Ravyn's Heart (MM)

Ravyn Warriors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,650
19 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys]

Allasandro, also known as Ally-cat, is a demon warrior with a sense of humor. He’s a legend among his Ravyn warrior brothers and the Demon Prince they guard for his expert pursuit of both male and female admirers. An admitted commitment-phobe, the last thing he wants in life is a "forever" kind of relationship.

The vampire Damian has long since given up on finding true love. Then he meets the cocky Ravyn warrior who ignites his passions like nothing else. He shouldn’t want Allasandro, but he can’t seem to help himself. After living the past decade alone, he’s ready for forever, and the only one who will satisfy him is the one man he shouldn’t desire.

Ally has agreed to look for a boy toy for the vampire on behalf of Damian’s son, Dageus. But the powerful, brooding man that he’s agreed to set up is everything he’s ever wanted in a mate. Damian is breaking his limits faster than he can erect them, and duty and propriety are interfering ever more heavily in their affair. Can Ally commit to the relationship, or is their taboo romance just too much for the warrior to handle?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Ravyn's Heart (MM)
19 Ratings (4.5)

Ravyn's Heart (MM)

Ravyn Warriors 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,650
19 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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Second book in the Ravyn series. A great read. I'm looking forward to the next book.
Professional Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Ravyn’s Heart sucked me in and wouldn’t let go until I finished reading it. Jana Downs did a good job continuing with the lives of the Ravyn Warriors. Ally-cat was a fitting nickname for Allasandro until he fell under the spell of Damian, Ally’s best friend’s father. Complicated doesn’t even begin to touch on that subject. They start out casual, but Damian’s desire for Ally’s blood and the sharing of his own, starts the Bride bond. Damian knew the risks, and he was willing to take them to keep Allasandro as his. His biggest mistake was not asking Ally what he wanted. They need and want each other, and neither is willing to give an inch. Well, until the other Ravyn’s and their Prince step in. Misunderstanding, complications, and love are all tangled up in Ravyn’s Heart. This was a great sequel to Ravyn’s Blood. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series to find out what happens with the rest of the Warriors." -- Samhain Queene, Dark Divas Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Allasandro is doing a favor for his fellow Ravyn Dageus (Kal) when he meets a man who pushes all his buttons. Unfortunately, he also happens to be Dageus’s vampire dad. Damian becomes intrigued by the Ravyn Allasandro and it isn’t long before the sparks and clothes are flying, it’s just a shame that Dageus is against it happening. This is a great story-line where Ally-Cat finally finds someone who he wants to spend more than just a night with. Ally has been attracted to men in the past but never acted on it; he loves to be the centre of attention and has an out-going personality. Damian is controlling and seems dour, he no longer sings, always having his head buried in spread-sheets, he put his love life on hold when he adopted Dageus and now Dageus wants to find him a boyfriend. What we get from the first with these two men (Damian & Ally) is passionate, intense and kinky, they hit it off great but then a couple of spanners are thrown in. I must admit I thought that after everything that had happened that Damian’s reaction was quite rational while being un-rational. Ally’s reaction was to be expected as he didn’t want to hurt his best friend or team and then he felt betrayed.  Dageus can be a right spoiled brat including throwing royal temper tantrums that really made me wonder if he was really a Ravyn or a Diva in disguise. A well written plot that has left a little something for us to dwell on which hopefully we find out more about in the next installment of Ravyn’s Warriors. So, if you want conflict, emotional conflict, hot sex, slightly kinky hot sex, tantrums, hints of secrets and a bit of danger thrown in, then I really don’t know what you are waiting for; because this has it all so, go read it and enjoy." -- Pixie, MM Good Book Reviews

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“Yes, Damian. Gods, whatever you say. Please.” He moaned, and his eyes slid shut. The sensation of fingers penetrating wasn’t an unfamiliar one. He’d had women try it before, and he’d always been able to take it or leave it. With Damian…the way he curled his fingers up to score a small, knotted pleasure spot inside him with each thrust made the experience damn near religious for Allasandro.

“Ready for more?” Damian asked. Ally nodded quickly, spreading his legs farther apart. Two fingers penetrated him then. Ally cried out at the stretching sensation and the slight burn, but when Damian curled his fingers once again, he forgot all about the discomfort of the two sensations.

“Please. Please. Please,” Ally babbled. He was a noisy lover. That was why he usually used a washcloth. Damian was eating it up.

“Please what?” he growled.

“Please fuck me. Please. I need you inside. Need it so bad…wanted it so bad. Please, Damian.”

“Want my cock, naughty boy?” Damian taunted, using his other hand to grab his own cock and slide it against the crease of Ally’s ass to tease him. Ally whimpered.


“Yes what?” Damian demanded sharply, pressing just the tip of his dick inside Ally’s unused passage as he withdrew his fingers.

“Yes, sir. I want your cock.” The softly spoken words made Damian shudder this time. The Ravyn felt a moment’s satisfaction over the fact until his mind blanked completely as Damian pushed inside him.

Damian forged a path into Ally’s body one excruciating inch at a time. He paused periodically, making sure that Allasandro was adjusted properly before continuing on. He needn’t have worried. The Ravyn was meeting him push for push, thrust for thrust. He was writhing like a fish on the end of a hook and was enjoying every second of it.

“Come inside, Damian. I won’t break. Promise.” Allasandro grunted, his hips rotating to take Damian deeper. The words were enough. Damian appeared to be at the end of his patience for the slow pace he’d set. The urge to fuck and fuck hard was written all over the vampire’s strained features. It was sexy as hell. Damian lunged forward, skewering Allasandro with his impressive mass before beginning a driving rhythm that was guaranteed to bring them both to screaming release in no time flat.

Ally reached out with his mind, needing to feel the closeness that came with sex. It wasn’t just a physical act with him. It was a mental one as well. His mind was the strongest of the Ravyns, and gallivanting around other people’s heads was second nature to him. He gasped as their minds merged together. His vision blurred as he saw through his own eyes and his lover’s at the same time. It made his head spin.

Bloody hell, what are you doing?” Damian gasped, his hips jerking harder as their minds slid into one another. He groaned louder and angled his hips to the exact angle Ally needed.

“Yes!” Ally cried out. His hands snaked up and left scratch marks down Damian’s muscular back. The pleasure flowed back and forth between, building as it flowed. It was a ricochet effect that Allasandro had never experienced with any other lover. Of course he’d never had a vampire lover before. Every individual sensation of pleasure rippled through the other person until they were both overly sensitized by touch. They gasped in unison as the orgasm began. Neither of them knew who’d started to fall first, but they were racing to completion together.

Damian’s hips lost their rhythm, and it became a hard pounding that sought only his own pleasure. Ally was right there with him. He cried out over and over, babbling incoherently and loving the expressions that were crossing Damian’s face as their minds’ joining took him higher. Damian grunted from the exertion and his cock nailed Allasandro’s prostate with every lunge. Ally had a feeling that experiencing the pleasure internally and externally tested the limits of what Damian knew of ultimate pleasure. Gods knew that this had just become the most intense sexual encounter of Ally’s considerably long life.

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