Angie's Destiny (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,575
12 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Angela Montes has always been in love with identical twins Michael and Brett Mathews. Then they left to join the military, and although she tried to keep in touch with them, the brothers shut her out. When they finally return home for good, they find Angie’s all grown up, and she has a plan to make them see she’s the one for them.
They know any kind of relationship with the stunning Angie has to be more than just a fling. Brett is willing to take the risk for something that could be truly special, but Mike still resists. He can only see history repeating itself and a disaster waiting to happen if he gives in to Angie’s demands. It doesn’t help when Angie starts to have her own doubts.
Will the brothers succumb to Angie’s temptation, or will all three of them continue to fight their destiny?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Angie's Destiny (MFM)
12 Ratings (4.3)

Angie's Destiny (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 89,575
12 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I liked this book a lot. The only thing was it was a bit long but I still loved it. This is a great series.




The sound of running water in the background falling silent had him glancing up as, a second later, Brett slammed back into the kitchen. His twin paused to catch Mike’s gaze and issue a maniacal-sounding laugh. Brett was enjoying himself, which wasn’t shocking. Harassing their sister had always been one of Brett’s favorite pastimes, one he indulged in with glee.

Brett took off for the bathroom, hollering out to Hailey as he taunted her with a bold gloat that would, no doubt, have their sister squawking all over the place as she pitched a fit like she was still eight…or, maybe, she wouldn’t.

Mike glanced up in confusion as Hailey stepped in through the backdoor. She shot him a smile and opened her mouth to offer him a greeting that got cut off by the sound of Brett demanding she get her ass out of the bathroom now. As the words echoed through the house, Hailey’s smile took on a wicked curl, and Mike knew instantly that Brett was walking into a trap.

“Brett! No!”

Not even certain what the danger was, Mike still nearly fell out of his seat as he scrambled to catch his brother before it was too late. All he managed, though, was to get ensnared in Hailey’s trap himself.

Mike burst into the hall at the very same moment the bathroom door flew open. There stood Angelina Montes, wearing nothing but the towel wrapped around her head and the sunlight beaming through the bathroom window. She was all golden tanned and curved to perfection.

Despite the warning screaming through his head to shut his eyes and block out the image, Mike’s gaze locked on a single glistening bead of water and tracked it as it slid down between the gloriously big mounds of her breasts. They lifted with each breath she took, setting more droplets into motion and drawing attention to the luscious-looking pink nipples all puckered and begging to be played with.

God help him, Mike was all but drooling with the sudden intense need to take a taste of those puppies. They looked soft and tanned, just the way he liked his tits. Actually that was the way he liked his women, and Angie fit that bill. She was long and toned and so damn perfectly built that it made him ache to simply touch her, but he didn’t dare.

Angie came with a price.

She wanted a wedding and had made that clear well over ten years ago. Mike could still remember that day. She’d been eighteen and bossy as hell. She sure as shit hadn’t looked like this. Mike’s fingers curled into fists as his eyes slid down over the gentle flare of her tummy and hips to the smooth, naked mound of her cunt. Not a single hair marred the sight of the plump, swollen lips of her pussy and the cream dripping from them.

She was hot and ready to be fucked.

He was hard and aching to give it to her.

“Hey, boys. Bathroom’s free.”

With that, she turned to saunter down the hall, the full globes of her ass bouncing with each step. Like a dog on a leash, Brett jerked forward, no doubt ready to either pick a fight or fuck it out. That was just his nature. There was only one way to stop him.

Mike latched onto his brother’s shoulder, jerking him back hard enough to send Brett, flailing, down to the floor. His brother crashed into the wood planks, sending a shudder racing down the walls of the hall. At the end, Angie paused to glance back, and Mike caught the smug smirk that tugged at her lips before she disappeared into Hailey’s room.


This was her doing. Turning with a swiftness that had saved his life more than once, Mike pinned his sister with a glare that would have had most people cowering in fear. Not Hailey. She stood there in the doorway to the kitchen, grinning as if she’d just won the lottery.

“What did you do?” Mike stalked forward, forcing Hailey back into the kitchen in a blatant attempt to intimidate her, a blatant and pointless attempt.

“What?” Hailey blinked innocently, even as she gave way, retreating toward the coffee maker and snatching up Brett’s mug in the process.

“Don’t what me, young lady,” Mike snapped, not in the mood for Hailey’s games. “Why is Angie walking around my house naked?”

“Your house?” That gave Hailey pause as she turned to snort at him. “Ha! Check the deed, my dear brother, because your name is not on it.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Brett roared as he came charging into the kitchen and into the middle of their conversation. “Why is that woman in my bathroom?”

“It’s not yours,” Mike informed him, drawing Brett’s outraged glare in his direction. “Your name’s not on the deed.”


“I’m just saying.” Mike held his hands up in surrender. “Our dear sister is the sole owner of this here house.”

Brett held Mike’s gaze for a long second before he turned back toward Hailey. “You got thirty seconds before I take things into my own hands.”

“And what are you going to take into your hands?”

That bold question came from Angie herself. She strutted into the kitchen, barely dressed in a mini-skirt and a tank top that left a whole lot of smooth, golden skin uncovered. She looked good. Good enough to lick. Good enough to eat. God help him he was hungry.

The little witch knew it, too.




Angie didn’t wake up alone the next morning. She found herself cuddled into the warm, hard shelter of Brett’s body. He had his arms wrapped around her, and one thick thigh shoved between hers. The scrape of his jeans felt deliciously rough against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, and she couldn’t help but rub her leg up and down his.

The seductive little motion had Brett’s arms tightening around her as he growled softly in her ear, heightening the tension slowly thickening in the air. It was aided by the feel of his hand sliding down her stomach toward the soft folds of her cunt. Already wet and swollen, the parted lips of her pussy blossomed beneath the callused invasion of his fingers, and Angie gasped as a bolt of pure, frenzied pleasure bloomed through her.

Her hips jerked back up against his, burrowing the rock-hard bulge restrained behind his zipper between the cheeks of her ass. Angie ground herself against Brett, taunting him even as he pinned her clit beneath his finger and began a slow massage that had Angie drooling into her pillow. This was how she wanted to wake up every morning.

Well, sort of.

In Angie’s fantasy, it wouldn’t be his fingers pressing deep into her cunt, nor would he have his jeans on. Not that she had the breath to complain or even the words. Brett stole them from her mind as he pumped his fingers in and out of her in a slow, hypnotizing rhythm that had her hips following until she was moaning with the need for more.

Moaning, but not begging.

That was just what he tried to coax her into doing as his breath washed over her neck in heated strokes that were followed by the velvety glide of his tongue and sharp nip of his teeth. Brett nibbled his way up the sensitive arch of her ear.

“Is there something more you want, baby?” The husky timbre of his voice didn’t disguise the hopeful lift tinting his words.

Angie smiled and pulled free of his hand so she could turn in his arms. Brett fell backward at the gentle press of her palms against the hard wall of his chest. She could feel the heavy pound of his heart and read the anticipation glinting in his eyes as she slid upward, straddling his thighs as her hands dropped to the top button on his jeans.

Knowing he was watching her every move, Angie licked her lips and lowered her gaze to the sight of his thick dick as it sprang free as the teeth of his zipper parted as she lowered the small metal tab down. There was nothing small, though, about his cock. Swollen and flushed with a hunger that had the blind eye crowning his head weeping up at her, he was bigger, thicker, and longer than any man she’d ever had.

As they’d pointed out last night, Angie had had quite a few. She might be a virgin, but she was no blushing prude or innocent girl to be swept up in the passion of desire. No. She was a woman who knew how to make a man beg. Brett was about to find that out.

Lifting her pelvis up, Angie reached down and spread the lips of her pussy wide and over the thick length of his cock. She settled down, capturing his dick in an intimate embrace that had her clit pinned once again. With a flex of her hips, that little bud lit up with the most amazing sensations as she slid down the hard, velvety length.

Angie panted out with delight, repeating the motion as she began to slowly ride Brett. He felt so good against her that she couldn’t help but savor the moment, even as she knew she was tormenting him. Every flex of her hips set off another deliriously thrilling sparkle of pleasure, but only for her. All Brett got was being taunted with the wet slide of her pussy and promise of what he could be getting.

That thought brought a smile to Angie’s lips as she caught his gaze and bent slowly down until the tips of her breasts ground into the heated wall of his chest. Her mouth brushed against his. She didn’t kiss him, though. Instead, she whispered softly, challenging him in a way she knew would drive Brett nuts.

“This how I ride my men. They’ve begged and pleaded to be allowed to take the reins, but they weren’t man enough to tempt me into giving into their demands.” Angie leaned back until she was once again upright and smiling down into the scowl that darkened his features. “I guess the question is, are you man enough? Or should I keep looking?”

That question got an instant response as Brett growled, his arms snaking around her to jerk her back down into a frenzied kiss that assured Angie he’d broken his chains and had lost all reason. He was wild and crazed, as she’d always wanted. Wild, crazed, and demanding. His lips forced hers apart, his tongue taking instant possession of her mouth as he ravaged her with a hunger that she couldn’t help but respond to.

This was the moment Angie had waited all those years for. It was perfect…except that Mike wasn’t there. She didn’t know if that meant anything and didn’t have the capacity to really consider the matter. Drunk on the lust pounding through her veins, Angie was only distantly aware of his absence.

Even that small concern vanished as Brett released her lips and settled his hands on her hips. With one hard jerk, he lifted her cunt up and over his mouth, capturing her pussy in an open, tongued kiss that had Angie squealing as she clawed at the headboard. He fucked her with quick, rapid strokes of his tongue, licking his way right up the spasming walls of her sheath, even as his fingers curled around the flushed globes of her ass.

He bounced her up and down his tongue, the callused tips of his fingers dipping down to tease the puckered ring of muscles guarding her back entrance. Gathering up the thick cream slickening the path from her cunt to her ass, he began to fuck his fingers deep into her tight rear channel, widening and stretching her in a clear promise of what was to come.

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