Pack Initiation (MM)

City Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,173
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Darren Lane, a newly turned werewolf, finds love and friendship in experienced were Paul Christenson, and is soon invited into Paul’s wolf pack, led by alpha Ethan. Problems soon surface, though, when Paul’s old pack leader, Gabriel, attempts to blackmail Paul into committing a brutal crime. Just what is it that Gabriel holds over Paul’s head?

Paul is left with a dilemma. He refuses to do what Gabriel asks of him, but if he doesn’t Gabriel will reveal to Ethan the reason why Paul was forced out of his pack. He could tell Ethan himself and minimize the fallout, but he knows his new pack leader. If Ethan found out about Gabriel’s threats, it could lead to a pack war.

With tensions increasing between the two wolf packs, will Darren and Paul come through with their relationship, and their lives, intact?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Pack Initiation (MM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Pack Initiation (MM)

City Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,173
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Professional Reviews

4 SWEET PEAS: "JC Holly’s second book in the City Wolves series, Pack Initiation, is even better than the first one, and is what a sequel should be. It picks up with some of the characters from the previous book, some of the plot threads, and adds new characters and new drama. Darren has been changed into a werewolf but instead of sticking around for help he decides to figure things out on his own. Unfortunately, he encounters the evil Gabriel who tries to blackmail him into committing a crime which would cause him to be ousted from the pack, or worse. Gabriel is trying to start a pack war and using the newest, most unaware werewolves as his minions. Darren visits the local werewolf bar and finds an instant attraction to Paul which he doesn’t understand nor does he want to follow through on it. He doesn’t really have a choice, however, and it is Paul who will have to help Darren as well as his alpha, Ethan, to overcome what Gabriel is setting up. This is an exciting story and leads us to the next book in the series, which I am eager to read!" -- Becky Condit, Mrs. Condit Reads Books

4 HEARTS: "I have just finished the second book in this series and must say I did enjoy if much more then the first one. I see more development of the characters and the world building. I also felt there was more of a plot to this story with just enough left open for the next in the series. Paul has just become a new enforcer for Ethan. However he has been less then truthful about his reasons for leaving his former pack and is still finding himself dragged into their corrupt ways each time he turns a corner. While on a routine run on his pack land he stumbles across a newly turned wolf and offers to introduce him to his Alpha to see if he wishes to join the pack. The dynamic between Darren and Paul is wonderful. Paul is the more experienced of the two and takes Darren under his wing and into his bed as they slowly begin to bond with each other. The characters in this series are definitely different than previous shifter books. There is no discussion of mated couples, no mating knots, just love making that is extremely tender and hot at the same time. The smaller person of the couples in this series play important roled in the protection and caring for their lover as well as themselves. They are not shown as lesser for their submissive nature or relegated to a less central role but strong and equals in the relationship. My two main regrets in this series are that the cover art truly does not represent the true descriptions of the main characters and that they had not reintroduced Conor." -- Kevin, Hearts On Fire Reviews

A: "Darren Lane was turned by a werewolf while on a trip but left on his own to figure it out by himself. On a night out at the local bar, The Wolf Pack, he meets, Paul Christenson, a member of Ethan’s pack. Sparks fly right away, but Darren is shaken because he doesn’t understand what the connection is. He can’t resist Paul and soon they are on a date that moves quickly into a friendship where Darren finds the love he’s been looking for. Things go bad in a hurry when Gabriel, Paul’s old pack leader, summons Paul and tries to blackmail him into committing a terrible crime. Should Paul tell Ethan and risk being kicked out of the pack or do what Gabriel wants and risk being kicked out of the pack for following Gabriel’s orders? It’s a real dilemma. Gabriel has ways of ensuring his cooperation though and Paul needs Ethan’s help after all. Gabriel’s ultimate goal is to create a pack war, which looks to be where book three will be leading us. I liked this second book better than the first. There were a couple of subplots going on that were all interesting and served to keep the story lines moving along at a nice clip. It was an engaging story. I really liked Paul and Darren and they were pretty hot together. I’m looking forward to the next book now that we are all set up for the pack war. A really nice series so far." -- Stacey Jo, Man Oh Man Reviews

4 KISSES: "Darren Lane, who has recently been turned into a werewolf, is befriended by Paul Christenson. Paul also introduces Darren to Ethan, his pack leader. When Paul’s old pack leader, Gabriel, tried to make Paul commit a crime, Darren will have to find out what Gabriel has over Paul in order to force him into doing what he wants. Paul is protecting his new pack Alpha and is trying to avoid a war. Will Darren be able to help Paul get free of Gabriel before it’s too late? What will happen to all of their lives if Paul can no longer keep the peace? Pack Initiation, the second book in the City Wolves series by JC Holly, is a really fun read. I love werewolves; give me them and hot man love and I am a very happy reader. While this story was slightly predictable in places, it did not detract from my reading pleasure. Darren is a story on his own, but he’s a soft character. I liked those two things about him; he was really interesting to get to know and I enjoyed peeling back the layers to his personality. Ethan and Paul are really diverse characters too; they are both very Alpha in temperament and have huge protective streaks. This is the first book I’ve read in the City Wolves series and I wish I had read the first one when it came out. I really want to know more about these characters. I would suggest reading them in order so you don’t get too lost as to who is who. This is a fun, fast read with hot man love and lots of Alpha werewolves (my favorite kind). If you like hot man love and hot shapeshifters, this is the book for you!" -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews

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A new scent. Paul paused in the shadow of a nearby tree heavy with snow and sniffed the air. It was certainly a shifter, a male shifter, but the scent was muted. Light, almost airy, too. That meant that whoever they were, they hadn’t been a shifter for long.

On powerful legs, he sprinted in the direction of the scent. He was downwind, and the wolf was new and probably not used to their abilities, so he could get close as long as he slowed as he got near.

The trees rushed by on either side as Paul bounded through the deep snow. Going so fast was reckless if he hadn’t known the area, but Paul had hunted and played in the copse of trees for years. He knew every rabbit hole, every exposed root.

On he ran, dodging remembered trouble spots, running on instinct and adrenaline. The scent grew stronger as the other wolf changed direction, and Paul slowed and headed off to the side, coming to a halt behind a thick-trunked oak.

The new wolf came into sight a few seconds later, apparently unaware of Paul’s proximity. The wolf was smaller than him, with a lighter brown coat, but moved just as fast, if not faster. His muscles shifted under his skin like finely tuned machines.

Just as Paul thought he was in the clear, the wolf skidded to a halt and spun to face the tree he stood behind. Better senses than I gave him credit for.

Paul padded out from behind the tree, his pace slow, his stance unthreatening. The new wolf backed up a few steps, then stopped. He was obviously confused. Maybe the guy thought he was the only shifter in town. Boy, is he in for a shock.

The two wolves stood stock-still for a few seconds, then the new wolf bolted back the way he had come. Paul watched him go, then headed off further into the woods. He had some thinking to do.


* * * *


Darren scrabbled back through his tunnel into his shed and shook the dirt free from his fur, spattering the wooden walls with snow and dirt. He shifted back into his human form and quickly pulled on his clothes.

Who the hell was that wolf? No, not wolf, werewolf. Somehow Darren knew that the guy was the same as he was, and it freaked him the hell out. He retrieved his door key and placed a hand on the cold shed door, then paused. What if the wolf had followed him home? Wolves in the wild were territorial, so it made sense that at least some werewolves would feel the same. The wolf could be waiting on the other side of the door.

“I can’t stay in here all damn day,” he muttered.

After a deep breath, he pushed the door wide and stepped out, half expecting to be bowled over. There was no one, and no footprints in the snow other than his own, either. With a sigh of relief he jogged back to his kitchen door and let himself in, locking it behind him then kicking off his snow-covered boots.

The more he thought about the encounter, the less concerned he became about the wolf being hostile. Yes, the wolf had hidden behind a tree, and only a chance gust of wind had alerted him to its scent, but when discovered, the wolf revealed itself and didn’t show any hostility. If it wanted to, it could have torn out Darren’s back leg as he ran away. It would have been an easy kill.

He shuddered, and it wasn’t just from the low temperature. Before his change, even the mere thought of such fights would have him come out in a cold sweat, but since the wolf took up residence in his head, a coldness had settled over his thoughts. He wasn’t a fan, but it had its advantages. It was much easier to remain calm in situations that used to make him anxious. On the other hand, it had shortened his temper significantly. It was a tough balance to maintain.

Something on the floor caught his attention. It was the flyer for The Wolfpack. The opening of the door must have blown it off the table. He stooped to retrieve it and clipped it back onto the fridge.

A drink would take his mind off things. He’d call Robby and see if he was up for a night out.

“But first, a shower before I freeze to death.”




It was getting late, so Paul settled up—despite Darren’s insistence he’d pay half—and they headed back to the truck.

The drive back was quiet to begin with. Paul seemed to be thinking about something work related, judging by the frowns, and Darren was wondering where to go next with the evening. Paul answered the question by snapping out of his reverie and glancing at Darren for a moment before turning back to the road.

“So, you really wanted to pay half?”

Darren nodded. “I like to pay my way.”

Paul shifted in his seat. “Well, how about you pay me another way.”

Darren started to question. Right up until Paul reached down and unfastened the top button on his pants. That was enough hint for Darren. He reached over and slowly worked Paul’s zipper down, then slid his hand through the opening on the front of his boxers. Holy hell. Darren’s fingers wrapped around the thickest shaft they ever had, and he pulled Paul’s cock free. It was the biggest Darren had ever seen outside of a porn video, and it wasn’t even hard yet.

“You like?” Paul asked, a smirk on his lips.

“Definitely,” Darren replied, his mouth dry. “Uncut, too. My favorite.”

He massaged the thick member as it hardened, then rolled back the foreskin, revealing the huge cockhead. Darren almost winced at the thought of it sliding into his ass.

“You’re so big,” he murmured as he bent to lick the head.

Paul shuddered, then pushed Darren away gently. “Just your hand. I’d crash if you did anything else.”

Darren restrained a grin. “Yes, sir.”

Paul smiled. “Nice and slow. It’s a long drive, and I don’t want to come till we get back to your place.”

Darren nodded once, then began to stroke Paul’s cock. He was dying to kiss it, to run his tongue over the vast head, and to taste his cum, but he had to admit he was a fan of hand jobs, too. The feeling of the silky skin beneath his grip, the odd twinge when he went too fast and Paul had to tense to hold back from coming.

“You’re good at this,” Paul said, his eyes on the road. “I’m thinking I should pay for everything.”

Darren smirked to himself, ignoring the burn in his wrist from his odd angle. If anyone driving past looked in the cab, they’d wonder what it was he was doing.

After a few more minutes they pulled into Darren’s driveway and Paul refastened his pants over his bulging cock.

Darren jumped out of his side of the truck and headed to the front door, butterflies in his stomach at what might follow. Paul must have been pretty damn horny by that point. God, he wanted this man. He rattled the key in the door and headed inside, Paul just behind him.

“Bedroom,” the larger man said as he closed the door and flipped the latch.

Darren didn’t argue. He took the steps slowly, despite his urge to take them three at a time. He turned into the bedroom and waited for Paul. He arrived a moment later, already fiddling with the button on his pants.

“Kneel next to the footrail of the bed.”

Darren did as he was told, swallowing a little disappointment. He’d wanted to move straight to the bed, despite his earlier speech about not going that far on a first date. The thought of sucking Paul’s cock certainly held appeal, though, and it would make it all the more intense when they finally hit the mattress. With a smile he dropped to his knees, facing the door.

Paul walked through a moment later, his hand rubbing against the bulge in his pants. As he neared he unfastened the zip and pulled his hard cock out, stroking it slowly as he neared. He stopped mere inches from Darren’s face. Darren leant forward to kiss the tip, and Paul withdrew a little, just out of reach.

“Put your hands behind your head and open your mouth.”

Darren did as he was told, and Paul moved a little closer, placing the tip of his cock on the end of Darren’s tongue. Painstakingly slowly, he moved back and forth on the tongue, going deeper on each stroke, though only by a small amount. Darren savored the hint of salty pre-cum on the cockhead, his gaze not leaving Paul’s.

After a few minutes of slow work, Paul reached down and placed a hand on the back of Darren’s head, over his hands. At the same time he pushed his cock far back into Darren’s throat. The hand increased its pressure, too, pulling Darren onto the cock. The head hit the back of his throat, and he fought hard to gag. Paul noticed and withdrew a little.

“You okay with this?”

Darren mumbled an ascent, though it was muffled by the mouthful of cock. Just not had one so huge in a while. He opened his throat and Paul slowly pushed his way down. If the cock had felt big in Darren’s hand, it felt enormous in his throat, but he fought the urge to gag and focused on Paul.

Paul’s eyes were shut. He groaned softly as he built up the speed and depth, until Darren’s nose grazed his pubic hair. That spurred Paul on, and he built the speed further, slamming his cock into Darren’s mouth so hard that his balls slapped Darren’s chin. On and on, harder and faster he went until he finally gasped and pulled the cock free.

Darren leant forward, gasping and coughing while Paul jerked his cock with his hand. Darren felt a hand on his hair and a moment later he was jerked back upright. Paul grunted, his attention wholly on the cock in his hand. Darren knew what was coming and opened his mouth wide again, just in time to receive a load of cum to the face and neck. Spurt after spurt came, and Darren did his best to catch as much in his mouth as he could until Paul finally stopped, gasping.

As Paul watched, Darren wiped a line of cum from his chin and sucked his finger dry.

“So, what’s next?”


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