Three of a Perfect Pair (MMF)

Hell's Delight 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,949
6 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, sensation play, sex toys, HEA]

They’re at it again in the hamlet of Hell’s Delight. Katrina Abramson, recovering from a nasty breakup, is hosed by firefighter Alex Coldiron during the annual Fourth of July water fight between rival fire companies. She is sprayed right into cattleman Shane Jonas, on the run from his past. He has returned to confront his future.

Town reporter Alex knows Shane wants to mend fences with brother Devin and plans to write a heartwarming article. Instead, he’s thrust into a passionate triangle with the amorous couple, and Alex must face the truth about his sexuality. Katrina is swept into a thrilling power exchange with the two men where no one is ever sure who has the upper hand.

An exotic, shady character from Shane’s former life is lurking in the shadows, spying on their play sessions, and Shane's dangerous past is about to come full circle.

Note: Each book in the Hell's Delight series is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Karen Mercury is a Siren-exclusive author.

Three of a Perfect Pair (MMF)
6 Ratings (4.8)

Three of a Perfect Pair (MMF)

Hell's Delight 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,949
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Hot hot hot!!!!! I love these 3 together and loved this story.... fantastic! !!! Hoping for more to come
donna b buccella
Great reading. At first when these three get together there just doesn't seem to be that kind of closeness but as you learn more about each character you see how they are all having to deal with past hurts and unsure of what a real secure relationship could mean for them. I especially loved the twist in this story regarding Marco, I'll not say anymore about that as its worth reading to find out his part in all this.




Now that they were safely away from the vibrator store, Alex asked lightly, “What was that guy looking at, Katrina?”

“Saul Wakeman? Oh, he’s some major Peeping Tom. I don’t know why he doesn’t just subscribe to those magazines. Instead he gets fingerprints all over them and breathes heavily on them. Ruins them for the next voyeur who comes along.”

Shane said, “Maybe he doesn’t want his wife seeing them in the mailbox.”

“No, the guy holding that weird clear cylinder. What was that?”

Katrina walked between the two men, and now she hooked a hand inside each one’s elbow. “Oh, that? That’s a penis pump. I haven’t really looked into it, because they’re used for men who can’t get it up very well. Never had to look into that particular problem.”

Aha. Alex felt better now. He could hold that over Troy’s head if he threatened to blab about what he’d heard. Alex knew he’d have to come to grips with his bisexuality sooner or later. It was really no big deal these days. It just didn’t really gibe with the whole macho firehouse aura, especially when bored, muscular, potent men were naked in close quarters together. Well, maybe it did in houses down in the Bay Area or Los Angeles. But not up here in the hearty, masculine Sierras.

Now Katrina asked Shane, “Do you have smooth moves?”


“Smooth moves. Look, I know some or most of what your brother was accusing you of is bullshit, just the product of his injured pride. I can vouch that he’s honestly happy, ecstatically happy, with Lacey and Chase. He was happy being monogamous with Chase for a year before they included Lacey. But the part where he said I was just being vulnerable to your sleazy smooth moves…”

Alex answered first. “Oh, I can vouch for his smooth moves, Katrina. Look how he smoothly convinced me to swallow my disgust in your kitchen and take his dick into my mouth.” A tourist couple passing them the other way on the sidewalk gave Alex an odd glance, but he had to start being “out” somewhere, sometime.

“Oh, yeah,” Katrina agreed. “I know that was just Shane’s sleazy smoothness that convinced you to swallow all that jism. Had nothing to do with me orchestrating the entire thing.”

Shane added, “Or you wanting to, Alex. No, I got to admit, Katrina, there used to be some element of truth to that accusation. I was a smooth operator, but so was Devin. That was a long, fucking immature time ago. I’m forty years old. I’m not interested in just using anyone as a toy and throwing them away anymore.”

“And you weren’t even then,” Alex reminded him. “You sound like you were honestly in love with that Selina chick.”

“Slut,” Katrina added.

Shane smiled. He looked even handsomer, if such a thing was possible, with the tiniest of little smile lines at the corners of his eyes. “Slut, yeah. But listen. Let’s sit on this bench.”

They were in the downtown park where Alex had first hosed Shane and Katrina, what seemed like months ago now. Shane sat between the two, as he obviously had something to say. He folded his hands between his knees and looked at the grass. “But I do think I’m going to have to do something insensitive and dickheadish, or whatever my brother called me. I know I didn’t forfeit my right to any part of our land when I left. I still own half of Hardscrabble, but I’d just be asking for more strife and bad blood if I busted on in there and started looking at pine trees.”

“Why not?” Katrina cried softly, wringing his forearm. “You have every right to look at his—I mean your—damned pine trees.”

“Sure I do, but I don’t want to stir the pot. Katrina, I told you about that bug infestation in Italy’s piñon pines? Well, on my way back here from China I stopped there and picked up some infested Italian cones to ship to British Columbia.”

Alex asked the logical question. “Why British Columbia?”

“Because some scientists there in their Ministry of Agriculture think they’ve found a bug, a wasp actually, that can eradicate the ‘stink bug’ that’s infesting all of Europe’s piñon pines. I wanted to see if it worked on the Italian pinecones.”

“That’s genius,” breathed Alex. “When will you find out?”

Shane finally looked him in the eye. “I already did. Canada texted me this morning. Their wasp ate every last damned stink bug that was in that pinecone container.”

Katrina raised her palm to high-five Shane, but he was too morose to lift his hand, so Alex prodded, “So what’s wrong, then? You’ve solved the problem. Just get the Canadians to send you a boatload of these wasps. You’ve got so much land you could probably plant some more Italian pines and produce even better pesto.”

Shane sighed deeply, as though the weight of the world were on his shoulders. “I don’t want the two of you involved in this mess. It’s best if I just go back to British Columbia until Devin cools down and I’ve sorted this whole disaster out.”

“Why?” Both Alex and Katrina cried out at the same time. Now Alex even clutched Shane’s forearm. He didn’t care who saw.

“Because there’s someone from my past, from China, coming after me, probably for the wasp, or worse. I know I saw him watching Katrina’s window today at lunch. The last thing I want to do is involve the two of you in that nasty business. Those triad assholes don’t mess around.”

Alex asked, “How do you know it was one of them?”

“Well, in the first place, there are probably only three Asians living in Hell’s Delight. And zero of them have the number four two six tattooed on their neck.”




Disengaging himself from Alex’s prick, Shane twisted his torso about and snatched the flapper from Katrina’s grip. His eyes flashed with a combination of arousal and anger. At the moment both were probably the same thing. “Now.”

Just that one word and Katrina’s heart was struck with fear. Wasn’t that the safeword we agreed on?She, too, froze, on her knees next to Shane. “What?” she squeaked.

Now.” Shane stood and tossed the little flogger onto the couch. He looked like a veritable god standing there, his erection jutting from his pants. One muscle in his chest flexed, and Katrina just wanted to nibble on that erect nipple. “It’s your turn to get to work.”

It seemed to dawn on Alex slowly what Shane was driving at. “Oh, amen to that, buddy. Gangsuck.”

Katrina sputtered. “But—what—”

Shane bent and held a finger to her lips. “Ssh.” He spoke gently, in control now. “Those lips weren’t made for talking, little Katrina, were they?”

Eyes wide, she shook her head. Shane smiled patiently and stood upright again, his massive cock bobbing in the air before her. “Okay, then. Get to work.”

Just as Shane had done to Alex before her, Katrina dove in.

She had been afraid earlier, watching Alex guzzle down that beefy prick, that it might be difficult for her. She’d been right. Even slathering the giant limb with her saliva and helping by jacking him with her thumb, she could only get a little over half of it down her gullet. She hadn’t had this problem with Marco, that was for sure. How do men do it? Men have bigger mouths.

But she soon found that her eagerness nearly made up for her lack of a big mouth, and she felt the trembling up the fronts of his thighs that indicated he was near coming. He was probably turned on already, sucking on Alex. I know he loved it. He loved being forced. He just can’t admit it.

Katrina found that she loved being forced, too, and Shane and Alex both kept up a steady nasty patter.

Shane snarled, “Ah, that’s good, little Katrina. Wo de airen, you’re good. Keep sucking my big dick. You were made for this, being on your knees eating cock, and you know it.”

Alex was even more enthusiastic than Shane, if it was possible. “Yeah, Katrina. You are one nasty, dirty little girl. I don’t blame you for being so eager to suck Shane’s big cock. I was, too. Wait till you taste him, Katrina. Wait till you swallow his tasty seed. Tastes like champagne. That’s good. Suck harder, Katrina. You can do it. I didn’t think I could take it all, but I did.”

With Shane clutching a handful of her hair and nearly tearing it from her skull, he came. Buckets and buckets, it seemed. The first jet spurted so forcefully she automatically swallowed it. But the second and third jets came so fast she was unprepared, and lots of seed dribbled out the sides of her mouth.

But Katrina soldiered on, loving the pulsing feel of the urethra against her tongue as she milked Shane’s seed. She had always loved pleasing men, and their orgasms were the ultimate pleasure. Maybe she could find a happy balance between dominating and being submissive. She certainly liked being submissive to the built, masterful Shane Jonas.

She didn’t even hear Shane breathe, but Alex was so eager to join in she felt his cock tapping her shoulder. She wanted to make sure she drained every last drop from Shane’s dick, but suddenly Shane sucked in huge lungfuls of air, as though he’d been asleep, and pulled out of her mouth.

Ah!” he groaned. Then in a fresh commanding tone, he ordered, “Service him now.”

So Katrina went from sucking one giant cock to sucking another. She felt wanton and lewd, the two powerful men hovering over her, demanding satisfaction from her. Luckily Alex’s cock wasn’t as thick. Her jaws had felt about to give out working on Shane’s prick. Now she had an easier time. She could sit back on her heels and get creative, even, swirling her tongue around the eager head, deep throating his dick so deeply she felt it nudge her tonsils.

Shane stood behind Alex, propping him up, and offered Katrina encouragement. “Perfect, little Katrina. He’s already been primed with my sucking, so he’s going to shoot fast. That’s it, Alex. Shoot into her pretty little mouth. She’s a good, obedient cocksucker, isn’t she?”

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