Blackmailed by the Beast (MF)

Unlikely Love 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,500
26 Ratings (4.2)

Wayne Brown is ruthless when it comes to business, and with a nickname of "The Beast", no one dares to challenge him. What he wants he gets.

Lily Jones is sweet innocence and despises men like Wayne. But the Jones family is desperate, and he offers them a solution to their problems. Only he wants something in return...Lily. She either marries him or her family answers to the debt collectors. With no choice left, she agrees and begins life as his wife.

Through his seduction and touch, Lily's body betrays her, and as time passes, so does her heart. But how can she fall in love with a man who blackmails to get what he wants?

Be Warned: forced seduction

Blackmailed by the Beast (MF)
26 Ratings (4.2)

Blackmailed by the Beast (MF)

Unlikely Love 1

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,500
26 Ratings (4.2)
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Lily Jones grew up knowing that for whatever reason her family hated her and now they expect her to allow herself to be blackmailed into marring Wayne ‘Beast’ Brown just to save them from financial ruin. She goes along with it because she does love her family, and she has gone without love this long so why change now. Little does she know that her Beast does love her but he isn’t ready to say it but when he does finally pull his head out of his ass it will be just a little too late.

Some days it is so easy to write what I like and/or don’t like about a book and other days it seems just plain hopeless to figure out what I want to say and yet here we are with I book I genuinely like and have read more than twice and I’ve got nothin’. So Maybe just writing until it all comes to me will solve some of this brain deadness that seems to happen a lot lately in the last eight months. I have been searching a lot for books that help me bury my head in the sand so to speak and I remembered really getting into the characters and the story and so this book was chosen for that end.

Lily reminds me of Cinderella only Lily’s father is a live but treats her as bad as mommy dearest and the wicked bitch sister of the East treats her and yet they expect her to marry just so they can maintain their precious life style. Then there is Wayne who actually loves here but pretends not too and does nothing but hurt her over and over with his insensitiveness and all poor Lily wants is for someone to finally love her for her and who she wants to be. When Wayne finally figures out that he has to give more of himself it’s too little too late and Lily resigns herself to what she believes will be a loveless marriage because there is just no way that Wayne really loves her. You wouldn’t believe how many times I wanted to smack Wayne upside the head myself when he dug his hole deeper and deeper. The bedroom scenes aren’t super graphic are more hinted at then steaming off the pages but thankfully those aren’t need to make a story worth reading. I would give Blackmailed By The Beast a five-star review but there were enough edits to reduce that rating by one star so four-stars were giving to the story.

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I was in the mood for a good contemporary Beauty and the Beast story, and this was it.

The story was a good length with all of the elements that we love in this type of a story. The heroine was sweet even if she was just a bit too perfect at times. She let her half-sister stomp all over her. Her dad threw her to the beast so to speak to cover his own ass, and she never really stood up for herself. The mother was horrid for what seemed like no good reason until later when her issue with "Beauty" is revealed.

The so called beast is a gruff man who does honestly care for her. He tries to hide it, but he's not that great at disguising his feelings. He pulls his beauty out of her shell.

Yes, this book is worth the price, and it is a sweet, good feeling story.
Rose Leigh Woods

Wayne saw the conflicting emotions cross her face. He flicked her clit to gain her attention. His dick threatened to burst out of his zipper. He was so hard.

He moved a hand away from the wall, and he placed her free hand over his cock confined to his pants.

“Touch me,” he said. Her small hand circled round his cock as much as possible through the trousers. Her gasp made his blood race. Wayne knew from her innocent reactions that she was becoming attracted to him. Her leaking cunt confirmed it. She was so wet and juicy. Her hips were thrusting on his hands trying to get him to play with her nub. Wayne smiled and ran his fingers through her slit, gathering her juice on two of his fingers, and then to shock her a little more, he brought those fingers to his lips and sucked off her cream. Her husky scent teased his nostrils, and he wanted more. He needed to put his face in her cunt and lick her clean. If they were in his own office and not her parents, he’d have her spread over the desk, half-naked and close to her second climax. From her reaction, this place didn’t offer her many fun memories.

“You’re so big,” she mumbled.

Wayne knew then she didn’t possess any sexual experience beyond the merest fumble in a car somewhere.

Her innocence astounded him.

“You taste good,” he whispered near her ear. His lips locked on the flesh. She bowed to his touch, and Wayne knew he’d found her sweet spot.

Their pants filled the air around them, and he wanted to see her come undone in his arms, to watch the flow of arousal consume her.

“Come for me.” His fingers found her swollen clit, and she groaned. Her legs quivered. He supported her with his weight against the bookshelf. His two fingers ran along her slit and clit. “Look at me. I want to see you explode,” he said. Her beautiful eyes pierced him with the desperation she must be feeling. “I’ll take care of you, baby.” Wayne knew more than anything he’d give this girl the world if only she opened up and gave him a tiny piece of herself.

All he wanted was the promise of a future with her.

With a few taps on her clit, Lily came apart within seconds. Her hands on his body squeezed, and her cry of pleasure erupted in the air. Wayne swallowed down her kiss, muffled the sound so no one but he could hear or know what was happening.

What would be like to have his cock inside her pussy when she contracted around him? Would she get tighter as she thrashed wildly around him? Or would she be peaceful and serene? Either way, Wayne was going to be the one and only man to make her lose total control.

“Give me your answer.” He growled, sucking her juice from his fingers.

A nice red blush stained her cheeks and the top of her chest. Wayne desired to pull her gown down and suck on her sweet hot nipples. How many times had he fantasised about seeing this voluptuous woman naked? Spread before him on the silk sheets of his four-poster bed?

“Please, give me more time?” Her voice quivered, and her body shook. Deep down, he wanted to take her in his arms and protect her from everything threatening to pose harm. He needed to stay strong.

“I want your answer now.”


“Now or never, Lily.” Wayne pulled away and shut off his emotions. The time to think with his head and nothing else. “When I get to the door, I better have your answer. If I leave this room without any answer, the debt collectors will come knocking tomorrow. It’s your decision, Lily.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

Wayne caught her face in his palms. He looked deep into her eyes. “Because you’re the one that caught my attention.”

Without a second look, he walked the short distance to the door, each step like a ticking clock in his mind. Wayne closed his eyes and prayed she wouldn’t be stupid. She wouldn’t test his resolve. They didn’t call him the Beast for nothing.

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