About Aiden (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,283
6 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, angels, light bondage, HEA]

Paranormal reporter Terry Reeves is given an impossible task by his boss—hunt down angelic vigilante Aiden and get an interview, or look for another job. It's an almost impossible task since the man is rarely spotted and has never consented to an interview in the past.

Terry gets lucky, though, when snooping around an alley that Aiden was sighted in the day before. The angel swoops to his rescue and saves his life, and Terry thanks him with a trip back to his place and a night neither of them will forget in a hurry.

As their relationship progresses, though, Terry starts to have second thoughts about his motives. Will he be able to reveal his true purpose for hunting Aiden, and what will the angel’s reaction be when he finds out that he’s been lied to from the start?

A Siren Erotic Romance

About Aiden (MM)
6 Ratings (4.0)

About Aiden (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,283
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

A: "Terry Reeves is a reporter of the paranormal and just about to lose his job. His belligerent boss has informed him that if he doesn't get an interview with Aiden, a supposed angel, he's fired. Terry sweet talks his way into the bar, which is the last place that Aiden was seen. While snooping around back, where Aiden is known to hang out, Terry runs into a bit of trouble that requires Aiden's help to get him out alive. Because Aiden saved Terry's life, and the affects of those actions, Terry brings Aiden back to his home where some sparks fly. Terry is not quite sure how to go about getting the information he needs for the article and at this point, is starting to question the ethics of what he's doing. He really likes this guy. Throw in some blackmail, some vampires, weres, the lover who finds out he's being used, and there is quite a lot of action packed into the seventy-eight pages of this book. It's not overdone though. It's not a major mystery but you do get to try and guess who hired the bad guys . The real bonus, if you are so inclined, is that Aiden and Terry enjoy a bit of bondage. I found the story to be well-written. For as short as it is, it was developed well. I liked the characters and liked them together. It's not so much dealing with angles and other paranormal beings who are in the story as it is focusing on Terry's issues with his work so if you are looking for a story that focuses more on the angels themselves, this isn't it. But for what this story is, it was a nice short mystery with some bondage and hot sex." -- Stacey Jo, Man Oh Man Reviews

"Reporting for The Paranormal Times journalist Terry Reeves loves the work he does as he travels the globe searching out new and wild sightings of unexplained phenomenon. The only thorn in his side is his boss Jacobson. For some unknown reason the guy has it in for Terry. His latest assignment is to get an exclusive with the enigmatic Aiden. Some call him a vigilante and others claim that he’s an honest to god Angel. The only thing Terry is certain of is that if he doesn’t track the man down he will lose his job. Problem is, once Terry does find Aiden, talking is the last thing on his mind. This angel is one very naughty seraph when it comes to Terry in About Aiden. The sexual encounters between Terry and Aiden stand out as hot and hotter. The plotline keeps readers engaged even though the outcome is not a surprise. In fact, the only reader complaint is that the story ended too soon. About Aiden is a fun, fast, and enjoyable tale with an extra helping of sexy." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Aiden. No last name that I know of.” Terry twisted the phone cord around his fingers. “Yeah. He was in a fight outside your club last night, I hear. Well, no, I’m not police. I’m a reporter for The Parano— Hello? Crap.”

He replaced the receiver and rubbed his aching neck. His first lead in three damn weeks, and the club wouldn’t talk about it. From the reports, the man, Aiden, had been attacked by three shifters at once in the alley around the back of The Pit and walked away without a scratch. Even if that was an exaggeration, it was still worth an article by itself. Readers were always asking for Aiden scoops.

Terry sat back in his chair and dropped his legs back to the floor. One more week and I’m history. His boss hadn’t been kidding around this time. Not after the fiasco with the reported “merman” who turned out to be a sweaty man in a latex tail. Unfortunately Terry hadn’t found the truth until after he’d flown halfway across the globe on the newspaper’s money. When he’d given his boss the bad news, he was very nearly left stranded with no return ticket.

Speaking of whom...He dropped his legs back to the floor as Mr. Jacobson poked his sweat-sheened bald head around the door of the office.


Terry put on a fake enthusiastic smile. “I’m pretty sure it was him. The club isn’t talking, bu—”

“One week left, Reeves.” Jacobson stuck out a pudgy finger. “One!”

Terry nodded then winced as the door slammed shut. The task was a setup, of that there was no doubt. Jacobson wanted him out of his office, so he ordered Terry to find a man who some people didn’t even believe existed.


The name had changed over the years, but the description of the man, and his achievements, didn’t. By all accounts, he was a veritable superhero. Terry pulled two surveillance photos and a printout of a mobile phone shot from a slim manila folder and slapped them onto the desk.

They weren’t the best photos, but they were all he had, and that was more than anyone else had managed in a decade. Aiden was between six and six and a half feet tall, stocky with short black hair, and always wore a long trench coat. The rumoured reasons for this were as logical as to hide his sword and as farfetched as to hide his wings. Terry was hoping for the latter, given that he worked forThe Paranormal Times and not The Random Vigilante Times. Not that there was much chance of him being human. The man had been sighted in a dozen events this year alone, was always fighting against something undesirable and always winning, no matter the odds. I’d let him wrestle me to the floor anytime.

He tried to concentrate on the matter at hand. Jacobson had given him the job because he knew that it was impossible. No fewer than ten other reporters had tried to locate Aiden in the past year alone, and every one had failed.

“Well, I’m not going to be one of them.”

He stood and stretched out his back then yawned and ran a hand over his two days of stubble. He needed a shower and a shave, and then it was time to visit The Pit. The chances of Aiden returning were slim—he’d rarely done so in the past—but maybe there was something to be found in the alley. After a drink. Maybe I’ll get lucky in the club, too. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d got lucky. Pretty sure dinosaurs still roamed the earth.




“Something the matter?”

Terry shook his head. “Just relaxed.”

Something nudged against his ass. “That bodes well for me.”

He reached back, and his fingers found Aiden’s hard cock. “Already?”

“Yup.” He pushed forward and backward in Terry’s grip. “You up for it?”

“I think I could be persuaded...”

Terry slid his hand through the shower curtain and fumbled on the shelf beside it until he found what he was looking for. He closed his fist around the lube and tried not to come from excitement as he pulled the bottle into the shower and flipped the lid. He’d dreamt of this moment, even before meeting Aiden face-to-face. A strong, gorgeous man fucking him for all he was worth. Holding him hard against the wall while he had his way with his willing asshole.

Aiden took the bottle, his hand lingering on Terry’s for a moment before he busied himself coating his cock. Terry gasped as a slick finger found his hole.

“Been a while, huh?” Aiden said from behind, a smile in his voice.

“It has.” Terry adjusted his footing. “That doesn’t mean you should go easy on me, though.”

“No?” The finger slipped inside him. “How should I go, then?”

Terry took a shuddering breath as the fingertip slid away, only to be replaced by the pressure of Aiden’s cock pushing against his slick entrance. “Slow at first, then hard and fast. Treat me like you caught me breaking into your house.”

Aiden laughed. “You like it rough.”

“No, I don’t.” Terry pushed back against him. “I love it rough.”

“Well, if that’s what you want...” Aiden growled and pushed Terry against the shower wall. “I’m happy to oblige.”

Terry’s response was cut short as Aiden’s cock pushed harder against his ass. He took a breath and relaxed, letting Aiden work, and his cockhead pushed inside Terry’s ass with a moment of both pleasure and pain.

“Oh God!”

Aiden began to slide his cock farther inside then back out again then back in. Each time he increased the depth, and soon Terry couldn’t imagine there being any more room inside him. But Aiden wasn’t finished, and Terry had to breathe deep and relax to let Aiden fit his huge cock all the way inside.

“You’re huge,” he managed to gasp, but Aiden just snarled in response and held Terry’s head under the hot water.

“I didn’t say you could speak, did I?” Terry shook his head, and Aiden released the grip. “Good boy. Now, stand there and take it like a man.”

Terry nodded and bit on his lip as the angel sped his strokes, slipping his entire length back and forth inside Terry’s slick hole. He had never felt anything so simultaneously painful and exquisite in his life. Aiden knew exactly what he was doing and managed to hit the right spot on every stroke so that Terry didn’t dare grab his own cock in fear he’d come straightaway. I want this to last. Instead he slapped his hands against the wall and moved his hips along with Aiden’s strokes.

“You feel perfect,” Aiden said, his breath ragged. “It’s like you were made to take my cock.”

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