(Forced sex / multiple partners / public sex / bi-sexual)

Picking up where April Showers leaves off, Randy weaves his spell of dominance and protection over beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed Angel Love as he had over equally beautiful April. Reintroducing her to the alluring, exciting, glamorous life of a high priced call girl, she had all but given up, she is anxious to please Randy and herself. Therefore, she resumes the life she, April and two other friends left behind seven years earlier, when as college juniors, the four had spent a debauched two week spring vacation as in Las Vegas.

Angel Love
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Cover Art by Dee Dawning
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Dakota’s Review:

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, sexual book, April Love by the incomparable Dee Dawning is right up your alley. There is plenty of sex, multiple partners and screaming orgasms to satisfy even the most jaded of readers. A word of warning though: this implacably strong story of a woman exploring her own sexuality is definitely not for the faint of heart.

I have to say that the chemistry between the characters would have been enough to set my Kindle on fire if it had been flammable. Even at nearly 20,000 words this story flew and I was finished before I knew it. My only suggestion to those interested in reading this book is that picking up April Showers would be greatly beneficial. This book can be read by itself but I think that as a reader you’d get more enjoyment out of this book after reading the first.

Rated 4 1/2 Delightful Divas by Dakota!

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Soon Marc’s hand slid under the hem of my gown and followed my thigh to the nexus of my sex. I nearly swooned as his fingers rubbed my clit and delved into my dewy slit. Despite the sexual marathon I’d been on for three days, Marc had aroused me enough that I wanted him. My hand wandered, landing on his naked thigh. His moan teased my nipple as my hand slid around his torso and grasped his erection, stroking it. His throbbing cock was ready…and long…much too long.

Letting go of the strange cock, I screamed, but his hand covered my mouth, cutting it short. I smelled my sex on his hand as a familiar voice whispered, “It’s me.”

Jerking my head away from his hand, I sat up and clicked on the nightstand lamp. Randy smiled up at me. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

I glanced at the clock. Eleven o’clock. Panic raced through me. “Christ! What are you doing here? My husband could waltz through that door any minute.”

Randy didn’t appear too concerned as his hand returned to my womanly lair. “He won’t. Have you ever thought of divorcing him?”

How odd he would bring that up. “How do you know? Why do you ask?”

“You must not have read the note he left on the kitchen counter, saying he was called out of town on business. He’s fucking around on you, you know.”

It was hard to concentrate on our discussion because Randy’s intimate fingers were once more making me randy. “How do you know?”

“He was with Beth, one of my girls last night at the country club and tonight he flew to Las Vegas with her.”

I never suspected. “So what am I, the loving, dutiful wife? Unless I missed my count, you and eighteen other men boffed me in the last two days and to my utter shame, I loved every minute of it.”

“That’s right and you know what?”


“You’re ready and so is my cock.” Randy rolled onto his knees, pulled the covers off, then grabbed my ankles and pulled me to him. He installed a condom, spread my legs wide and entered me. I shuddered as the length of him slowly worked it’s way into my slippery channel, stretching me like no other had. “I love how your tight little cunt sucks at my cock, sweet. How it squeezes around me as I move in and out.”

My hands grasped his shoulders, soft little mewls urging him on. The pleasure I felt made me whimper. As his driving need increased the intensity and velocity of his thrusts, my soft whimpers became moans of delight. The friction of his cock seemed to soothe the sweet torture embedded in the walls of my pussy. I was so close, and then the stirrings of a climax blossomed into a stupefying orgasm. My entire body quaked, my pussy spasming around his giant cock. Wave after wave of intense currents careened through me. “Oh, God. Randy,” I yelled, as blood simmered beneath my skin. Randy continued to thrust through the waves of my orgasm, catching my throbbing clit on every down stroke. Still shaking from the aftershocks and residue of my enormous release, Randy pulled out.

“What’re you—?“

“Changing positions. I haven’t fucked you from behind in seven years.” He rolled me over roughly, then as if I was as light as a pillow, slid his hands under my abdomen and lifted my back end to my knees. He spread my legs a couple feet apart, then alternated between beating my ass with his heavy, ten inch whip or teasing my dark rosebud with crown of his cock. Apprehension invaded my mind when he placed the head of his cock at my hopelessly exposed opening.

“Tell me, did the prince fuck you in the ass?”

“No, he mostly fucked April. I think he did her in the ass.”

His fingers scooped crème from my dripping pussy and transferred it to my anus. “What did you do while the prince fucked April?”

“Another guy. A guest of the prince’s named Romano fucked me and yes he sodomized me.”

The head of his cock probed the rim of my butt hole. “Did you like it? Would you like me to do it?”

Seconds after I mistakenly replied, “You’re going to anyway, so go ahead, get it over with,” I felt searing, tearing pain as he shoved his cock in as far as he could go. I screamed “Oooh….eeeaah! Oh my God, that hurt.”

“Angel you know better than to get smart with me.” I felt some relief and a little pleasure as he pulled partially out. Then in conjunction with his next thrust, I endured a vicious, painful slap across my ass.

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