Raw Craving (MFM)

Raw Claiming 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,557
18 Ratings (3.9)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys]

Ayla thought it’d be just like Y2K all over again. But this time the world really did change. Now, she’s living in a community with far more men than women and has to choose some to live with. Ethan and Gideon helped rescue her, and she’s drawn to them. The sex is great, but she has to learn to live in a community that must become self-sufficient.

Also, what’s going on outside? Has the world changed forever? Will the men be torn from her and sent outside again? Should she go, too? And into what?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration. There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Raw Craving (MFM)
18 Ratings (3.9)

Raw Craving (MFM)

Raw Claiming 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,557
18 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
So excited about this series. I couldnt put this book down.
Barefoot Okie



It was plain to see Ethan and Gideon planned to claim her and fuck her. Well, she was okay with that. She’d seen a hell of a lot more men than women here, and their messages on the radio had said “marry one or more men,” so it’s not like being expected to fuck was a big surprise. Indeed, it was logical. Survivalism and army stuff were more man things than woman things, really.

Besides, it’d been so long since she’d had a steady partner. Not since she left the city. Once she’d moved in with her parents, her social life had pretty much shriveled up and died. Apart from a few one-night stands and a brief affair with a local farmer, sex had been just her and her fingers for way too long.

Ethan was tall and muscular with a really sexy voice. Her pussy creamed at the thought of being tucked up inside his arms. Gideon was a bit more of an enigma. He’d talked to her on the way back to this place—wherever the hell it was. They hadn’t traveled on any main roads, that was for sure!—but he hadn’t really revealed much about himself. Still, he was easy on the eyes and seemed gentle and considerate. In the lottery of survival, she figured she hadn’t done too badly to end up with this pair of men.

The real question was, how would the sharing thing work? Would they fuck her one at a time? Like, one night on, one night off? Or would they both be in the room and take turns immediately one after the other? Would she suck one while the other fucked her? Or—and this was a totally panty-drenching thought—would they take her together, one in her cunt and one in her ass? She’d never personally experienced such a thing, or even talked in real life to a woman who had, but she was well aware that it happened.

Ayla stood silently in the doorway of Ethan and Gideon’s—what? Room? Apartment?—and waited to be told what would happen next. The other men were unloading the two trucks, but Ethan and Gideon each had one of her suitcases and had brought her directly here.

They dumped the cases against the wall and pulled her into the room.

“You know you’ll be claimed by one or more of the men here?” began Gideon.

She nodded.

“You don’t have to accept the first man who asks you. But you will be expected to accept someone.” She nodded at Ethan this time.

Ethan cleared his throat. “Um, well, we were hoping you’d accept us. We like you, and think you’re sexy and, um—”

“And since I have to sleep with someone, and since you rescued me, it may as well be you?”

“Yeah, pretty much. It’s not exactly a very romantic proposal, I’m afraid,” said Gideon.

“Yeah, well, it’s not exactly a romantic world anymore.” She mimicked his words and intonation.

“You’ll take us?” Ethan’s face was split by a huge grin.

Ayla nodded.

“You won’t regret it. We’ll look after you, I promise,” said Gideon.

“Yes, we will. I promise, too,” said Ethan seriously. “Now, can we fuck? You’re truly delicious, and my dick’s been harder than a spike ever since you first spoke to me on the radio.”

Ayla grinned, too. This really wasn’t how she’d expected her life to go a few months ago, but the whole world had changed and she was willing to change with it. Besides, what red-blooded woman could resist two sexy hunks who planned to fuck her?

“I’m ready, but how will this work?” 




Ethan pulled the quilt down off the bed and then turned to face her.

“I’m sorry this isn’t a bit more special for you, but I do promise you’ll enjoy the sex. We’ll be considerate of you and protect you. I give you my word.”

Gideon nodded then added, “You must tell us the things you don’t like and what turns you on. Truly, we’ll try to please you.”

“Thank you. You’re both being very understanding. The world has changed dramatically, and I’m guessing things are going to get quite a lot worse before they get better. I appreciate you both and will do my best to please you. I think if we all make an effort here, it’ll work just fine. Arranged marriages have been around for millennia, and when the couple committed to make them work, mostly they did. This isn’t much different, really.”

“So let’s all get naked,” suggested Ethan.

Ayla was glad she’d taken the time to wash and change into clean underwear after packing her things. Her lingerie wasn’t exactly sexy, but it was clean, functional, and well fitting. Besides, it didn’t appear that the men were interested in her bra and panties. They were more interested in getting to the skin underneath them. She stepped out of her sweatpants, but since there was no dresser or chair to put them on, left them on the floor, pulling her sweater and T-shirt off and dropping them on top of the pile.

She’d deliberately chosen to wear boots, as she’d wanted her sturdiest footwear on in case she needed to walk for a distance, so now she sat on the side of the bed to unlace them. She glanced up at the men and found them both naked and watching her. Gideon’s hand was on his cock, and his mouth was open a fraction. His gaze was on her breasts. Ethan’s hands were by his sides, but they were fisted, and she guessed he was fighting the urge to touch himself, too. His gaze was on her pussy, which was still covered by her pale green panties. They matched her pale green bra. She always liked to wear matching lingerie.

When she put the foot down and kicked her first boot off, she widened her legs, letting more of her pussy show as she lifted the second leg up to unlace that boot. She hid the grin that wanted to break out at the lust on the men’s faces. Well, well, it seems they like what they see.

To take the second boot off, she flopped her knees wide apart and rolled the boot off by scraping her foot against the floor. Ethan groaned, and cum appeared in the eye of Gideon’s cock. She reached her hands behind her and pushed her breasts out as far as they’d go while unsnapping the catch on her bra. Then she brought her arms forward, letting the straps slide down her arms and her breasts very slowly be exposed by the falling fabric.

Finally, she stood up and wiggled the panties down off her hips, letting them and the bra drop to the floor with the rest of her clothes.

Her pussy was dripping with cream. Just seeing the men so very aroused was enough to light her own fire. She really hoped she would get to suck one of those cocks. She didn’t mind which one. Both were long, wide, and ready for action. Just as she was. It’d been a long time since she’d had sex, and she was more than ready to experience an orgasm with these very attractive men. Hell, why limit herself? Two orgasms.

The men looked at each other then seemed to come to an agreement. Gideon sat on the bed with his back to the headboard. “Lie down and put your head in my lap,” he said a little hoarsely.

Fine by her. Ayla scooted across the bed on her ass, enjoying the way the soft cotton sheets rasped against her sensitive skin. She settled her head in his lap, turning her face into his muscular belly and swiping the skin there with her tongue before tilting her head back to see his reaction.

Gideon’s toned belly tasted tangy, salty. And his eyes looking down at her face were glazed with lust. She turned her head to Ethan. His cock was standing up away from his body, almost leaning toward her. The head was red and the shaft was long and swollen. He tugged the nightstand drawer open and pulled out a string of condoms, tore one off, and hastily rolled it down his shaft. Then he climbed on the bed and kneeled across her body.

Very gently, he held her face and kissed her mouth. Then he stroked a hand across her body, over her breasts, down over her rounded tummy, and onto her mound.

Ayla had half a second to be glad that her belly was flatter than it used to be, since her stash of chocolate had run out weeks ago, before Ethan sank his fingers deep into her cunt, making her desire hit the red zone and her inner muscles clench around his fingers. They were so much bigger than hers and felt way better. Of course, a cock would be even better still.

Her soft moan was hidden by his much louder one. “So good,” he said. “Hot and wet and perfect.”

Ethan kissed her again, a swooping, demanding claiming this time, then held his cock at her entrance. It was almost as if he were asking permission from her, so she nodded, and then he drove right into her in one long, deep stroke.

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