stare down at her. “What if I said I got my sights on you, girl? What if I said I don’t care if you’re still all lovesick on Jace, but that I’m sweet on you Sugar Pye Sumner?”

She pulled away from him slowly, feeling the delicious flips and flutters in her stomach. She had to admit that only he could make her belly do cartwheels. But they had been friends. It was only a teenage girl’s fantasy to think that someone like Cord would want anything more than friendship with her. But she was no longer some naïve teenage girl. She was a grown woman. And the thought of Cord pursuing her was a definite boost to her self-esteem.

She pulled away from him smiling sweetly. “Maybe. What? Do you think I’m just gonna jump into your arms or somethin’?”

“Hell no, baby girl. But now that you know I got my eye on you, what do you plan on doin’ about it?”




He had the largest penis she had ever seen in her life. Or maybe that was because she had been used to high school and college guys. Cord was a man. A one-hundred percent pure, corn-fed, USDA man. And she was having a prime piece of beef. The feel of his penis in her mouth excited her beyond all comprehension. He was so hard, yet so soft. His dick was long and so thick. But she was gaining so much pleasure just by having him in her mouth. It had been so long since she had seen a man’s penis, she didn’t want to stop.

“Darlin’? Baby doll?” Cord was pulling her up, but she didn’t want to stop. “My turn. My turn,” he said finally.

She beamed at him. “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that?”

“Oh hell, no. That… That…” He kissed her deeply, sending his tongue on an adventure in her mouth. “That was amazin’, but don’t I get to have a little somethin’?”

She smiled the sweetest smile at him as his hands ran over her breasts, gently squeezing and caressing them. “Like what?”

He continued to gaze at her as he ran his left hand down to nestle on her pussy. Her hair was soft there. There was just the thinnest line trailing down the center. It was much less than he remembered from years before. He nudged her legs apart, and she complied.

“More,” he urged to her, and she opened her legs wide for him. “Yeah, baby. That’s it.”

Cord stared down at her pussy as he slipped a finger inside of her. “Oh,” she breathed as he caught her mouth in a searing kiss.

“I’m gonna bring you with my fingers, baby.” He bent and sucked on her nipple before lathing it with his tongue.

“Yeah,” she said breathlessly.

“Then, I’m gonna bring you again with my mouth. You want that?” Sugar only nodded, her eyes closed in pleasure.

Cord moved his finger in and out of her wet pussy, loving the soft wet sounds it made. She was so tight and so wet. He then put another finger inside of her trying to stretch her to eventually accommodate him. She moaned aloud into the cab of the truck as her back bowed and she rode the wave of a delicious orgasm. He removed his fingers and brought them to his lips, licking her wetness from them.

Sugar watched what he had done, and it excited her beyond belief that he would want to taste her pussy. “Cord?”

“What, baby? You taste so good. Lean back,” he told her, and she  lay with her back against the passenger door. “Open your legs, darlin’. Come on. You know what I want.”

She teased him by opening her legs and then quickly closing them. “Oh, you are gonna pay for that. I’m going to make you come so hard.”

“Promise?” Sugar whispered to him.

She giggled when he pulled her down a bit for a better advantage. He slid to the side of the seat, thankful that his truck was a double cab. If they’d tried any of what they were doing in the front of the cab, it wouldn’t have been possible. And there were so many possibilities in the back cab.

He took his fingers and opened her pussy lips, gasping at the sight of her aroused pink lips glistening with wetness. He bent his head, licking around her pussy before delving deep inside, reveling in the musky-sweet taste of her.

“Oh my god! Oh shit, Cord,” she exclaimed.

He tongue-fucked her for a while until she screamed the first of two orgasms into the cab of the truck. She grabbed his head, urging him to stay in that spot. He had no intention of leaving. He slipped his finger inside of her again, while gently sucking on the hard bud of her clit. He loved it when her hips lifted slightly, urging him to give her more, and he did. He replaced his finger with his tongue, moving it in and out before thoroughly licking it from top to bottom. He felt her shudder under him and grip the back of the seat, shaking and trembling as she rode another orgasm to completion.

Cord  lay down with her,  half off the seat, rubbing his hands over her flushed skin. He smiled at her when she finally opened her eyes to him.

“Oh my god, Cord.” Sugar pulled him to her, kissing him thoroughly and liking the taste of her on his mouth. “I have never felt anything like that in my life. More.”

He laughed softly, giving her breasts a jiggle with his hand. “There will be, but I thought we could do somethin’ else.”

She knew what he was talking about. It had been the only thing she had thought about for the last couple of months. She had thought she would be doing these things with Jace, but she wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone what Jace Holden looked like right then. Cord had made her feel things she hadn’t thought were possible.

“Like what?” she said smiling.

“Listen at you. Like what?” He kissed her then. “Like what?” he whispered.

Sugar wanted him so badly she was trembling in anticipation. He knelt between her legs, rubbing his dick until it was hard and thick. “Like maybe some of this? Huh?” he said to her as he guided his cock inside of her.

“Ah!” Sugar exclaimed, gripping Cord’s back with both hands. He was about to give her the ride of her life, and she knew she had to hold on tight.

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