Alice in Eroticland

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 11,500
4 Ratings (4.0)

(Public sex / multiple partners)

Ten years after her initial visit to Wonderland, Alice returns on her Twenty-first birthday. Only it's no longer Wonderland or Crazyland as you Alice thought of Wonderland. Now, it was Eroticland and the prurient Ruby, the Queen of Diamonds is now in charge. Follow Alice as she winds her way through the sexual experience of a lifetime.

Alice in Eroticland
4 Ratings (4.0)

Alice in Eroticland

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 11,500
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Dee Dawning
Awesome book!!!!!! Wish i had the Hatter and Romeo and the queen here to do that to me! I got wet everytime i read it.
Cookie Monster
Loved it so much..... I picked up a few more twisted tales!!!!!
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MR Review
Rating: ****
Reviewer: Alberta
Alice is turning 21 as she returns to the place where she was introduced to the likes of Mad Hatter, caterpillar, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, etc. What greets her there is an entire new hierarchy of characters, most of whom are nude and ready for action. Alice is more than ready for all the sexual delights that are her birthday presents from her old friends.

The mushrooms that made her larger and then smaller back then are useful for an entirely different reason now, and are put to good use in a sexual setting.

Paying only token notice to the original story, Alice in Eroticland is raunchy and fun. It’s pure sex, and lots of it. Enjoy.

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Alice edged over and down the five steps to the grounds, planning to join rabbit when he took off running. Heading toward the brook and the copse of trees that contained the giant oak she remembered well, she pleaded, "White Rabbit, wait. Where're you going?"

He never answered, but he seemed to pause, and wave as if signaling her to follow him. When White Rabbit neared the heavy undergrowth around the brook, Alice decided to follow him. When he disappeared into the brush, she turned in a circle calling for him. "White Rabbit, where are you? Where are you going?" Receiving no answer, she gazed upward hoping to spot the giant oak in the moonlight. Deducing its position by the quantity of starlit sky that the tree blacked out, she located it.

It was even darker in the woods. Remembering the crevice in the trunk was on the far side of the massive tree, Alice crept around its twelve-foot diameter. When she reached the far side she pulled up with a start. What'd been a cave-like opening in the trunk, was now a full height entry door, headed by a neon lit marquee, proclaiming the entrance to ~EROTICLAND~

Staring, Alice followed the rolling message below the heading,

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-N-G A-L-I-C-E-S B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y.

She rubbed her eyes once more. This was unbelievable. Then again, wasn't everything down below unbelievable? She stepped up to the door and when she pulled the door open she noticed a poster on an easel. Her eyes widened and her hand shot to her mouth… The poster was…of her!

The quite recent headshot displayed her long blonde hair rolled into a French twist and topped off with a tiara. Her cornflower blue eyes looked off slightly to the left and from her earlobes a pair of gorgeous ruby and diamond earrings dangled. Around her neck hung the dazzling, matching necklace and though it was only a headshot, Alice had the impression she was otherwise naked. Where this picture came from she had no idea, because she had never posed for such a shot.

Below her image was a message. Help Celebrate Alice's Very Special Day with her EROTICLAND style –Admission Free.

She stepped into the foyer and studied the room. It no longer resembled a cave under a huge oak tree. Rather it resembled the lobby, albeit on a small scale, of a fancy theatre with a crystal chandelier and wall sconces. The black and white checkerboard pattern flooring from the large room below had been replicated in the three by four meter lobby. On the far side of the room she could see the ceiling sloped down over what must have a stairway to the large room below.

There was no sign of the White Rabbit. She wasn't even sure he came in there. While deciding what to do a voice came to her.

"Alice. Are you coming?"

When she rushed forward to the stairway she found another surprise. The staircase was, in fact, an escalator. She hopped onto the descending steps and grasped the moving rail, taking the long journey downward.

After minutes on the down-bound escalator, the checkered floor of the bottom became visible. As she drew nearer to the bottom, White Rabbit waited for her, except he was no longer a rabbit. Correction, he was he no longer entirely a rabbit. He was mostly a man—a naked man with a fabulous, lean, muscular body and…a large growing penis. Of the original rabbit, only his head remained.

"Hello Alice."

"You do remember me?"

"Of course. You were a pretty little girl. Now, you are a beautiful grown woman."

"Tell me White Rabbit, how come you turned almost into a man?"

Alice almost laughed when his nose twitched. "Zignoff, he's the queen's sorcerer, turned me into a werebunny."

She rolled her eyes. A werebunny? "Why?"

It's what the queen wanted.

"How did he do it?"

"With a spell."


"Because my dear, I needed a new lover. You can't have too many lovers in Eroticland."

Alice jerked her head sideways and gulped. "The queen!"

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