Flight to Avalon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,608
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, with F/F and M/F/M, orgies, spanking, voyeurism]

Captain Tiana Trevor, blinded by revenge, has been hired to track down her old flame, Blade Masterson. Lost for weeks in the wilds, Tiana and Jasmeena, an alien assassin from Jaxon, finally stumble upon Dragon Tongue, a rare flower that turns men into sex-starved monsters. The whole crew is affected by the yellow spores, and Tiana and Jasmeena find themselves at the center of a ravishing they will not soon forget.

Tiana finds Blade on the rust-colored planet of Othella in the Avalon System. In an effort to block Blade from her mind, she uses two burly ship mechanics, Jagger and Dirk, to satisfy her needs. Meanwhile, Jasmeena, a beautiful blue alien woman from Jaxon, eventually finds Blade in a seedy tavern and seduces him with hardly any effort. Her assassination plans are put on hold after she and Blade engage in a wrestling match that quickly turns into much more.

Blade escapes Othella only to be captured by his former love, Tiana, who subjects Blade to her special form of torture while they journey back to their home planet. Only then does Blade divulge his true feelings for Tiana and his real motivation for stealing the amulet.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Flight to Avalon (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Flight to Avalon (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,608
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston



It was nearing late afternoon when Tiana, leading the group, stumbled upon an enchanting field of purple and yellow flowers. She slowed the line behind her, halting their progress, and plucked one beautiful flower from its stem.

A slight breeze swept across the vale, sending tiny yellow spores floating like a colored snow across the land. Tiana was struck by the scene and watched in bewilderment.

Jasmeena scanned the gentle slope of vividly colored flowers and, in a fright, glanced toward the men standing behind her.

Tiana noted the Jaxon’s uneasiness but placed the flower petal in her long dark hair anyway, behind the ear.

“What crawled up your blue ass?” Tiana commented, seeing the sour expression and the fear showing in Jasmeena’s golden eyes.

“You don’t want that flower in your hair,” she said coldly. “It is called the Dragon’s Tongue.”

The name meant nothing to Tiana, and she plucked another one from the ground to get a rise out of Jasmeena.

The Scepter pulled Tiana to the side hastily and lowered her voice to a snarl. “It is a rare flower. The rarest and most potent aphrodisiac known in the universe. To see so many flowering Dragon’s Tongues in one place is almost impossible.”

“From my experience aphrodisiacs are typically a good thing,” Tiana replied drily.

“Not these,” Jasmeena countered. “Dragon’s Tongues turn men into crazy animals, beasts that will not stop until they are satisfied.”

Tiana smiled naughtily. “That sounds like fun to me.”

Jasmeena growled. “You are ignorant of the Dragon’s Tongue’s effect on men—its power. They will not be the men you once knew. They will be transformed into groveling monsters with one thought—sexual release. They will not be gentle or caring, and will not stop until their goal has been accomplished.”

“And what is that goal?”

“To plant their seed into the nearest female without any other thoughts or concerns. It unlocks their most primal instincts. One small whiff of pollen and the internal changes will begin to take place.”

“What’s the hold up?” Dirk shouted from the back of the line.

“We are going around,” said Jasmeena, moving to corral everyone away from the field of flowers.

Tiana pitched the flower petal to the ground and helped Jasmeena shuffle the men in a different direction, away from the open meadow of pretty flowers. Before Jasmeena could explain herself and warn the group of the flower’s attributes, the breeze shifted, sending a wall of yellow pollen to wash over the entire group. All of them were covered in tiny yellow dots, and it clung to the skin like glue.

Jasmeena had a “holy shit” look on her face when she turned toward Tiana. “We should…run.”

“Run?” Tiana echoed, seeing each of the men holding their heads with their hands.

Suddenly Suzwa’s voice rang out, his eyes turning deep red and glassy. “Do as Jasmeena says. I…I can’t resist much longer.”




She paused in her work to consider his naked form. She was starting to feel that needy twinge in her pussy as she focused on Blade’s well-defined body.

The juices began flowing and her mind began spinning at having him confined in front of her naked and helpless.

Stop this! She chastised herself. This is supposed to be a punishment for this man. Not some S&M game to be enjoyed.

Fingering his chest lightly, she slid it down to the softness of the dark hairs below his belly button. Just like clockwork, she watched the blood rush to his instrument, swelling it nice and firm.

“It does appear that you are enjoying this for now,” she conceded. She licked his nipple just because it was staring at her and flicked it with her tongue.

Her warm mouth captured his other nipple, kneading, swirling until it became rigid in between her lips, savoring his saltiness. Pinching it with her front teeth, she pulled it back until he grunted softly.

“Am I turning you on, baby?” she asked seductively in a throaty voice.

With the awesome power of his erection, fully swollen and throbbing with desire, she didn’t need to ask the question. She only wanted to hear him say it.

She knew it would be a cold day in hell before he gave up the location of the amulet, and he probably couldn’t wait to see what else she had in store for him.

She rose on her tiptoes to slowly kiss his exposed neck as she pinched the crown of his cock with a thumb and index finger.

He shuddered against the new touch. Keeping her thumb pad under his crown, she moved the very tip of her index finger to the opening of his penis and pressed firmly, inserting her square-tipped fingernail into the tiny slit.

He gave her a smoldering expression, and his magnificent cobalt blue eyes almost turned feral.

“Release me, Tiana. I want to love you like you deserve to be loved. I should have told you everything from the beginning.”

“That is the whole idea,” she admitted, “to tell me everything.”

Blade was already leaking clear fluid like a faucet.

Collecting his pre-cum on the palm of her hand, she smeared it along his shaft, stroking him firmly with a fist. Three more jerky movements along his length, and he was nearly to the point of begging.

“I want to fuck you, Tiana. I can’t take your touch anymore. I need you—now.”

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