Alexis Martin

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Missouri and Illinois are my usual stomping grounds. I grew up in a rural town just east of the Mississippi River, across from St. Louis. I have been in law enforcement, doing my part to protect the mid-west for the past twelve years. I enjoy working with people and helping others to improve their lives.

For nine years I have been a major crimes investigator and I can tell you it's not like CSI.

The biggest joy for me is spending time with my beautiful boys and watching them grow. Life is every bit a miracle and it keeps me in awe everyday.

Q: What is your favorite sport?

A: I would have to say football. All the planning, preparation, and teamwork that goes into one play for the sole purpose of scoring. Sounds pretty good to me.

Q: Who are your favorite sports teams?

A: Since I am from the mid-west I love the St. Louis Cardinals. I am equally split between two football teams, the St. Louis Rams and the Chicago Bears.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: Cooking. Some say my steaks are so delicious I should open my own steak house. The secret is aged beef, lightly seasoned and well buttered--you can't go wrong. MMMM...

Q: Is it difficult to juggle work, writing, and family life?

A: At times--absolutely. It can be an impossible task to find thirty minutes of undisturbed time to develop my characters on most days. But on the good days, when you can punch out 5,000 words, more than makes up for it.

Q: What aspect of writing do you enjoy the most?

A: The challenges of a difficult scene, making everything gel until you're satisfied. Creating deep characters with strong personalities and the chance to create rich new worlds.






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