Sunshine Yellow Days (MM)

The Paint Store Boys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,305
6 Ratings (3.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Edward Robinson is a failure, nervous, frightened, bullied, and unemployed. Basil King, a flamboyantly gay interior designer, sees the man behind the pain. He has designs on Ed. Basil is one of the owners of The Paint Store, along with Cuthbert, Roland, and Max, and he offers Ed a job there. As Ed settles in and enjoys the work, Basil invites him out to a gay bar for a drink.
Ed has tried so hard to fit in, to be invisible, to be ignored. Someone who looks and dresses as outrageously as Basil, yet without being hated, is an inspiration to him. Not that he could ever look or act like that. But maybe working for Basil and his friends will help him get some self-confidence so he can begin to reclaim his life and his self-respect. When Basil wants to date him he can’t believe anyone would care for a person like him. But he accepts the date anyway.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Sunshine Yellow Days (MM)
6 Ratings (3.5)

Sunshine Yellow Days (MM)

The Paint Store Boys 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,305
6 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This book lacked something, not sure I will bother with this series.




Ed was up early the next morning, his lunch made and in a brown paper bag and his uniform on long before he needed to leave. At seven thirty he was too excited to wait any longer and put a coat over the uniform for the drive to work. As the staff had been told to do, he parked in the very back row of the parking lot, and stepped out of the car. Still wearing his coat he walked around to the back door of the store and punched his personal code into the security system. It beeped and the door opened. There were two other cars already in the parking lot so he knew he wasn’t first, but just as a practice he locked the door behind him and went to the security box on the wall, checking the lights were green, not flashing red.

He, Robyn, and Ainsley each had a code to use to enter the store. He supposed the four owners did as well. The other staff would be at the back door ten minutes before eight and Robyn was assigned to let them in. Then they would all be lined up across the front of the store to welcome the first customers when the ribbon was cut and the store officially opened.

Ed had never been at the opening of a building before, and was surprised how excited he felt. Not nervous, just excited. Although if people kept asking him questions he couldn’t answer he’d likely get scared soon enough. But they’d been told yesterday what to say if they needed help. “I can’t answer that question myself, but I’ll refer your request to my supervisor.” Then one of the four owners would deal with the question.

Ed put his lunch and his coat in his locker and stared at himself in the mirror in the change room. He really didn’t look like himself at all. He looked younger, more carefree, happy even. The uniform was a long-sleeved bright yellow shirt worn under the same bright yellow overalls. The overalls had huge splotches of lurid colors all over them, mimicking paint splatters, and across the center back, in big red letters was “The Paint Store.”

But the outfit suited the store. It was very modern, very bright, very eye-catching. And so was the store. Ed could hear movement and talking, then laughter and the sound of cars. Before he knew it the staff had all arrived, every one of them in uniform and with smiling faces. As instructed, they lined up across the front of the store and watched through the huge windows as crowds gathered, the mayor spoke, the ribbon was cut, and the door opened.

Before the customers could flood into the store a lot of photographs were taken, including some with all the staff, and then people entered, laughing and talking.

It was like a holiday, Ed thought. Everyone was so carefree. People were laughing, joyous. Nothing was too much trouble. Ten people in line ahead of them? No problem, they just chattered gaily to everyone in line with them. The store sold so many rollers and paint trays he had to go out to the store room and restock the shelves. Then he handed a note to Robyn for her to order in more. By the end of the day more displays had been depleted and he was busy restocking a lot more shelves. That had to be good news for the company.

It was late when he finished, with all the displays neatly tidied and fully restocked. But he was thrilled about how the store looked and all the sales they’d made.

Basil met him in the locker room. “Well done, Edward. You did great!”

Unlike the other three owners, Basil was wearing a uniform as well. It looked even better on him than it did on anyone else, especially with his bright red boots and green and purple hair. Ed had first noticed his voice, a light tenor that tingled up Ed’s spine and sent sexy shivers running through his body. Now he noticed the frank look of sexual appreciation in his gaze as well.

Ed gulped. Surely this owner couldn’t be interested in him. Obviously they were both gay, but still…

“Thank you, sir.”

“Now the store is officially opened I won’t be around as much anymore. We’ll be in and out for the next few days, but after that you people will be managing it from day to day yourselves. Then I won’t be your boss as such any more. So, next week, will you come out for a drink with me?”

“A drink?”

Basil’s mouth said a drink but Ed could read much more in his gaze. His dick hardened at the thought. Basil intrigued him. The man was everything he wasn’t. Cool, confident, successful. But he was interested in him. How could that have happened? Ed wasn’t sure whether what he felt was hero worship or not, but there was lust bound up in it, just as there was lust in Basil’s eyes.

“Yes, I’d like that very much.”

“Why don’t we meet at noon on Sunday in Pinky’s?”

Ed smiled. Pinky’s was a gay bar. “I’ll see you there.”

Wow! A date. He had a date. Ed was filled with happiness. His life had taken the most incredible turn and he could hardly wait for Sunday.




As soon as the band returned to the stage he took Edward out onto the dance floor and held him tightly. Edward was only a few inches shorter than him, and once he took his boots off, likely they’d be the same height. He liked that they were so evenly matched. Everything would line up perfectly in bed.

He gripped Edward’s ass, massaging his tight little butt cheeks as they danced, and deliberately brushed his body over that lovely rigid dick. So many delights soon to be unwrapped. When the music ended he asked, “Is your car just in the parking lot here? Can you follow me to my condo?”

“Yes and yes.”

Basil held Edward’s hand as they walked to his car. “Mine’s the candy-apple red Ford over there,” he said.

“I might have guessed it wouldn’t be white or silver,” said Edward.

Basil laughed. Already Edward was showing his sense of humor and coming out from behind that wall where he hid his personality. “Wait until you see my condo. You’ll love it.”

“I do like our uniform. It’s wild, but—I don’t know, friendly and welcoming perhaps, as well as appropriate.”

Basil hugged him. “I knew you were perfect for me. You see beneath the surface to what is really there. Hurry up and get in your car.”

As soon as he slid into the driver’s seat of his car, Basil unzipped his skin-tight black jeans and released the pressure on his dick. Fuck, he hadn’t been this hard before. His poor shaft was getting strangled in there. He screeched his tires leaving his parking space and drove to the exit. Edward was already there, waiting back a bit so Basil could lead the way. Basil waved at his soon-to-be lover and zipped out of the driveway. He made sure Edward was right behind him before merging with the traffic. He longed to plant his boot hard on the accelerator and race home, but a speeding ticket would spoil the atmosphere of the day. Besides, he didn’t want to lose Edward and he was almost certain the man would refuse to disobey the speed limit. Well, one thing at a time. Bed was first.

He parked where there were two vacant spaces side by side and took the visitor card out of the glove compartment of his car, then locked his car and handed the laminated card to Edward. “Display that on your dashboard.” Edward turned it over in his hand curiously, and did as Basil had said, before following him into the building.

Basil was aching to get Edward into his condo. He was in so much of a hurry it’d been a struggle to zip up his jeans. But he’d take them off again real soon. He tapped his feet while they waited for the elevator, and was relieved it was empty when it finally arrived. “Soon, soon, soon,” he told himself as it rose slowly to the tenth floor.

He almost ran down the hallway to his condo, flinging open the door, urging Edward inside and then slamming him against the wall to claim his lips. Gods the man tasted delicious. Basil leaned his poor aching dick hard against Edward’s cock, and ground his hips as he jammed his tongue into Edward’s mouth. Edward responded by tilting his lips so their noses weren’t mashed together, and lightly moving his own tongue into Basil’s mouth.

Basil kept his dick rammed hard against Edward’s, and fisted the blond’s hair, realigning their mouths to plunge his tongue still deeper into Edward’s mouth. Their chins rubbed together and he felt the faintest rasp of beard against his chin. Edward was so blond even with their faces mashed together Basil could barely see the beginning growth of his beard, but his skin could feel it and he loved the hint of roughness.

“Bedroom, now,” he ordered, grabbing Edward’s hand and practically dragging the man down the hallway to his bedroom. He’d spent a hell of a lot of time and money making this room perfect. It had to express him as he truly was. Not only the flashier outer appearance, but the true depths of his personality in all its many layers. But this wasn’t the time to talk colors and designs. It was time to fuck.

He pushed Edward onto the bed and kneeled over him, hastily unbuttoning his shirt, and unzipping his dress pants. Helpfully Edward kicked his shoes off, and wiggled his ass so the dress pants slid smoothly down his legs. Basil tugged them off and then stripped his own clothing off as fast as he could finally clambering up on top of Edward and taking possession of his mouth again. This time they kissed more slowly, but it was even more erotic with them skin to skin and their cocks pressing together.

He held Edward’s face in his hands and looked deeply into his pale blue eyes. “First we’ll take the edge off, and then we’ll fuck slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. You okay with the plan?”

“Hell, yes.”

Basil sat up and pulled Edward up until Edward was almost on his knee, their cocks together again. He wrapped both his hands around both cocks and began fisting them together. Edward just stared at him and gasped.

“Hot eh?”

“Fuck yes. Let me help.”

The moment Edward’s cool hands reached his dick, Basil almost came. Edward’s touch was light and gentle, almost teasing, but fiercely erotic as well. Just the fact that his dick was rubbing against Edward’s was enough to keep him on edge, but they were both in too much need to waste time. One after the other they fisted their joined dicks until they were both breathing heavily.

“I can’t. I’m going—”

“Let go, lover. Come now,” Basil ordered, giving the cocks an extra twist with his hands. Cum poured from Edward’s dick and Basil relaxed, spurting stream after stream of seed himself, the two lots of cum blending together over their joined hands, cocks, and bellies. Fuck, that was an erotic sight to see.

Once again he kissed Edward, pushing him flat on the bed and climbing over him, their mouths still joined. When they parted to breathe, Basil grinned at him. “That feels better. Now we can fuck properly.”

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