Dragons' Bond (MMFM)

Dragon Lovers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,139
9 Ratings (3.8)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Mallory is fascinated by three life-size stone dragon statues. Then one night they come to life and she learns they’re shape-shifters. One of the museum’s directors, Teivel, plans to use the shape-shifting dragons as art thieves by placing them in exhibitions in other museums, and Mallory, Angus, William, and Mark now have to find out which statues are shape-shifters and how they can prevent Teivel from implementing his plan. That makes their days very busy, but the nights are for their own pleasure.

Can they outwit Teivel? What will happen if Mallory loses her job or the statues have to leave their home in the museum? And can a relationship built on a crisis and unbridled lust develop into lasting love and enduring passion?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dragons' Bond (MMFM)
9 Ratings (3.8)

Dragons' Bond (MMFM)

Dragon Lovers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,139
9 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A very promising beginning for this new series. We are flooded with shape shifter stories about wolves, cats and bears. Ms Brown has added a new and seldom used approach. Yes there are a few Dragon Shifter books out there but Dragon's Bond's theme and plot are both creative and inventive. I not only enjoyed meeting our main characters, but the introduction of characters who could possibly be featured in future books makes one yearn for future books in this series.
Another fantastic new series.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

"Mallory Hughes is so happy about getting the job of her dreams and against the odds. After all, she is pretty young and had little experience when she applied to be the Manager-Curator of The Magic Dragon Museum. A bonus is that there is an apartment above the museum for her use too. To prove to the trustee’s that she was the right choice; Mallory has worked long and hard hours to get the catalog up to date. After all, if they want to let some of the exhibits out for lending to other museums then all the exhibits need to be cleaned and cataloged correctly. It is a work of love for Mallory. Angus, William and Mark have been stuck in their statue state for years now instead of the simple rest that should have happened. They are shapeshifters and they know that there are other shapeshifters also in the museum including the set that have been blocking any of them from shifting back into their human selves. They have been watching Mallory work and now that she is working on them, they would love to show their appreciation in the most basic way. But first they have to get back into their human selves and to make sure that Mallory is safe from the one trustee, Teivel, who has put them into this situation in the first place. When unknowingly, Mallory moves exhibits around and gives Angus, William and Mark the chance to become human, it is her first venture into a new world. As the guys tell Mallory what is going on in the museum and the thieving plans of a certain trustee, Mallory instantly agrees to help the dragons out. The instant erotic sparks that springs up between the foursome has them trying to balance their feelings and the danger. The clock is ticking as Mallory, Angus, William and Mark work to rescue the other dragon shifters and to save the museum so it can be the safe place for dragons that it was originally meant to be. What’s a girl to do when stone statues suddenly become hunky men who want her? Well Mallory quickly discovers that answer in Dragons’ Bond. I could understand Mallory’s work ethic after landing the job of her dreams and had to laugh when she discovers that the men of her dreams are part of the deal. What seemed like a simple job becomes a suspense filled time as Mallory, Angus, William and Mark discover the answers to defeat Teivel and learn just what their futures might hold. I enjoyed the humor and fun that was intertwined with the suspense and passion. I had to laugh out loud when the locksmith gets an eyeful of many naked people – guess the surprise was really on her. The suspense was just enough to keep it all interesting. Dragons’ Bond has great humor and erotic passion combined with just the right touch of suspense. I can’t wait to read the next book to see how they finally outwit Teivel." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story excerpt  


Mallory kicked off her flip-flops, shrugged out of her robe, and slid into the water, leaning back against the side of the hot tub, letting her hair float out behind her. She placed her arms up on the ledge, so her body automatically rose off the bench, and stretched her legs out so her toes just balanced on the far side of the tub. Then, totally relaxed, she lay there, loving the heat of the water and the gentle movement of it in time with her heartbeat and occasional puffs of wind. Her eyes closed, she remembered William’s cock, and Angus’s, and Mark’s. They were very lifelike, and life-size as well—bigger than life-size!

It had been way too long since she’d been in a relationship. She hadn’t had sex in six months at least, and she was a hot-blooded woman who enjoyed sex. All kinds of sex—oral, vaginal, and anal, and sometimes a little bit of kink. She wouldn’t even mind trying a ménage. Her friend Janie had been with two men and had talked nonstop about it for weeks, so it would definitely be worth experiencing.

“Sure, Mallory. Where will you find one man to pleasure you, much less two?” she jeered at herself.

“How about three men? We’d most certainly like to pleasure you.”

“What!” Mallory sat up so fast, her head bobbed under the water in the tidal wave she caused, and she came up spluttering.

Standing around the tub were three men—three very large, very delicious, very naked men.

“Holy shit!”

“Don’t you recognize us?” asked a soft voice.

Mallory found herself staring straight at a cock. It was a large cock, with fine lines along the shaft, and the head just peeking out of the foreskin. Hurriedly she looked at the other two men. All were uncircumcised.

Okay, I’ve gone crazy. Working alone has obviously been too much for my psyche, and I’ve lost the plot totally. I’m imagining the statues have come to life. Not only that, but they’ve come to life as men, not dragons.

“Come on, Mallory. It’s not hard. You already know who we are,” said the first voice. Mallory dragged her gaze up from the three penises to the eyes of the man who had spoken. They were bright green. Green like Connemara marble. And the voice even had the faintest hint of Ireland in it, too.

Quickly she looked from one to the other. And she did know. The man with the soft voice, pale skin, and light blue eyes was William. The man with the faint Irish accent and bright green eyes was Angus. And Mark had black hair and gray eyes. With a shaking hand, she pointed. “William. Angus. Mark. I think I need to see a therapist right now.”

“But I thought you wanted to fuck. We really like the idea of fucking you.” That was Mark.

“And we promise you several orgasms. Good orgasms, earthshaking orgasms.” That was William.

Oh hell. Any kind of orgasm would be wonderful. Three naked men. Three huge cocks. She may be totally out of her mind, but saying no, telling them to go away, was not an option. “Okay. I’d like that,” she said.

Before she could catch her breath, two sturdy arms swooped down and lifted her out of the water, another pair of arms wrapped her in her robe, her flip-flops were handed to her, and she was being carried, very fast, through the garden.


ADULT Excerpt


The men moved around a little more, seeming to know exactly how to position themselves so they all shared her, yet each was where he needed to be. Angus moved the last few inches up to place his cock at her entry then slid inside. He waited with the head of his cock just inside her until her walls stretched to accommodate him, and then he thrust deep, filling her to perfection. No man had ever stretched her in such a delicious way before. He was huge, but he fitted inside her delightfully.

When Angus was tucked up tight against her body, William straddled her, his back hard against Angus’s front. William rubbed a little of the lube in the valley between her breasts then leaned forward, cupping her globes around his cock, leaving the head just peeking out, level with her mouth.

But if she was going to suck Mark, she wouldn’t be able to lick William as well. Now that was unfortunate. Oh well, maybe next time. Angus and William began to move together, totally synchronized, leaning slightly back then thrusting forward, their cocks sliding in then out, the dual effect far more carnal than one man alone could ever be. Mark watched them for several moments then placed his cock so it was just touching her lips. She licked his cockhead then tried to slip the point of her tongue under his foreskin, but his hips were already moving in the same rhythm as the other two men, and her body was rocking to the beat, too.

Mallory reached out to grab hold of Mark and William, but there were so many bodies so closely packed that all she could do was touch the nearest pieces of male flesh and pat them gently.

“Here, hold your breasts for me. Make sure they grip my cock, and I’ll be able to arouse you better,” suggested William.

Mallory pushed the globes tightly together, and William thrust up between them, sighing with joy. She rather felt like sighing, too. It’d felt good before, but it was ten times better now. His cock was hot and hard, and watching the head reappear and disappear was almost mesmerizing.

But once again Mark placed his cock in the center of her vision. He held it at her mouth for her to suck then lifted it up so she could lick along the shaft and suck his balls into her mouth. Mark controlled every step of their action, thrusting deep, pulling out so just the head was within reach, or turning his cock so she could swipe the long vein pulsing with his life force.

And still Angus and William matched their strokes precisely, always sliding in and out at exactly the same pace, a pace that was very slowly getting faster and, for Angus, harder and deeper as well. Mallory was in emotional overload. It’d been so long since she’d been in a relationship, and she’d never really seriously considered sex with more than one man at a time. Yet here she was, in bed with the three yummiest men she’d ever seen. Men she hadn’t met in real life until half an hour ago, and men who weren’t men at all but dragon statues. If she tried to think that one through logically, her brain would likely explode!

“Relax and enjoy,” came William’s soft voice, almost as if he knew what she was thinking.

“Our one aim is to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had,” added Mark.

“We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work,” said Angus, rolling his hips so his cock hit her G-spot with deadly accuracy. Mallory gasped and dug her nails into her own breasts. At the last second she managed not to scrape her teeth along Mark’s cock then decided it could be quite sexy, so the next time he pressed deep into her mouth, she let her teeth drag very gently over the head of his cock and smiled at his reciprocal gasp.

All her nerve endings were hyperalert and tingling. It seemed as though every inch of her skin was being touched by hot male flesh, all of it taut, hard, and muscular. She felt totally surrounded, encompassed by the men, cared for and protected, her desires the focus of their oh-so-erotic endeavors. In many ways it was a dream come true, but in others she still could scarcely assimilate the concept. It had happened so fast, she hadn’t had time to adjust to the idea that there were three of them yet, much less that they were dragon statues come to life with no explanations.

But it was becoming far too difficult for her to think. She was so aroused she could scarcely focus on the myriad sensations racing through her body. The orgasm coiling and building in her core, the thick, hot cock in her mouth, William’s cock sliding between her breasts, the sweaty bodies pressing against her—legs and feet touching her lower limbs, arms and hands on her upper body.

Desperately she slid her tongue around Mark’s cock. She really wanted to taste and experience the softness of his cockhead hidden beneath his foreskin. Already she’d developed a fascination with the flavor of his essence. It was more spicy than tart, with an overlying saltiness. She sucked him into her mouth then gradually let him slide out, thrusting the point of her tongue under his foreskin and catching a bead of pre-cum as she did so. Ahh, delicious.

The three men were moving much faster now, drops of their sweat landing on her as they kept their rigorous, united pace. The orgasm deep inside her was building, building. Mark withdrew his cock a ways, and she moaned, “Oh yes, so close.”

“I think it’s time for you to come. Come now, Mallory,” ordered Angus, jackhammering his cock into her with a mighty thrust.

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