Hunger (MF)

Ravenous 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,123
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Regency Paranormal Romance, with M/M elements, vampires, HEA]

Rose Penelope Drake has her mind set on marrying her father’s best friend. However, His Grace William Arthur Huntington the Duke of Edington still sees her as a child, breaking her heart. Wanting to create a new life for herself, she volunteers to journey to London, and her parents agree to a season among the ton.

Having made a promise to Gabriel to watch over Rose, William attends her coming out ball and discovers himself attracted to the woman she has become. He attempts to stay away from the temptation of her, but once he sees a marquise play for her hand, he begins a seduction that cannot be denied. Much to his ire, Rose refuses his hand, even though he knows she hungers for him. All the while, two dark forces have set their sights on ruining William and Rose's eternal happiness, for William cannot live without her.

Will William convince Rose they must wed before the villains tear them apart, or worse her father finds out about their rendezvous? Or will they forever remain in hunger?

Note: This book contains dubious consent.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hunger (MF)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Hunger (MF)

Ravenous 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,123
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Very Good! This book is well written. I applaud the author! I recommend this book to women and men to read this together and fulfill your fantasies!




“Silence is an answer of sorts, your grace. I am here for the previously stated reasons. Tonight was a mistake. I should have never given you my innocence. I want a grand love like my parents have, and it is clear to me that you may want my body. However, you have no mind to take my heart and give me yours in return. Return me to the party, William,” she said with surprising force.

“Rose, we must…”

“We must what? Stand here and discuss the situation repeatedly and only end up where we are now? As you said, I need to return to the party, and you have minds to cloud, memories to replace, and I have to maintain a normalcy I am not feeling at the moment. So I ask you again, do we leave now, or am I walking back to the ball?” she asked through clenched teeth.

His insides froze at her stance. However, she was indeed correct. She had been gone for far too long, and the sun was due to rise in a short while, and if he was to replace memories and fix the situation, he needed to leave.

“We shall discuss this at a later point. Until then, know that I do not want you near Shelton. Our situation has changed,” he said.

“Your words have been noted, William, now let’s go.”

He did indeed return her to the party, and slipped her into the ballroom just as the last dance of the evening commenced. He spent the hindmost bit of the event, clouding memories and replacing moments. Enough so, that a few people could recall seeing and speaking with Rose and himself throughout the evening. He mostly concentrated his efforts upon the countess and the viscount. This was remarkably easy, for noble men and women had few concerns in life, and their minds were filled with mundane activities, in which only members of the ton deemed important.

Shaking his head at the events of the evening, he saw Rose walk with Shelton out onto the dance floor. Angry and put out, he tried to recall every moment of their night together and their conversation after. It left a bitter taste in his mouth one that he could not clear out.

He knew two things for certain. One, he wanted Rose. He wanted her to distraction. Even now just thinking of their time together made his prick stand at attention. Her body was sweet and responsive. Two, he felt murderous at the thought of Shelton making her his wife, loving her, penetrating her, giving her children. The mere thought of the other man’s hands upon her sweet flesh made him want to tear the marquis’s heart out.

So that left him with only one option. He needed to marry the chit, before Shelton proposed to her. Her body seemed to call to his, and that was something he be damned to let another man have, or for him to live without.

He knew he would have obstacles, and he also knew he needed to speak with Gabriel. Both problems were not appealing. However, when he looked out on the dance floor, where Rose was dancing in the other man’s arms, it seemed it was the only course of action. Why he hesitated earlier, had had no real notion. Perhaps it was the fact that she brought it up, when it was his place to do so.

The party broke up quickly after the last dance, and he watched as Rose and her chaperones walked outside and into their awaiting carriage. William slipped out without notice and followed the vehicle home, high in the air as watery mist.

Rose gracefully exited the carriage and looked up into the night sky. William’s deceased heart felt as if it gave a thump within in his chest as she actually set her beautiful eyes upon him. He wanted to go to her, and say the words he was feeling, but his throat seemed to dry up, and the words vanished.

She then pivoted on her foot, and walked into the home where all the lights were extinguished and her window was firmly locked.

Sighing, he knew he needed to speak with her soon. She must see to reason, even though he could not impregnate her, she was still compromised, and he owed a debt to Gabriel that just seemed to increase. And he would not allow Farnsworth to have her.


* * * *


The next day, Rose awoke late because she had tossed and turned the rest of the night. Her body ached in unaccustomed places, and she had dried blood on her upper thigh. It was a stark red, which reminded her of what a fool she had been.

She gave her virginity to William in a moment of weakness and uncontrollable lust. She had been insane with desire last evening, and beyond rational thought. And then when it was over, he had said that he needed to take her back to the party. No words of love or commitment passed his lips. Just as if she was a doxy that he already paid. Subsequently, he ordered her to stay away from, Nigel, a man who was kind and seemed to like her. If he was not ready to declare himself or marry her, she had every right to see whomever she wanted. As long as no one of the ton found out about her night with William, and she did not give into her bodies urgings, she would be all right. And of course, she could never tell her parents of this, she was certain William felt the same way. All she had to do was ignore her sexual desire for him and stay her course. She just had to convince her body to not hunger for William.

Setting her shoulders back and promising to forget her indiscretion, she moved on with her day, swearing that she would advance on from William and begin anew.




He took her mouth with force, such force he knew he should let up and give her space, but he wanted to erase the marquise scent from her and mark her as his own. He did not have the answers of why, but he knew it was elemental.

She moaned against his mouth and gave into his kiss. His cock was ready to penetrate her cunt, and bring her to such a shattering climax that she would never think of seeing the other man again. He would deal with Gabriel later, but for now, he felt his fate was sealed with Rose.

His hands roamed her delicious body as she writhed against his. It was delightful torture to have so many clothes between them. He wanted to feel her naked skin against his. It had been so long since he had a woman, especially one so tempting.

“I want to see you naked, writhing under me, as my cock penetrates your wet pussy. I want to see your face reach orgasm and for you to cum all over my penis. Please, Rose, please.”

She must have been insane with lust, for she nodded her head and captured his mouth yet again. William moved their bodies toward his bed. He nipped at her lip with his fangs, as his hands quickly un-did the buttons at her back.

It was taking too long for him, so he removed her clothing with a thought. She gasped as the cool air hit her warm skin. He tugged her body closer to his body as his own clothes met the floor. It was animalistic. It went beyond any sexual encounter he had ever had.

He looked down at her now naked form and groaned with pleasure. She was made for coitus. Her body was built to ensure hours of enjoyment. Her breasts called his mouth, and so he set his lips upon her to draw her forth.

Her hands immediately flew up to his hair as she chanted, “William. Oh, William. Please.”

She was so incoherent with lust that she was willing to do anything he bade her to do. It was pleasing to see she was such an avid lover. She was curious and innocent.

His preternatural senses smelled her cum in the air, so he placed his fingers along her upper thigh and felt moisture there. She was hot, wet, and ready for his cock. However, he wanted to make her first time remarkable. So he continued to kiss her breasts as she writhed beneath him. His cock was sandwiched between her stomach and his belly. It almost made him cum when she rotated her hips against him.

“Rose, please, slow down, or we will be over before we have started.”

“William, please, I am hungry for something. I need you to fill me. I want your massive cock inside of my slit. Please take me, William.”

The words snapped his better judgment. However, he moved his mouth from her breast to her pussy. He spread her lips to reveal a glistening clitoris, which looked delicious.

He growled at her spicy scent. He leaned in and licked her curls. She then bucked her hips, and cried out. He in turn held her hips in place with his hands and set his mouth and tongue to her cunt. His eyes closed in ecstasy as he tasted her on his tongue. Careful not to scrape his fangs against her, he set to suckling and licking her into a frenzy that gave her an incredible orgasm.

He suckled her clitoris until she was spent beneath his tongue. He looked up and saw her smiling in sated splendor. He moved up her body to bring his lips to hers, so she could taste her orgasm upon his lips.

She was moaning deeply as her fires seemed to come back to life under his caress. He stoked the blaze within her, and just before she came once again, he slid his cock into her warm, wet, and hot pussy, and groaned. She was so tight that he had to stop himself from impaling her. He gritted his teeth against the incredible feeling she gave him.

“Are you all right, William?” she asked.

He opened his eyes long enough to nod. “Are you all right?”

“I am, however, you are going much to slow, please,” she ended with a plea.

He could no longer deny himself the warmth of her pussy, which felt as tight as a glove that was two sizes too small. He rushed forward and heard her gasp. He stopped and looked deeply into her eyes and saw a small tear escape the corner.

“I am sorry, Rose. It will not hurt again,” he promised.

She rotated her hips under his bringing forth a curse from his mouth and a movement of his hips. He withdrew from her and plunged forward again. He felt her pleasure in the air. He could smell the blood from the tearing of her hymen. It was an intoxicating combination, which set his hips to pumping in and out of her.

He knew she was an innocent, but she was an avid student and moved her hips along with his. She was making him crazy, so he said, “Sweeting, sweeting, come for me.”

He moved his hand to her pussy and opened her up to find her swollen clitoris and massaged his thumb upon her. He felt her shudder as her orgasm started. He pumped into her twice more to find her cunt finally contract around his cock, bathing him in her sweet cum. That was the moment when he lost control and pumped all of himself into her.

He almost fainted from the pleasure she gave him. He had never felt like this before in his life. It was as if he had been waiting for a moment like this since he was crossed. His vision came back into focus and found he had no urge to feed from her, that his orgasm was enough.

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