Undead Tango (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,086
5 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, HEA]

The T-1004 virus has decimated the land and all civilization, causing the dead to rise again. Zombies have taken over the world. Four unlikely heroes band together for the ultimate test of survival. It is nonstop, shoot-'em-up intense action for four comrades that try to fight their way out of the bowels of hell, leaving a wake of dead infected in their path.

Skye Radly, a no-nonsense raven-haired beauty, teams up with Will Archer, SWAT team leader, ex-con Vander Lungren, and college student Cody Jacobs. The passion begins to build in this bleak world where every dark corner is shrouded in death, but can love survive in these turbulent times, and will they find sanctuary before all hope is lost? Desire hits the boiling point when all three men try to win Skye over in their own way through their perilous journey, leaving Skye with many blissful opportunities and unanticipated experiences from her three closest companions. Laugh-out-loud humor, heated desire, and life-changing experiences await them all in Undead Tango.

Even in the darkest of darks, light can be found, only if you are willing to search for it.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Undead Tango (MFMM)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Undead Tango (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,086
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
very funny, loved it



Will knew this day was coming, but it was still hard to shake the sting of it. “I could use that drink right now,” he admitted

Vander tossed him the bottle. Will removed the cap, took three deep swallows, and forced a smile.

“Well…Cody,” Will said. “Looks like you’re in for one hell of a night. Enjoy it.” His tone was obviously less than enthusiastic—even borderline depressing.

“Do you love her, too?” Cody asked.

“She is an easy woman to fall in love with,” Will replied. “Two men in love with the same woman never turns out good in my experience.”

“How about three. Since all the cards are on the table,” Vander piped in. “Sorry to burst your bubble, Will, but I had my eye on her since the day I saw her.”

Will took two more hard swallows and cleared his mouth. “You made that painfully obvious. Every time I turn around you’re eye fucking her. I doubt she has any interest in a convict like you.”

“I beg to differ,” Vander argued. “One night, not so long ago, we almost went the distance one might be inclined to say.”

Why that dirty rat bastard! Will set the bottle down and glared at his new nemesis, Vander Lungren. “That’s it,” he growled while grabbing an enormous, black dildo from the shelf behind him. He tore open the package and held it like a club. “Get over here so I can shove this so far up your ass you’ll choke on it. Who knows, it may remind you of prison.”

Vander puffed his huge chest and stepped into the challenge. “You’re a nut case, Will. Skye may be the only woman left on the face of the Earth, and you want to kill me with a dildo. I am not going to chase after any zombie skirts. I’ll tell ya that. Skye is fair game, my man.”

Will swung it forward and smacked Vander over the head with the rubber phallus.

Vander looked nonplussed. “You actually just hit me with a rubber cock. Now I am going to make you swallow it.”

“Bring it on, tough guy.”

Vander grabbed a massive, pink dildo, ribbed for her pleasure, and brandished it like a sword. “Get ready to feel my wrath,” he said, charging in like a samurai warrior.

For a big man he was swift on his feet, and Will found himself on the defensive, parrying blow after blow with his black schlong.

Vander finally faltered by stumbling, and Will swatted him over the ass. Vander deflected the other blow and came on strong. The tip of the pink rod connected with Will’s chin, and it felt as if a large rubber band slapped his face. Then they were circling each other like a couple of swordsmen from a very low-budget film using fake cocks.

Finally Cody stepped in between the dueling pair. “Enough, before someone gets penetrated. This is probably one of the most bizarre fights I’ve ever seen. Kind of reminds me of that one Jedi scene in Star Wars except they weren’t fighting with rubber penises. Look, you guys, this is silly—we are all friends here, aren’t we?”

Will dropped his rubber cock, and Vander followed suit. The boy made sense. The whole thing was insane.

“We all love Skye,” Cody continued. “What is the problem with that? She is the most extraordinary woman I ever met, and she may share the same feelings as we do. We can’t let our jealousy destroy what we have—destroy the friendships we share. You guys are the only family I have. Without you I’d be a frickin’ zombie by now.”

“I think he’s right,” Vander agreed. “We could either ask Skye who she really loves or be happy with sharing whatever she is willing to give. I’m not greedy. One night a week will do me just fine.”

Will hated hearing it, but deep down he knew it was probably true. Skye was the only female in the group, and he couldn’t hoard her all to himself. “What do you propose we do? Tell her we all love her and give her a calendar to pencil her days down with us?”

“Given our predicament, something like that may work…I suppose,” Vander said. “Come on let’s go ask her—tell her of our brilliant idea.”




She shoved his jaw away and kissed the dimple of his chin, the lump of his throat, and dropped lower to the center of his chest to lick around his right nipple.

“Shit,” Cody whispered when she captured his nipple. She flicked her tongue over his bud and didn’t stop until it hardened between her teeth. He gasped something under his breath she couldn’t understand, and she moved to his other nipple and toyed with it until it, too, stood on end.

Her kisses descended down the center of his flat stomach where only a thin line of hair was visible. Cody was breathing very heavy now, almost to the point he was hyperventilating.

“Relax,” she said in a purring voice. “I promise I won’t hurt you, Cody. I realize you never had sex before, but have you ever had a blow job?”

He lifted his head, and his eyes seemed to darken, glaze over with lust. “Never.”

Skye reached down and helped him remove his boots then slid his pants free. He helped by lifting his hips, and his cock flipped up to smack his stomach he was so hard.

“Very nice, Cody. You have a beautiful cock,” she said, trying to ease his tensions. And it was. His penis seemed perfectly shaped as if it had been cast in a mold. Erect, Cody was every bit of seven inches, she estimated, and he was thick. But what interested her most was the reddish head, shaped like a fat arrow, and barely visible for the sheath covering it. It was the first time she had seen an uncut cock, and she couldn’t wait to explore it further.


* * * *


Cody’s mind seemed to swirl in all directions, between perpetual bliss and heaven as Skye gripped the base of his shaft. Her lips touched him, and she ran kisses along the underside of his dick. Her hands were like magic against his flesh and her full lips soft as a baby’s bottom.

It was not until her lips closed around his crown, encasing him in a blanket of wet warmth, he began to panic. He was going to lose it—explode already? This can’t be. But it was. Her tongue squirmed against his sheath as her mouth sucked. When her teeth raked back his foreskin, it was over.

“Skye, Skye,” he said in a trembling voice. “I’m going to…to—” Before he could warn her his cock convulsed violently, the seed being drawn from him by Skye’s irresistible mouth. It amazed Cody that Skye didn’t flinch or even relent when he filled her mouth with his arousal. She continued sucking through his orgasm as if nothing had happened.

He felt horrible for climaxing so quickly—within mere seconds of her mouth touching him. He must have disappointed her immensely. “I am so…so sorry, Skye. I guess I failed at this.”

She spit the creamy cock from her mouth, and stared directly into his eyes. “No apology necessary, sweetie. That is exactly what should have happened. I would be worried if it didn’t.” She smiled and pulled him to the bench. “Would you like to taste me now?”

Hell yes he would, He watched Skye as she lay against the leather bench, arched her chest, and planted her heels on both sides of the bench, inviting him.

He stole a moment to compose himself and to gaze upon the beauty before him. She was splendid in every sense of the word. Her flesh was the color of mocha, breasts full and perky, with thick, rose-colored nipples that were designed to be sucked and celebrated. He cast his lingering gaze southward, past her tight stomach and rounded hips to her delectable, bald mound. He could clearly see the glistening curve of each gentle fold, the pinkness of her plump labia that ever so slightly angled outward as if ready to receive him. He could only describe it as rare and most perfect flower.

He sank to his knees, kissed her neck, and tried to relax his breathing. She smelled of strawberries and sunshine, the perfect combination. He caused her to actually whimper when his hands molded around her breasts. They were soft yet firm and the harder he squeezed, more sounds escaped her. He believed they were the sounds of an angel.

Her body arched forward when he took one of her puffy nipples into his mouth. His tongue laved over the beaded nub, and her hands caressed his shoulders. The nipple swelled in his mouth, and he tenderly bit at it. That drew a laugh from Skye. She drew him by the ears and drug him over to her other breast. He sucked in the other nipple as if wanting to feed. He suckled her while lightly tugging the other nipple with a free hand.

“Dang, Cody,” she whimpered. “You’re killing me. Sure you never did this before?”


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