Aussie Embers (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 76,962
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]
A map of the world. Check. One dart. Check. Win the lottery. What? Move to Australia. Come on! Anissa Anderson has just bought a cattle station in Boongaral, Australia. Now there’s something not many people were expecting her to do, including her. And now she has to live in the same house as Jaric McCrary, the beefcake, wet-dream foreman of the station. Romance was not the reason she came to Australia. But one smoldering night in a cabin is all she needs to change her mind and her heart. But after he pushes her aside, she decides she doesn’t want him anyway. But fate often has other plans. The weather isn’t the only thing beginning to heat up around the station. She soon begins to think that the term “Down Under” can have a different meaning with the right kind of man.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Aussie Embers (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Aussie Embers (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 76,962
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




She was so excited that it had been hard for her to get to sleep that night. She and Denise had spent hours poring over the computer looking for anything they could find about Boongaral. It had hit most of the points she needed. One, it was in an English-speaking country, so she wouldn’t need to take language classes. Two, it was in a country she had always wanted to visit. Perk. And three, it was only two-hundred miles or so from the city of Cairns.

It was a cattle town. Meaning that the area was used for cattle farming. She wasn’t exactly sure how cattle were farmed, though. Crops she knew were farmed, but cows were live animals. When she dreamt later that night it was of cows buried in the ground up to their necks all in neat little rows like lettuce.

But she was giving herself time to learn about her new home. Plus, she needed to get a passport, shots, and she needed time to tell Reese. He may be her ex, but he still called to see how she was doing from time to time. It seems he was a better ex-husband than he had been a husband.

She was more than excited, and her life was about to take another turn. A turn that she didn’t see coming at all.

Her morning routine hadn’t deviated since she was married. She was up at six, no matter what. That came from years of substitute teaching and before that she was getting up with Reese when he was active duty. But mainly it was because of substitute teaching.

Reese had always gotten onto her for not going through the credential program and becoming a full-blown teacher. But she didn’t want all of the stress that came with teaching, like dealing with parents, principals, faculty, grades, and department heads. No. She wanted to go in, do what she had to do, and get the hell out. But being a sub had her up at six for the past few years.

Then, she had her coffee, with four sugars and three creams. After that, she went down to the corner market and got the paper, walked back up the stairs to her apartment above the deli, and read at her leisure until seven. Usually at seven she would leave for work at one of the high schools she subbed for. But not today. She had made a momentous decision the night before. She was moving to Australia. Holy shit! So, today she was taking a much needed day off and prioritizing the next steps she had to take. And as she made her list, she checked her lottery numbers. She remembered a comedian said once that rich people had IRAs and poor people had the lottery. Wasn’t that the truth?

“What I Need to Do”, she wrote down.

Get passport— find birth certificate first.

Her first number was 8. She perused the paper until she found the lottery section. 8.

Make appointment for possible shots—get physical anyway.

Her number, 17. 17.

Look on Internet for requirements to sub or teach in Australia.

29. 29.

Check on savings and checking account and see about a bank in Boongaral.

31. 31.

Pack up stuff or sell it.

48. 48.

Tell Reese.

11. 11.

She was about to put the paper away before it hit her. Grabbing the paper, she glared at the numbers on the page. 8, 17, 29, 31, 48, 11.

“Wait, wait, wait. Hold up, Anissa.” She took a deep breath, held it for a second before letting it out slowly. She calmly took her lottery ticket and laid it next to the numbers on the page, lining them up so her ticket was parallel to the numbers.

“8, 17, 29, 31, 48, 11,” she said aloud. She slowly went through the numbers again before screaming out into the room.

“Agh! 8, 17, 29, 31, 48, 11!”

Before she became too excited, she sat still, making herself calm down before she looked to see if she had indeed won the lottery and then for exactly how much she had hit it for.

After three minutes she looked for the monetary amount. After all, she could be working herself into a frenzy for ten grand. It would be ten grand more than she’d had before, but a small heart attack was not worth ten grand.

Her fingers ran down the page once again. “Agh!” she screamed out again. While she hadn’t hit the Mega Super Powerball of $237 million, she had hit big in the amount of $68 million.

“This is not happening,” she said to herself. “This is not happening. Ummm, how much is that after taxes?” Her mind couldn’t think. She would have been hard-pressed to remember her name if someone had asked her right then.

“Calm down, Anissa, and think,” she said to herself. “Ummm, the lottery takes forty-nine percent off the bat for taking the lump sum. Okay. Then, twenty-five percent for federal tax. And then state tax… Oh shit. Oh shit! That’s ummm… A little over twenty-five million! Agh! Agh! Holy shit!”




He tried to think of anything and everything but the feel of her full, naked body next to his. Ninety-year-old Mrs. Manassas strutting around her property as she refused to give up her nudist impulses. His cock clamped into a vise that was slowly being turned tighter and tighter. The bloated carcass of a dead cat he had found in the brush last week. He tried to concentrate on the fly larva that had been leaking out of its entrails. He tried to think of anything but her.

Nothing helped. He still felt her warmth. Her full body was so close to his. So close. And even as he tried to think of all the horrible things his mind could come up with, it all came back to her. Her wide hips. The way they swayed when she walked. Her ass. Damn, he thought, she had such a nice ass. And her large, full breasts. Those breasts so close to him. He could feel her erect nipples against his skin. His eyes were closed, but not for much longer. He opened them, and stared down at her.

“You said you would keep your eyes closed,” she said to him. But that was all she said. His lips closed on hers, and instead of pulling away from him, she kissed him back feverishly with everything he was giving to her .

“Tell me to stop,” he whispered into her mouth.

He wanted her to stop, but the way she was kissing him, there was no way on God’s green earth she was about to tell him to stop the onslaught he was giving to her mouth. “No,” she whispered back to him.

His tongue traced along her  soft and pliant lips. He explored her with his tongue, tasting and dipping his into her mouth again and again. How and  when it had happened was unknown, but they were by the bed, and he slowly pulled her with him as he lay down.

His hands began to roam over her generous curves, squeezing and massaging her softness. He wanted more. He wanted more of her. He needed more of her. As they continued to kiss as if their lives depended on it, he let his hands travel down her body, testing the weight of her breasts, and teasing her pert nipples with his thumb.

He followed his hands with his mouth, drawing her nipple into his mouth. He moaned in pleasure at feeling the taut nipple respond to his tongue, as he swirled and teased it with the tip.

“Tell me to stop,” he almost growled in his frustration to her.

“No,” she said, shaking her head in earnest as he sucked on her nipple, forming her breast to his mouth with his hand.

He felt as though he were in heaven. Whoever said more than a mouthful was too much has never had more than a mouthful, he thought. Anissa had large, firm, gorgeous breasts with large pale-brown nipples. Like cookies, he thought. He wanted to plant his face in between her boobs and die there. He was in ecstasy. And as much as he wanted more of her, he wanted her to push him away. It would have to be her, because his will was no longer his own.

Anissa watched his mouth close over her nipple,  as  her pussy tightened in response. He wanted to give her the most immense pleasure she could ever remember feeling in her life. He became an artist with his mouth. A true artist.He wanted her to feel those tingles running along her spine each time she felt his tongue and mouth.  She looked down and watched him suck and savor her nipples, and then plant wet kisses all over her breasts. Unlike Reese, who only paid attention to her nipples, ignoring the rest of her breasts, Jaric played, and kissed, and sucked on her entire breast, making her writhe under his touch .

“Tell me to stop, damn you,” Jaric moaned to her again with lust in his voice.

“No,” she moaned back to him, as their lips came together once again in a fiery kiss.

His hands felt along her body and down her hips taking the time to pull her flesh into his palms, loving the softness of her body. The fullness of it. He wanted more.

He planted kisses down her neck, over her breasts, down her body and over the soft swell of her belly, nipping and sucking along her skin. When he came to her large thighs, he sucked on her soft skin along the inside into his mouth. Pure heaven, he thought.

But he knew what would be even better, and he smiled to himself as he gazed down at her shaven pussy. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He’d read of women who shaved their pussies, but he had never seen it up close and personal. But seeing as he had been living the life of a monk for the past few years, that lack of knowledge wasn’t saying too much.

He ran his hand over her pussy, letting his finger follow the thin line she’d left going down the center. So soft, he thought. He bent his head and traced the soft line of hair with his tongue. She wriggled her hips in anticipation, and he so wanted to please her. It had been so long since he had licked and tasted the sweet, musky, silkiness of a woman. Onah had never wanted him to give her head. She had thought it was nasty. There were only a few women since he had discovered the glorious act of sex that he’d partaken. He had only memories of the sensations of soft flesh on his tongue. The silky wetness that drove him insane. But he didn’t have to imagine it any longer. As much as he begged her to make him stop, he knew that he was past the point of reason. He might ask her to make him stop, she might do it, but a part of him would die inside if he were denied her now.

She gripped the mattress with her hands when  his warm breath blew over  her clit. That small motion, that miniscule feeling that tightened things deep inside of a woman’s body. And then she just about came undone, gripping fistfuls of the quilt, when his tongue licked along her slit.

“Tell me to stop,” he almost moaned in sensual agony to her, as he enjoyed the best pussy he’d had in a very long time.

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