Ultimate Possession (MFM)

Possessive Passions 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,277
7 Ratings (3.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Capture Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage]

When Kiri, a New Thimphu native, is abducted by two men who tie her up and demand she have sex with them, she's terrified—and furious. Tradition or not, she won't let someone else determine her future. The men tell her if she satisfies them, they’ll marry her. Kiri confesses her love for two men she's known her whole life.

When the men reveal themselves as George and Wang, the brothers she has loved for years, Kiri is relieved but still angry. Her anger, mixed with desire, is too much to contain, and what follows is a night of intense passion as the men claim her over and over again.

Kiri soon settles into her new life, but now her friend Anh is lonely. Can Kiri help her friend find what she now has with George and Wang—days filled with fun and romance and nights filled with never ending passion?

Note: This book contains forced seduction. There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Ultimate Possession (MFM)
7 Ratings (3.4)

Ultimate Possession (MFM)

Possessive Passions 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,277
7 Ratings (3.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Ugh. My own shadow has more depth to it than this book.
I read all three books. I kept hoping for some kind of a character connection but alas I was disappointed. The foundation of the story is good but the lack of character development spoiled what could have been very promising reads. Maybe next time.
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"Kiri has been in love with Wang and George for years. But, it seems no matter what she does Wang just doesn’t seem to want her. Kiri isn’t going to give up though. So when she is abducted one day heading home from the human realm to new Trimphu she is terrified and just a little furious. She is not going to let someone else decide her future and while the abduction is a tradition among her people she will not give into the men, as she confesses her love for George and Wang. But will Kiri get what she has always wanted? Ultimate Possession is an erotic story about abduction, for all the right reasons (trust me in this case it is for all the right reasons). Ms. Brown has woven a tale that blends the human world and the New Thimphu World expertly, and seamlessly. I was intrigued by the storyline and I love how she has George, Wang and Kiri interact, and that she has Kiri stick to her principles, no matter the situation. I found Ultimate Possession an intriguing and fast paced story." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Kiri left George and Wang’s store smiling. I really think Wang is beginning to like me. That’s the first time he’s looked at me like that. I know George loves me. He’s made no secret of it. But I also know he’ll never say anything unless Wang wants me, too. I see the sense in it—all the brothers having to agree on a bride—but damn, it’s hard waiting for it to happen. If it happens, she reminded herself a little less chirpily.

It was almost six o’clock, and the stores in Green Ridge were closing. This late in the season it was already getting dark and, with the sun setting, cool. Kiri put the library books she’d collected for Grandfather Lim in the luggage basket on her electric scooter and climbed on. Her friends joked that she’d get fat running her little courier business from an electric scooter instead of walking around town, but it made it so much easier to carry everything in one trip, instead of having to make several return journeys. Besides, the candy apple red machine was a fun ride, and she loved racing along the streets of New Thimphu at ten miles an hour instead of moving at walking pace.

But right now she was in Green Ridge and needed to behave herself. The citizens there did not know much about New Thimphu, and she aimed to keep things exactly as they were.

She headed out of town to the nearest farm. It was George and Wang’s home and the way she usually traveled now that she had the electric scooter. Their farm was one of the few that had vehicle access from Green Ridge to New Thimphu, which made sense as they delivered so many of the goods from outside into the hidden, underground community.

Kiri pulled her scooter into their barn, driving past the two trucks there, to the side roller door, which opened into a storeroom. There was a big, yellow, sunflower clock on the wall. She jumped off her scooter, and moved the clock hands to a quarter of three, and the back wall opened.

Kiri drove through into what appeared to be a small, empty room. The tiles on the floor were all different colors, mostly motley blues and greens and grays, but right in the corner was a yellow one. Kiri ran over, stomped on the tile, then hurried back to her scooter as another wall opened, and she drove through and down a sloping road into New Thimphu.

“What’s happened to the lights?” she asked herself as the door behind her closed and she was left in the dark.

Then something heavy was thrown over her head. She was pulled from the scooter, and a big hand was clapped over her mouth.

Kiri twisted and tried to pull away, but her thrashing legs were grabbed and tied together, then a rope of some kind was wrapped around her mouth over the fabric, gagging her. A rasping, foreign-sounding voice said, “Sorry, sweetheart.” She felt a prick on her leg, and the world disappeared.




“May we enter your body and make you ours?” They spoke together, in almost a chant, telling Kiri without words that they’d rehearsed this line.

Kiri nodded then, knowing she had to say the words, whispered, “I welcome you into my body, my husbands.”

Remaining kneeling at her feet, they peeled her socks off and kissed her toes. They kneeled up straighter and undid her jeans once more, sliding them down her legs, then going back to pull her panties down. George held her hand as she stepped out of the pants, then both men tenderly kissed their way up her legs to her groin.

George lingered for a long time at the back of her knee, licking and sucking there, while Wang preferred her inner thigh, swiping wet patterns on her sensitive skin with his tongue.

The men stood, George in front of her and Wang behind her, and lifted her sweater over her head in smooth movements. Then Wang unsnapped her bra, and George pulled the straps down her arms. Wang’s final task was to pull the clip from her hair, letting the long, dark waves fall down her back.

There was a minute’s complete silence, and then, almost reverently, they led her to the bed and settled her in the middle of it.

Once again, they began kissing and licking her skin, spending long moments at every pulse point, driving her need higher and higher.

Meanwhile, Kiri’s hands were busy unbuttoning shirts, unbuckling belts, and unsnapping jeans. When she finally released a zipper, she slid her hand down to cup a huge, hot, hard cock, and reveled in the soft head with a drop of pre-cum already in the slit and the hard shaft. Next, she cupped his balls, loving the heavy weight of them. Yum!

Wang’s cock was just as delicious as George’s. Wang spent more time in the shop and less time visiting towns shipping goods for the community, so his skin was a little paler than George’s. His eyes were a slightly lighter color, too, more brown, where George’s were closer to black. Wang was an inch or two shorter, half a dozen pounds heavier, a fraction more muscular, but they were both very similar really.

Their personalities were totally different, however. But Kiri had no time to think about that now. Her heart was full of joy at finally going to bed with the men she loved. Her hands worked busily at removing the last of their clothing, pushing and pulling at fabrics and bodies with scant regard for the safety of buttons and other fastenings.

“Cool your jets a second, sweetheart,” murmured George as he rolled away from her to toe his shoes off and drag his jeans over his feet.

Wang’s clothing dropped to the floor almost simultaneously, then both men’s hands were on her body, touching, and stroking every inch of her, making her skin tingle and goose bump with joy.

Kiri reached for the nearest cock—Wang’s—and grasped it firmly, loving the sensation of throbbing power. She let her finger slide over the head and inside the foreskin, knowing the skin that was usually protected would be even more soft and sensitive and wanting to push them to the limit before they entered her.

The tip of her finger ran around and around inside his foreskin, making drops of pre-cum run down over her hand, causing Wang to gasp and his cock to throb even more in her grip.

“Oh gods, that feels good. But I want to come inside you, not before the party even starts,” Wang said, gently disengaging her hand.

He slipped down between her legs, resting them on his shoulders and opening her wide. “First, we have to get you ready here,” he added, bending his head and licking the rim of her anus, his tongue sliding just the tiniest bit inside as he licked all around, wetting her thoroughly and making every nerve ending stand up and dance in joy.

A delicious shudder rippled through Kiri. “I can’t wait to have you both inside me at once,” she whispered.

“The waiting is killing us, too,” said George, dropping a jar of lube on the bed and sinking slippery fingers into her ass as Wang sat up and dipped a finger into the jar. The two men tag-teamed her, one stroking inside her dark channel, then the other, stretching her hole, loosening the entry, softening her tissues. Kiri’s cream poured from her pussy. She was so aroused, her nerves on fire, her belly clenching in need, her breasts heavy with the longing to be touched.

Soon, Wang coated his cock liberally with lube. Both men wiped their hands on a damp cloth, and then George lay flat on the bed and pulled her over him. He kissed her face softly, dropping the most feather-light of kisses onto her cheekbones, her jawline, her nose and eyebrows. She stuck her tongue out and tried to lick him in return, but his head kept moving, and she couldn’t aim straight.

Kiri grabbed his head to hold it still and pressed her lips to his. His lips were warm and soft as he gently kissed her back, and then he gradually increased the passion, licking the seam of her mouth and pushing his tongue inside.

At last!

She opened up and sucked him deep, welcoming him. Their tongues thrust and danced for long moments, and then he lifted her hips slightly and pressed his cock at her entry. Kiri drew back a little then slid down over him, sucking him into her cunt as she’d sucked his tongue into her mouth, deep, deeper still, enjoying the feel of him filling her and stretching her as her walls expanded to accept him, then closed around him, gripping him tight.

George groaned, wiggling his hips, settling into her and pulling her flat against his body once again, skin to skin from pelvis to shoulders.

Behind her, Wang pulled her butt cheeks apart then rested his cock at her rear entrance. Kiri couldn’t prevent the shiver that raced through her. Finally, finally, they were claiming her!

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