[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Michelle Rossin will do almost anything to help the troubled boys at Tulsa’s Linkin Hope House. But when one of them starts endangering not only his life, but others', she’s caught between keeping his secret—and keeping him out of jail—or taking the blame.
Firemen for Hire, Wiley Russell and his brother Brody, have a duty to catch whoever’s setting fire to abandoned homes. When they see a beautiful blonde running from one of the burning houses, they give chase. However, they don’t know whether they’re chasing an arsonist or the woman of their dreams. When she turns up at the fire station later, asking for help, they don’t know whether to help her or call the police.
Michelle soon learns that fires, like sexual attraction, have a way of burning out of control. Should she fan the flame of desire? Or will she put out the fire to keep a boy safe?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Men on Fire (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome book in an awesome series.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Brothers, Wiley and Brody Russell and the rest of the firemen have just gotten another arson fire under control when Wiley spots someone near the house. He and Brody give chase, but she gets away just as Brody almost catches her. A few days after Michelle Rossin was nearly caught outside the latest home to be burned, when she went to get the proof of one of her boys from Linkin Hope House was responsible, she goes to see the Firemen. She’s heard of them from her friend. When Brody sees her he goes all caveman. He all but comes out to perform a citizen's arrest. Terrified she runs and decides she doesn't need them. Brody and Wiley track her down at her job and try to apologize and get her to open up. But she is too scared to trust them with what she knows. Brody and Wiley both have strong personalities, with Brody being even more aggressively alpha than Wiley. Which is hard to believe. Michelle is a very good social worker with her own background making her able to truly understand the youths she works with. She is independent and truly courageous. Though she is afraid, she still will do anything and everything to help those she cares about. This book proves first impressions can be deceptive. With a little time and a lot of romance and mutual attraction the three begin to make progress toward forming a relationship. Romance and red hot love scenes are something Ms. Jamison is an expert at and lucky us, we get to reap the rewards of her labors. I admit that I would not count this as my favorite book, but it is one I would gladly read again. My one request is that Brody take a chill pill once in a while before he hurts himself jumping to such quick assumptions. You will find he and his brother are the kind of men you can depend on. You will want them in your corner the next time you find yourself out on a limb. Another fact shows through with just one line from the book. “You can take the cowboy off the ranch, but he'd still have dirt in his veins.” Jane Jamison must have sent a great deal of time in the company of cowboys in order to know them so well. I read the reviews posted for this book before I read it and that was a mistake. One I will not repeat again. There was a review that really made me dread to even start this book. But I have enjoyed reading Jane Jamison's books for some time and have never been disappointed. I have to report that Ms. Jamison's is still on key. Pick this one up!" -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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Wiley wasn’t sure if he’d ever seen anyone as frightened as the woman Brody had cornered next to the refrigerator. Or any woman as beautiful. Perhaps it was a perverse way of thinking, or maybe it was part of the knight-in-shining-armor syndrome Brody kidded him about, but the terrified glint in her eye made her even more alluring. Her blue gaze fixed on him and he had the overwhelming urge to come to her rescue. She was as trapped as one of the people he’d rescued from a burning building last year.

“It’s her, Wiley.”

She tried to push Brody away, but his brother wouldn’t let her go.

“It’s her? Who are you talking about?”

Brody craned his head around, then squashed another of her attempts to get past him. “The woman we saw outside the last house fire.”

“You’re kidding.” He was by their side in the next moment. “The blonde that took off running? You’re her?”

Strange how much he’d thought about her since that day. He’d chalked it up to getting hooked on a fantasy caused by seeing the golden hair shining against the backdrop of a bright red hood. He’d even told Brody about his dreams and had joked, calling them his “Red Riding Hood” fantasies.

“Please, let me go. You don’t have any right to keep me here.”

“Like hell I don’t. You were there at the fire.”

“Take it easy, bro.”

She shook her head, making her luxurious hair dance around her sweet oval face. If any face could make a man march through flames to save her, it was hers.

“We don’t know why she was there.” He put on a pleasant face, playing good cop to his brother’s bad one. “Are you a reporter? Is that it? Were you taking pictures and ran because you didn’t want us to confiscate them?”

His gaze took in the name plate. Michelle.

He liked the sound of her name rolling around his mind and knew he’d like it even more on his lips.

Michelle what?

The name tag held only her first name along with the name of a local facility for disadvantaged and wayward young boys called Hope House. Working there meant she had to have a good heart.

She jumped her attention from him to his brother, then back again. “I want to leave. Now.”

The urge to help her was matched by the urge to touch her. No, that wasn’t right. The urge to touch her was more. How would her hair feel against his fingers? Was her skin as smooth and soft as it looked? It wasn’t like him to get infatuated, but he had to admit that he was. He wanted to know more, but not merely why she was at the house fire. He wanted to know more about her life, her work, her hobbies, her everything.

Brody was on her, digging his heels in as he always did whenever he was bound and determined to get an answer. “Why were you there? Did you set the fire?”

Fuck. They’d discussed the possibility that the mysterious blonde was the fire bug, but he’d thought that was only a theory they’d thrown around along with many others. “Brody, hold up.”

Her eyes widened, making them more intoxicating than before. “What? No. Of course not.” She shoved at Brody’s arms. “Turn me loose or I’ll scream.”

“Go ahead. Then you can tell everyone what you were doing at the fire. Including our captain who’ll give the police a call. I’m sure they’ll have plenty of questions.”

The color faded from her cheeks, and yet even then she was spellbinding. Like a troubled princess who’d jumped out of a fairy tale. “No. Please don’t.”

“Then tell us what you know.”

“I don’t know anything.”

They were at a stalemate and Brody was only making it worse by attacking her. “Bro, you’ve got to back off.” He put his arm on his brother’s. “Maybe if we all sat down and talked like reasonable adults. How about that? You came here asking for the Firemen for Hire team for a reason, right?”

She clenched her jaw and gritted out the words. “Let. Me. Go.”

“Bro, if she wants to go, you can’t stop her.”

“Sure, I can. I’m making a citizen’s arrest.”

“What?” A whimper escaped her.

Wiley thought it was the sexiest sound he’d ever heard. His thoughts went straight to the apartment he and Brody shared and the bedroom that contained a few of their toys. He could already imagine her whimpering as he feathered the soft leather strips of a flogger across her back, then bent over and slid his tongue into her dark hole.

 “He’s kidding.”

“The hell I am.”




Wiley pushed her skirt to her waist, then pushed her legs apart. She was naked from the waist down, except for her high heels. “Damn, will you look at that, bro? She’s so wet her cream’s sparkling in the sun.”

Keeping his gaze pinned to hers, Wiley lowered his body between her legs. The last thing she saw of his mouth was a wicked smile. Then, with the first swipe of his tongue over the top of her folds, she sucked in a breath and let her knees fall to the side, opening herself to him completely. He groaned, the sound and warmth of it traveling over her flesh. He pulled her folds apart, then slicked his tongue over her throbbing clit.

“Oh, my God.” Her body trembled, yet she had nothing to hold on to. She threw her arms wide, splaying her fingers across the hood, and stared up into the cloudless blue sky.

Brody hopped on top of the hood, dipping it a moment before he undid the rest of her blouse buttons, then spread it apart. The sun warmed her skin as she watched him take one of her nipples through her bra and pinch it again. She responded by arching her back and thrusting her breasts toward him.

“You like that, too, huh? Good. I plan on giving you a little pain. Not as much as I’d like to, but we have to make do under the circumstances.”

He feathered his fingertips under the top of her bra, then pulled the material lower, setting her breasts free. Lowering himself on to his elbow, he sucked a nipple into his wet, hungry mouth. His teeth held it firmly in place as he whipped his tongue back and forth across the taut bud.

Her body took over, reacting as a woman should react to the touch of two men. She arched her back again, then spread her legs and thrust her pelvis against Wiley’s mouth. He laved his tongue over her clit, then crushed his mouth against her skin and drew it inside. She cried out, and begged him for more.

Brody released her nipple with a satisfied popping sound, then brought his mouth down on the other one. He fondled her other breast, his fingers toying with her other nipple, pinching then rubbing it until she wasn’t sure which felt better.

“Kiss me.”

A slap against her thigh startled her.

Brody’s dark eyes plundered hers. “Don’t tell us what to do. If you’re going to be our woman”—he paused, then smiled down at her—“and you are, then you’re going to have to get used to our calling the shots. Got it?”

What else could she do but nod? She couldn’t tell them no. If they stopped, she would’ve fallen apart. They were giving her the real life versions of her fantasies.

Had he said “our woman”?

Wiley’s thrusting a finger into her pussy wiped away the question. Her mind whirled with emotions and feelings, but with little to no rational thought. Those would have to come later. Now was for experiencing sex as she’d never had it before.

Wiley sucked down on her clit just as she clamped her pussy walls around his digit. She whimpered, needing more from him, needing his cock. Even when he pushed two fingers into her, bringing the friction to a higher level of delight, she knew it was nothing compared to what his cock would give her.

Her body was in turmoil, readying for a climax that would thunder out of her. She tried to hang on, never having had more than one climax during sex, and let out a frustrated cry.

“Yes, baby, you’re going to come, all right. I want to taste your juices and feel them on my face.”

Brody swept his tongue over her nipple then took hold of her hair and tugged. “That’s right, Michelle. Don’t worry. Go ahead and let go. It won’t be your last orgasm. You can count on that.”

Wiley pumped his fingers in and out of her, driving her closer and closer. Once he touched her sensitive pad, she’d have no choice but to let it fly. He pressed his mouth over her clit, then pumped harder, faster.

“We won’t fuck you for real, baby.”

She stared at Brody, shocked by his words. “What?” Surely they weren’t going to leave her unsatisfied, without getting a taste of either one of their cocks.

“No. We’re letting you cream, but as for getting fucked? We’re going to save that for another day.”

“I don’t understand. You said I’d have more than one orgasm.” She panted as Wiley added yet a third finger. She was close, too close not to give in.

“You will. But the rest is for another day.”

He was tormenting her on purpose. He put his mouth to her nipple again, just as Wiley sucked in her clit then found her G-spot with his fingers.

The combined sensations were too much for her to withstand. Careless of where they were, she closed her eyes and let her release take her, screaming out her pain and ecstasy. Her body shook as wave after wave of the earthquake erupting inside her swept over her. She was still trembling when they took their hands and mouths from her.

When she had enough control over her body to open her eyes, they were standing beside the car watching her. Their gazes were heated and…smug.

She couldn’t think what to say. Why had they taken her so far and not satisfied themselves? She could see the hardness in their jeans and knew they had to be aching with need.

“Why didn’t you—” She tugged her blouse together, and with Wiley’s help, slid to her feet. Her skirt fell down, once more covering her.

Brody took her by the chin, making her look at him. “Don’t worry. Like I said, it won’t be the last time. And when we come to you again, you’re going to want it big time.”

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