Shotgun Bride (MFM)

Tasty Treats 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,862
9 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Everlasting Polyromance: Erotic Futuristic Multiple Partner Cowboy Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

A shotgun denting their forehead isn’t the way Matt Drakestone or Colton Westmoreland intended to get married, however, Ella Parker, the naked woman sandwiched between them, is certainly worth any mild discomfort. They rescued her from certain death, as she was locked in a basement filling with storm water. They claimed the wicked sexual reward she offered, and now must face the slight embarrassment of her father finding them all in bed together.

Fortunately, they’re ready to marry her, hoping she’ll give them the heir they need to secure their legacy property. Unfortunately, the two men her father brought along have the same intention, and they’ve already put down a deposit for her bride price.

Ella made a deal with Matt and Colton to avoid marrying the two men her father selected. After a single night together, she’s already half in love. Her deplorable father doesn’t care for Ella beyond the generous bride price she’ll fetch because of her ability to conceive, but the secret he hides may well ruin their landowner ambitions.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lara Santiago is a Siren-exclusive author.

Shotgun Bride (MFM)
9 Ratings (4.1)

Shotgun Bride (MFM)

Tasty Treats 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,862
9 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Matt reluctantly ended the engaging kiss and pulled away from her. “You’re welcome,” he said with a laugh.

Colton didn’t wait two seconds. “So who are you, Ella?”

She stiffened in his arms and turned her head toward his brother. “What difference does it make?”

His eyebrows furrowed. “Why are you so adamantly opposed to identifying yourself?”

Ella backed out of his arms, standing apart from them both. But Matt’s view contained the huge bed and the delights the three of them could have if only they could all get along.

She shivered and put her hands up to rub her arms. “Listen. I appreciate that you rescued me. And I may have gone a little overboard in thanking you, but I don’t know who you are.”

“We told you who we were.” Above them and outside, several cracks of lightning repeated, and the resulting thunder drowned out anything she might have replied. “You even recognized our respective names. We aren’t roving bandits ready to steal everything and ravish you before we go on to our next crime.”

Aside from the fact that her eyes lit up a bit when Colton said the words “ravish you,” her expression remained even and expectant. Matt realized his role had possibly become mediator between the two of them. “She doesn’t have to reveal anything, Colton. Leave her alone.” He then turned to her. “We aren’t here to do anything improper to you. We were on our way to look at a piece of land when the storm caught us. We knew this place was the closest shelter in the area.”

She stared at him carefully as he spoke and then looked over at Colton as Matt continued, “If you prefer that the two of us go out to the barn, we will. If you want to sip coffee and huddle together in the living room until the storm is over, we can do that as well.”

Ella blinked once, remaining quiet for a few seconds. Matt truly hoped they weren’t about to get kicked out to the barn with the horses. “Don’t go to the barn in this weather. You can stay inside here with me. I’m sorry for seeming ungrateful after you rescued me. I was so panicked, I lost my head for a few minutes.”

Matt assumed she referred to the kissing.

She visibly relaxed, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly as Matt watched. She soon turned to face Colton. “I also don’t mean seem so standoffish. My mind is truly in a whirlwind.” She paused, crossed her arms. She closed her eyes for a few seconds as if bearing up to tell them bad news.

Matt traded a questioning glance with Colton, who seemed equally puzzled. He shrugged as if to say, “Let’s listen to what she’s about to tell us.”

Her eyes finally popped open. She took a deep breath and started talking. “First off, my name is Ella Parker. The land and this cabin belong to my father. He was the one who locked me in the basement and left me there. He went to collect a preacher and the two men he’s selected to take me off his hands. Because today’s my twenty-fifth birthday, as loathe as I am to admit my age. My father is ready to retire and let my older brother run the ranch. I am his last chore to deal with before he collects his bride price and goes off to spend it on wine, women, and whatever.”

“And you don’t want to get married? Is that why you were confined?” Colton asked quietly.

She nodded. “More specifically, I desperately do not wish to marry the two men my father has picked out. I’ve gotten away several times but been caught and returned after each escape. That’s why I was locked in the basement. So I have a proposition for you.”

Matt scanned her wet clothing and eyed the bed again. He should really pay attention.

“If you promise to take me away with you after the storm passes, I’ll spend the day in bed with the two of you doing whatever you desire.”


* * * *


Colton shook his head, uncertain he’d heard her correctly the first time. I’ll spend the day in bed with the two of you doing whatever you desire. Could that be construed any other way?

“What did you just say?” Matt asked.

A determined smile shaped her beautiful mouth. “You heard me. Take me with you and I’m your love slave for the day. Any way you want. Any position you want. As many times as you want. And once I’m free from here, we can make a further arrangement. If you enjoy what I have to offer, that is.”

Colton saw Matt eye the bed for the third time in as many seconds. For his part, he truly wanted to take her to bed and show her untold delights but wondered what he was missing. What was the drawback to her amazing offer?

“Not that I don’t want to screw you senseless for the rest of the day, because I truly do,” he said honestly. “But what’s the catch?”

She frowned. “No catch. Take me with you. That’s it.”

“And if your father chases us down for despoiling you, are we required to protect you?” Colton also wasn’t especially opposed to protecting her from any number of roving bandits or her wretched father. Any man who needed to lock his daughter up to keep her from escaping a fate he chose and forced on her wasn’t much of a man in Colton’s not-so-humble opinion.

She shrugged. “If he comes to you, I’d prefer to hide out and have him believe you never heard of me before. But whatever.”

Colton was about to laugh, assuming she was kidding them, but then she started unbuttoning her shirt. When she got to the bottom and he could see her lacy white bra peeking out, he stepped forward to stop her. Or help her, he wasn’t sure yet.




Colton heard the shower still running. It had been for quite a while now, and he imagined he heard them making love in there, but likely it was just the wind. The shower eventually stopped, and he had to force himself to remain seated. He drank another cup of coffee as he prowled around the main cabin.

Colton checked his watch and decided to turn in for the night. He had two choices in where to sleep. The loft above had a nice single bed, but in the master was a bigger bed. And that bed held more fascination. Ella was there.

He rinsed his cup and headed into the room under the pretense that he needed to use the facilities to find them both sound asleep in the large bed. There was plenty enough room for him, so he readied for bed, stripped his clothes completely off, and slid next to a warm, naked Ella. Her hair was still a bit damp and she smelled like roses. He drifted off with her unique scent filling his head.

Colton slept for a few hours, but in the middle of the night he woke to Ella draped half on top of him. One of her arms was crossed low on his hip, and one of her legs rested over both of his thighs. She moved in her sleep, and her wrist rubbed down the length of his cock, trapping it beneath her forearm. The brief contact made his dick throb with the desire to fuck as if both of his hands were broken, and he hadn’t had sex in a year.

Her head rested delicately on his shoulder. Each breath she expelled ruffled the fine hairs on his chest and made him even hornier. Colton truly tried to get back to sleep, but it was hopeless. Intending to move her so she wasn’t touching his cock proved to be harder than he thought. He ended up turning over and trapping her beneath his body.

A flash of lightning in the distance lit the room, briefly allowing Colton to see her peaceful face. Impossible to keep from touching her, Colton soon kissed her mouth as gently as he could. At the same time he did his damndest not to press his stiff cock against her belly repeatedly until he came grunting like a randy boar. He’d likely never get back to sleep but took the occasion to kiss her again, promising himself to move off.

Before he realized her intent, she kissed him back, grabbed his cock, and moved it between her legs.

“What are you doing?” he whispered in disbelief.

“What do you think I’m doing?” she responded with amusement in her tone. Suddenly her legs spread open to make room for his hips. She gripped him tighter in her fist, pushed her pussy even closer to the top of his cockhead, and he didn’t want to stop her.

“I think you’re a seductress, and I truly want to slide my cock into your pussy and fuck you again.”

“So go ahead. That’s what I want, too.”

“We should sleep.”

“Well, I can’t sleep now.” She squeezed his cock. He grunted in extreme pleasure. “And I don’t think you’ll be able to either. Not until you’re satisfied.” Her whispers and repeated squeezing of his cock made it even easier for his hips to thrust forward, seeking her warmth.

The moment he moved forward, his cock speared between her pussy lips. He experienced hot, wet, and slick in no particular order, and that trio of pleasure registering made him understand that he wouldn’t be able to stop until he was gratified. Ella was not going to stop him. In fact, her hips shifted, and suddenly, he slid even deeper inside her body. His cock fairly pulsed in delight.

Colton glanced at Matt. He was either sound asleep or not planning on bothering them. He pushed forward, sinking his cock into heated bliss. Promising himself to be quick, he shifted so he was fully on top of her and plunged harder inside of her body. Exquisite.

Her tiny moan of acceptance nearly undid him. Her hips moved against him, and each time he thrust all the way inside, another groan would surface. After a handful of strokes, she moved her hips upward, stiffened, and a small cry came forth. Her legs tightened around his thighs. Her fingernails dug into his back with a ferocity he adored. Her hips rotated and bucked like she wanted him to fuck her raw.


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